HUNT OF THE DRAGON by Juliette Cross ~ Cover Reveal

The thrilling and sexy conclusion of the VALE OF STARS series is coming sooner than you think! HUNT OF THE DRAGON will be available on JUNE 7th through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Thank you to @mirellasantana3 for another gorgeous cover to finish the series!


Photojournalist Krissa Nadeem ventures into the wilderness to record the destruction of the Larkosian army. When she captures on film the Morgon Guard’s top most wanted enemy in hiding, she sets in motion a journey that will change her life forever. Not just because of the secret she uncovers, but also because of the man who will become her protector. And more.

Bowen Huntergild, stealthy and deadly assassin, is at the head of the task force searching for the Bloodback witch who killed his sister in a blood sacrifice. When Krissa turns in her finding on film, he teams with her to discover the witch's hideout in the wilds beyond Drakos. While he focuses on the job, his dragon stirs, warning him that destiny has more intimate plans.

As they venture farther into enemy territory, their partnership moves well beyond professional, taking them on a path neither could’ve imagined.

What neither of them realize is that this one photograph could be the salvation or the doom of them all.



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Lifes too short by Abby Jimenez

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Releasing April 6, 2021 
Book three in The Friend Zone Series 

Superb dialogue! I am continually amazed reading the funny witty back-and-fourth Abby Jimenez delivers each and every time she writes. Absolute Perfection. It's what keeps me coming back for more. She's easily one of my top five auto-purchase writers. From the way, her characters first meet - to the way she flushes out their personalities on the page making them real and tangible- Again - She's writing perfection. 

The Svengali of Rom-com Abby Jimenez has done it again.

From the Cover...

A brilliant and touching romantic comedy from the USA Today bestselling author of The Friend Zone and The Happy Ever After Playlist.

When Vanessa Price quit her job to pursue her dream of traveling the globe, she wasn't expecting to gain millions of YouTube followers who shared her joy of seizing every moment. For her, living each day to its fullest isn't just a motto. Her mother and sister never saw the age of 30, and Vanessa doesn't want to take anything for granted.

But after her half sister suddenly leaves Vanessa in custody of her baby daughter, life goes from "daily adventure" to "next-level bad" (now with bonus baby vomit in hair). The last person Vanessa expects to show up offering help is the hot lawyer next door, Adrian Copeland. After all, she barely knows him. No one warned her that he was the Secret Baby Tamer or that she'd be spending a whole lot of time with him and his geriatric Chihuahua.

Now she's feeling things she's vowed not to feel. Because the only thing worse than falling for Adrian is finding a little hope for a future she may never see.

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Only a Cowboy Will Do (Meadow Valley #3) by A.J. Pine

Releases March 30th
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Fun and sweet kind of read with a kick of heat added in. What could go wrong when you need a vacation and time to figure your stuff out? Maybe make a new friend to spend a little time with. All under the guise of fun and relaxation. AJ Pine does a sweet romance like no other in Only a Cowboy Would Do


From the Cover...

A small-town woman is swept off her feet by a caring stranger in this charming western romance.

Forty candles, and one for luck. Jenna Owens wants one thing for her birthday this year: a fairy-tale ending of her own and a little relaxation at a quaint California ranch. What she didn’t want was to get caught in a storm on her way to Meadow Valley. Or to get stuck with a ridiculously hot, too-charming-for-his-own-good cowboy—one who makes Jenna reconsider her “I don't date younger guys” rule. But a little vacation flirtation might be just what she needs.

Colt Morgan isn’t interested in long-term relationships. Not since his last one crashed and burned after his fiancée found out he wanted a big family. So when he learns that Jenna has a list of items to accomplish on her trip—including having fling—Colt is all too happy to oblige. Yet the more he and Jenna get to know each other, the more Colt starts to wonder if maybe they have a chance at a real future. But when Jenna’s past upends everything Colt thought he wanted, are all bets off? Or will they find a way to make both their dreams come true?

Includes the bonus novella Sealed with a Kiss by Melinda Curtis!

Rogue Warrior by Margaret Mallory

Get this great deal on March 30th
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I can't wait to jump in! Two books in one for a fantastic price of $8.49!!

From the Cover...

The first two books in the steamy medieval romance series, All the King's Men, from Margaret Mallory—together for one low price!

Knight of Desire
His surcoat still bloody from battle, William FitzAlan comes to claim the strategic borderlands granted to him by the king. One last prize awaits him at the castle gates: the lovely Lady Catherine Rayburn.

Catherine risked everything to spy for the crown. Her reward? Her lands are declared forfeit and she is given this choice: marry FitzAlan or be taken to the Tower. Catherine agrees to give her handsome new husband her body, but she's keeping secrets, and dare not give him her heart.

As passion ignites and danger closes in, Catherine and William must learn to trust in each other to save their marriage, their land, and their very lives.

Knight of Pleasure
Lady Isobel Hume is an expert swordswoman who knows how to choose her battles. When the king asks her to wed a French nobleman to form a political alliance, she agrees. But that's before the devilishly charming Sir Stephen Carleton captures her heart-and tempts her to betray her betrothed, her king, and her country.

Sir Stephen Carleton enjoys his many female admirers—until he dedicates himself to winning the lovely Isobel. So when a threat against the king leads Isobel into mortal danger, Stephen has a chance to prove that he is more than a knight of pleasure... and that love can conquer all.

Flight by Laura Griffin

From Berkley Penguin Random House
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The thing I'm always excited about when starting a laura Griffin Book is her way of setting the stage. From the warm and welcoming hues of a rising sun to the feel of morning mist on your skin. We're there alongside her characters. Every detail used to immerse you more soundly into the story. Reading a new release by Griffin feels like coming home in a way. Safe in the knowledge that we will be taken care of.

Miranda Rhoads, a former forensic photographer, thinks she has found the perfect place to regroup and find her center again. The world has a way of moving you in a direction without warning. Miranda is about to learn that the hard way.

Flight, book two in the Texas Murder Files, is a journey into the unknown by a seasoned captain, named Laura Griffin.


From the Cover...

One tenacious local detective can only get the help he needs from a former forensic photographer with a serial killer on the loose in the new romantic thriller from New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin.
When former forensic photographer Miranda Rhoads moves to the seaside town of Lost Beach, she's decided to make her living as a wildlife photographer and put crime scenes behind her. But her plans are quickly upended when one morning, she comes across a couple sleeping in a canoe, entwined in an embrace. Looking closer, she realizes the man and woman aren't asleep—they’ve been murdered.

Detective Joel Breda sets out to find answers--not only about the unidentified victims in the marshy death scene, but also about the aloof and beautiful photographer who seems to know more about his investigation than he does.

As they begin to unravel the motivation of a merciless serial killer, Miranda and Joel must race against the clock to make an arrest before the killer can find them first.

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Cruel by Trisha Wolfe

It's Wolfe's prose, her way with words. Her simple yet elegant way of drawing you into her written world.
I feel she is one of the most untapped greats of the writing world. I truly do. God, what I wouldn't give for this author to bet given the time and support to dedicate solid, unencumbered time to create. It would be a masterpiece.


"Vengeance is my ethos"

From the Cover...

I was born a psychopath. But he made me a killer.

Revenge is a lucrative business, and for Blakely Vaughn, it's more than just profitable, it's fun--until it becomes personal.

As a biomedical scientist, Dr. Alex Chambers has devoted his life to the study of curing diseases. When he loses someone close to him to an act of violence, he vows to cure the illness he believes is at fault.

Blakely and Alex collide on a path of immeasurable ruin. A quest to avenge a loved one sparks a dark and deadly obsession, where a dangerous union of cruel minds raises the question: How far is too far?

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How cute is this little fan?!?!

Elizabeth & Margaret by Andrew Morton

Releases March 30th
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So much fascination with the Royals. Especially these days. Of course, it's always been a thing. Elizabeth & Margaret is a welcomed addition to the hype, love, and curiosities of this family.  Sisters and the way they each react and live within the same house. I enjoyed it very much.


From the Cover...

Perfect for fans of The Crown, this captivating biography from a New York Times bestselling author follows Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Margaret as they navigate life in the royal spotlight.

They were the closest of sisters and the best of friends. But when, in a quixotic twist of fate, their uncle Edward Vlll decided to abdicate the throne, the dynamic between Elizabeth and Margaret was dramatically altered. Forever more Margaret would have to curtsey to the sister she called 'Lillibet.' And bow to her wishes.

Elizabeth would always look upon her younger sister's antics with a kind of stoical amusement, but Margaret's struggle to find a place and position inside the royal system—and her fraught relationship with its expectations—was often a source of tension. Famously, the Queen had to inform Margaret that the Church and government would not countenance her marrying a divorcee, Group Captain Peter Townsend, forcing Margaret to choose between keeping her title and royal allowances or her divorcee lover.

From the idyll of their cloistered early life, through their hidden war-time lives, into the divergent paths they took following their father's death and Elizabeth's ascension to the throne, this book explores their relationship over the years. Andrew Morton's latest biography offers unique insight into these two drastically different sisters—one resigned to duty and responsibility, the other resistant to it—and the lasting impact they have had on the Crown, the royal family, and the ways it adapted to the changing mores of the 20th century.

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The Engagement Embargo by Samantha Chase


I absolutely loved Elliott and Skye! The Engagement Embargo by Samantha Chase! It's out now! So grab a cup of your favorite tea and settle in for an afternoon of reading ♥️


From the cover...

Four failed engagements. One year-long hiatus on women.

Elliott Sullivan loves being in love, but after his latest romantic disaster, his friends and family finally put their foot down—no relationships or proposals for at least a year. Ready for his heart not to be squashed under another sexy high-heel, he agrees to fully embrace life as a perpetual bachelor. Which should be easy—especially when he recruits his sister’s best friend for help. Surely he won’t fall for her, no matter how perfect she seems…

Skylar isn’t sorry to see Elliott’s latest relationship go up in flames. She’s had a crush on him for as long as she remembers—not that anything can ever happen there. So when Elliott asks for her help to stop him from breaking his dating embargo, she jumps at the chance. They’ve spent time together before and nothing has come of it. So what could possibly go wrong this time?

Sticking to his embargo would be fine if all this time with Skye wasn’t making Elliott wonder if maybe the perfect girl had been in front of him all along.

Thanks to Samantha
for my copy and the beautiful promo box!! 👑