Ten First Dates Anthology

There is no better way to introduce yourself to a new author than to snag an anthology! Especially when it's free! Yes, you heard me! FREE! What makes this extra special is that it's filled with some of my favorite writers. Wonderfully acquired stories all in one sweet read. I mean... I can't think of a better way to end summer romance season than with Ten First Dates.

Pick a trope, any trope!

This anthology’s got you covered! Ten First Dates, a FREE, swoony romance collection featuring ten all-new prequels from ten bestselling authors, is out now!

He was the last person on earth she’d ever want to be stuck with for a weekend…

Their eyes met across the room and she knew…

They’d been friends forever but everything was about to change…

Once upon a time…

There are so many ways a great romance can start, and we’ve got TEN of them right here for you! Ten ALL NEW, never-before-seen prequels from ten bestselling romance authors all in one place! Find out how these swoony heroes and feisty heroines are first thrown together on the path to their happily ever after! Enemies to lovers? Friends to lovers? Opposites attract? Small town? We’ve got it all! TEN FIRST DATES features brand new stories from:

Ainsley Booth, Angela Denise, Erin McCarthy, Erin Nicholas, Julia Kent, 
Kaylee Ryan, Molly Mclain, Piper Rayne, Samantha Chase & Zoe York

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Pen Pal by J.T. Geissinger

Releases Aug 16th ~ Get it on Amazon

I just finished Pen Pal by the incomparable J.T. Geissinger. I don't have the words to convey how unexpectedly emotional I am right now. Saying that I'm completely surprised by this book doesn't give what I'm feeling justice. Pen Pal was an emotional upheaval of all my senses. Sexy, scary, intriguingly transcendent. 

*Thank you to SocialButterfly for sharing this with me

From the Cover...
The first letter arrived the day my husband was buried. It was postmarked from the state penitentiary, and contained a single sentence:

I’ll wait forever if I have to.

It was signed by Dante, a man I didn’t know.

Out of simple curiosity, I wrote back to ask him what exactly he was waiting for. His reply?


I told the mystery man he had the wrong girl. He said he didn’t. I said we’d never met, but he said I was wrong.

We went back and forth, exchanging letters every week that grew increasingly more intimate. Then one day, the letters stopped. When I found out why, it was already too late.

Dante was at my doorstep.

And nothing on earth could have prepared me for what happened next.

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The Manhattan Girls by Gill Paul

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Ah, the roaring twenties (she says with a transcontinental accent). Art deco fabulousness. Beauty and opulence shimmer in my mind from the very beginning. Truly a decadent read, book friends. From the cadence - to the decision to add watermark art at the beginning of each chapter, The Manhattan Girls gives us everything a book romantic needs and wants in a tome centered around the 1920's. My mind's eye shimmers in black and white becoming technicolor with the words created by Gill Paul. Simply wonderful!


*Thank you to William Morrow and Harper Collins for sharing this title with me.

From the Cover...
It’s a 1920s version of Sex and the City, as Dorothy Parker—one of the wittiest women who ever wielded a pen—and her three friends navigate life, love, and careers in New York City. Perfect for fans of Fiona Davis, Beatriz Williams, and Renée Rosen.

NEW YORK CITY 1921: The war is over, fashions are daring, and bootleg liquor is abundant. Here four extraordinary women form a bridge group that grows into a firm friendship.

Dorothy Parker: renowned wit, member of the Algonquin Round Table, and more fragile than she seems. Jane Grant: first female reporter for the New York Times, and determined to launch a new magazine she calls The New Yorker. Winifred Lenihan: beautiful and talented Broadway actress, a casting-couch target. And Peggy Leach: magazine assistant by day, brilliant novelist by night.

Their romances flourish and falter while their goals sometimes seem impossible to reach and their friendship deepens against the backdrop of turbulent New York City, where new speakeasies open and close, jazz music flows through the air, and bathtub gin fills their glasses.

They gossip, they comfort each other, and they offer support through the setbacks. But their biggest challenge is keeping their dear friend Dottie safe from herself.

In this brilliant new novel from the bestselling and acclaimed author of Jackie and Maria and The Secret Wife, readers will fall right into Jazz Age New York and into the inner lives of these groundbreaking, influential women.

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Overkill by Sandra Brown

Releases August 16th ~ get it on Amazon

It wouldn’t be summer without the arrival of a new Sandra Brown book. Overkill arrives just in time for the August heat wave. A perfect way to spend the last vestiges of summer.  Wrapped in mystery, murder, and the mayhem that only the incomparable Sandra Brown can produce. Overkill had me 100% addicted from the start. With her ability for great prose and the way she weaves a story it’s nothing short of wonderful. Pre-order it today if you haven’t already.


From the Cover...
Former Super Bowl MVP quarterback Zach Bridger hasn’t seen his ex-wife, Rebecca Pratt, for some time—not since their volatile marriage imploded—so he’s shocked to receive a life-altering call about her. Rebecca has been placed on life support after a violent assault, and he—despite their divorce—has medical power-of-attorney. Zach is asked to make an impossible choice: keep her on life support or take her off of it. Buckling under the weight of the responsibility and the glare of public scrutiny, Zach ultimately walks away, letting Rebecca's parents have the final say.
Four years later, Rebecca's attacker, Eban—the scion of a wealthy family in Atlanta—gets an early release from prison. The ludicrous miscarriage of justice reeks of favoritism, and Kate Lennon, a brilliant state prosecutor, is determined to put him back behind bars. Rebecca’s parents have kept her alive all these years, but if her condition were to change—if she were to die—Eban could be retried on a new charge: murder.

It isn’t lost on Zach that in order for Eban to be charged with Rebecca’s murder, Zach must actually be the one to kill her. He rejects Kate’s legal standpoint but can’t resist their ill-timed attraction to each other. Eban, having realized the jeopardy he’s in, plots to make certain that neither Zach nor Kate lives to see the death of Rebecca—and the end of his freedom.

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Looking for a thrilling read? James Patterson could be your guy.

Get them both on Amazon
The Russian- https://amzn.to/3cP3Pak 
The President's Daughter- https://amzn.to/3oM4bkQ

From the best-selling author, James Patterson, I have two recommendations for you!
It's code orange after all. What better way to prepare for spooky season than to jump into a good mystery-action thriller!

The Russian...

When a serial killer crashes Detective Michael Bennett's wedding, he and his new partner uncover a gruesome string of cold-case homicides across the country.

Weeks before NYPD Detective Michael Bennett is to marry his longtime love, Mary Catherine, an assassin announces his presence in the city with a string of grisly murders. Each victim is a young woman. And each has been killed in a manner as precise as it was gruesome.

Tasked with working alongside the FBI, Bennett and his gung-ho new partner uncover multiple cold-case homicides across the country that fit the same distinctive pattern—proving the perpetrator they seek is as experienced at ending lives as he is at evading detection.

Bennett promises Mary Catherine that the case won't affect their upcoming wedding. But as Bennett prepares to make a lifetime commitment, the killer has a lethal vow of his own to fulfill.

The President's Daughter...

All Presidents have nightmares. This one is about to come true.
Every detail is accurate—because one of the authors is President Bill Clinton.
The drama and action never stop—because the other author is James Patterson.

Matthew Keating, a one-time Navy SEAL—and a past president—has always defended his family as staunchly as he has his country. Now those defenses are under attack.

A madman abducts Keating's teenage daughter, Melanie—turning every parent's deepest fear into a matter of national security. As the world watches in real time, Keating embarks on a one-man special-ops mission that tests his strengths: as a leader, a warrior, and a father.

The authors' first collaboration, The President Is Missing, a #1 New York Times bestseller and the #1 bestselling novel of 2018, was praised as "ambitious and wildly readable" (New York Times Book Review) and "a fabulously entertaining thriller" (Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Chernow).

The Heart of Summer by Felicity Hayes-McCoy

Out Now ~ Get it on Amazon

Just like the long hazy days of summer,  Felicity Hayes-McCoy takes us on a warm, comfortable meandering walk of reflection. As opposed to a fast-paced plot this is different and I really like it. It’s book six in the Finfarran Peninsula series and we dive a little deeper. Now's the time for Hanna to reflect and immerse herself in a bit of the past and realize exactly where she currently is in the present.  The absolute perfect book for summer. That’s what Felicity Hayes McCoys does best.


*Thank you to Harper Perennial for sharing this title with me.

From the Cover...
Summer has finally arrived on Ireland’s west coast. On the Finfarran Peninsula, Hanna Casey is looking forward to al fresco lunches with friends and balmy evenings with her boyfriend Brian in their stunning new home in beautiful Hag’s Glen. With a painful divorce behind her and family drama finally settled, Hanna begins to plan a romantic holiday getaway for the two of them.

But life takes a turn when Brian's adult son suddenly moves in and Hanna unexpectedly runs into Amy, a former flatmate from Hanna’s twenties in London. Reminded of her youth—and all the dreams and hopes she once had—Hanna begins to wonder if everything she now has is enough. When Amy suggests a reunion in London with old friends, Hanna accepts.

While it’s only short hop to England, Hanna feels like she’s leaving Brian far behind. And when she’s offered a new opportunity—the chance to be more than a local librarian in the little rural community where she grew up—Hanna is faced with a difficult choice: to decide what her heart truly wants.

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Ryder by Sadie Rose

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Fabulous short read! I love a good MC thrill from time to time and Sadie Rose is the perfect choice when I want a quick fix. Her writing is fun and flirty with a bit of edge. Always a great combo!

From the Cover...

I moved to Mammoth to blend in and hide. I’d lived in fear for years of a man I knew would eventually come for me. One night everything changed- I met Rider.

The Mystic Venom MC wasn’t just a club it was my life. I wasn’t looking for anything else, but when I saw her stranded in the snow, I knew I had to have her.

She needed a white knight, but what she didn’t realize was that I wasn’t a knight- I was a viper.

This is a standalone novel.

*Thank you to Sadie Rose for sharing your work with me!
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The Hookup Plan by Farrah Rochon

Get it on Amazon

I swear by all things bookish this is the best book to date from author Farrah Rochon! The Hookup Plan has everything I love in romance. Snark, wit, sexy pulse racing chemistry, and a laugh-out-loud repartee that left me breathless. RomCom perfection! 


*Thank you to @ForeverPub for sharing this title with me!

From the Cover...
Successful pediatric surgeon London Kelley just needs to find some balance and de-stress. According to her friends Samiah and Taylor, what London really needs is a casual hookup. A night of fun with no strings. But no one—least of all London—expected it to go down at her high school reunion with Drew Sullivan, millionaire, owner of delicious abs, and oh yes, her archnemesis.

Now London is certain the road to hell is paved with good sex. Because she’s found out the real reason Drew’s back in Austin: to decide whether her beloved hospital remains open. Worse, Drew is doing everything he can to show her that he’s a decent guy who actually cares. But London’s not falling for it. Because while sleeping with the enemy is one thing, falling for him is definitely not part of the plan.

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Husband Material by Alexis Hall

Get it on Amazon

The boys are back! I had such a good time getting to know Luc and Oliver in Boyfriend Material that I now feel like I've been invited to a dinner party with the gang! Especially since everyone has so much going on this time around.  Alexis Hall has made me a forever fan of this couple. It feels warm, funny, and comforting to be around them again. What can I say... I just love this world💕 


*Thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca for sharing this title with me!

From the Cover...
Wanted: One (very real) husband
Nowhere near perfect but desperately trying his best

In BOYFRIEND MATERIAL, Luc and Oliver met, pretended to fall in love, fell in love for real, dealt with heartbreak and disappointment and family and friends…and somehow figured out a way to make it work. Now it seems like everyone around them is getting married, and Luc’s feeling the social pressure to propose. But it’ll take more than four weddings, a funeral, and a bowl full of special curry to get these two from I don’t know what I’m doing to I do.

Good thing Oliver is such perfect HUSBAND MATERIAL.

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A Question Mark Is Half a Heart by Sofia Lundberg

Out Now ~ Get it on Amazon

A beautiful cover albeit a bit sad and melancholy. I know there are readers who love to luxuriate in this feeling when it comes to escapism. I'm sure those readers will find it enjoyable. It has taken me a while to finish A Question Mark Is Half a Heart but it was worth it. 


*Thank you to Harper Perennial for sharing this title with me.

From the Cover...
By age 50, Elin Boals has created for herself a perfect life: her wildly successful business as Manhattan’s preeminent fashion photographer is flourishing. Her handsome, patient husband is devoted to her; her teenaged daughter, Alice, has been accepted to the ballet academy of her dreams. But then Elin receives an innocuous looking envelope. Folded inside is a star-chart, with an address written by a familiar hand.

Shaken, Elin begins to have startling flashbacks, to a life very different from the childhood in a Paris bookstore that she has so lovingly recounted to Alice. In these images, a poverty-stricken little girl cares for her two ragged baby brothers, laughing with her family on the good days, sheltering them from her mother’s sadness and her father’s wrath on the bad days. Elin also remembers vivid walks with a young classmate, Fredrik, whose steadfast friendship and starlit confidences shaped her young life. As Elin becomes consumed by these memories, though, her New York life begins to crumble dramatically. Finally, her family’s troubling questions drive her to face, at last, the brutal secret from her past.

At once a heartwarming family story and a page-turning mystery, A Question Mark Is Half a Heart traces a surprising journey across continents to reconciliation, and toward finding a true sense of home.

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