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The Curse of Penryth Hall by Jess Armstrong

Shoutout to the cover designer. This encompasses the feel and sets the stage for the new gothic mystery from Jess Armstrong. Having said that, Armstrong delivers a strong and compelling read. I was surprised and delighted to spend time in this world she created. Fantastic read. ~Tanja Releases December 5th After the Great War, American heiress Ruby Vaughn made a life for herself running a rare bookstore alongside her octogenarian employer and house mate in Exeter. She’s always avoided dwelling on the past, even before the war, but it always has a way of finding her. When Ruby is forced to deliver a box of books to a folk healer living deep in the Cornish countryside, she is brought back to the one place she swore she’d never return. A more sensible soul would have delivered the package and left without rehashing old wounds. But no one has ever accused Ruby of being sensible. Thus begins her visit to Penryth Hall. A foreboding fortress, Penryth Hall is home to R

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