The Sweet Spot by Laura Drake

The Sweet Spot

5 bull riding stars*****
Every now and then I like to sway outside the box and try something a little different and this one most definitely hit my sweet spot! And you can't get any different than bull riding, ranching and selling bull semen. Oh my... I had no idea this kind of stuff went on in the world. Anyway, this is a love story for grown ups. The main characters are JB and Charla who've been together since High School. Their lives took a drastic turn when they lost their son in a tragic accident. Both blaming themselves they turned their backs on each other... Charla seeking comfort in her pills and JB seeking comfort in the arms of a younger woman. Now finding themselves divorced, broken and middle aged with a bleak future ahead they both hit bottom.
As the story progresses we travel along with both of them as they slowly lick the wounds and make baby steps towards starting over. But, some things are hard to forgive especially when you can't forgive yourself. I think that is what I loved most about this book. The message that forgiveness is an act that we sometimes can't fathom but without it we can never move forward.
There are some really great supporting characters in this book but my absolute favorite was Bella (nick-named New York). She was a surprise friend for Charla that came wrapped up in all kinds of outrageous New York outfits and attitudes. But, she was an amazing friend and I loved how both of them helped each other find their way. Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.
The beginning of each chapter always began with a quote. I love it when authors do this... it allows you a moment to pause and reflect and we get a better idea of what we are supposed to be getting from the story itself. I love inspirational quotes!
I did get a little lost in the rancher/Texas lingo at times but I also found it refreshing and different and it put a smile on my face. Southerners speak their own language and it's always fun.
I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more from this author. This was a joy to read...

ARC provided by Forever publishing via netgalley.

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