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The Lord of the Fading Lands by C.L. Wilson

Originally posted by K   May 2013 (My beloved friend and book bestie, Kathy. I miss you every day)  A five star series! I am such a huge fan of authors that have the ability to create a completely different world with unique characters and an original story line.  There is no doubt that a great deal of time, effort, heart and soul went into the creation of this series and I am such a fan!  First of all this is one big loooooooooong story so before you begin you need to know that you will not get full closure until the last book! This is the story of Elysetta and Rain.  Rain is a Tairen Soul, the last of his kind.  A Tairen Soul is Fae but also has the power to change into a Tairen.  The Tairen are powerful, magical winged cats that can breathe fire.  Rain is also King of the Fae and he is both deadly and feared. The Fae have a strong relationship with the Celerians who are mortal.  On a journey to Celeria for a political gathering Rain meets his Soul Mate...  Elysetta.  When a Fae man

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