Nothing Sweeter by Laura Drake (Sweet on a Cowboy #2)

Release day is January 28th!! 

5 Bull Ridin' Stars*****

Laura Drake is definitely high on my list of favorite romance authors. I just love the way she tells a story. She writes characters that are just... real. Her last book in this series was sprinkled with inspirational quotes (which I love) at the beginning of each chapter. They appear in book two but this time they come from the characters themselves. Max, our ranch loving hero, loves quotes... so, of course, I loved Max!
I don't know a thing about bull riding... but, that's okay... you don't need to in order to appreciate and enjoy this story. In fact, I found myself really interested in the events themselves because they were written in a way that even a Bull Riding for Dummies chick like me can understand.
I am a big, big fan of romances that revolve around older more mature characters. Max is 40 and Bree is 31... and, with their maturity comes life lessons that only those who have lived a little can appreciate. This romance develops at a realistic pace and with it comes a heartwarming story of two lives that come together at just the right time.
Bree is looking for a place to start over after some bad life choices in which she ended up in prison... and Max is just stuck in a rut on a failing ranch. This city girl meets country boy combination was just the right mix for Max to take a chance on change and for Bree to take a chance on a simpler but more fulfilling life.
This story has great supporting characters, a tough little bull that don't take no bull from nobody!! :) and a cowboy that has to make his peace with the color Pink! That's not easy for a cowboy to do...
As Bree says in the book...

"Don't you know, Max? Real men wear Pink."

I highly recommend this book to fans of slow moving romances with mature characters all wrapped up in a heart warming story... AND, of course, cowboys!

ARC provided by Forever Publishing in exchange for a review! 
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