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Dear Dotty by Jaclyn Westlake

I thoroughly enjoyed this! Sweet and completely unexpected. I went from being annoyed with Rosie Benson to being her biggest champion. Truly a coming-of-age story about change, love, forgiveness, and family. Your twenties are a very real and turbulent time for many people. Not having all the answers isn't unexpected, but finding a path that leads you to where you ought to be can be tricky. Dear Dotty is a sweet and hilarious look at life's growing pains. I'm excited to read more from Jaclyn Westlake. ~Tanja Releases Jun 4th - Amazon What’s a twenty-something gal to do when her parents announce a divorce after thirty years of marriage, she finds out her best friend has cozied up to her archnemesis, and she accidentally sleeps with the Wrong Guy? Turn to her great-aunt for advice, of course. Rosie Benson has always struggled to fit in with her over-accomplished family, type-A roommate/best friend, and workaholic boss. But she’s nearly losing herself a

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