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You Should Be So Lucky by Cat Sebastian

Editor's Pick for Best Books of the Year So Far 2024!! AND it's written by the fabulous Cat Sebastian?!?! Perfect!! All the exclamations aside this was truly a great read. Loving, funny, and sweet. ~Tanja Get it on Amazon An emotional, slow-burn, grumpy/sunshine, queer mid-century romance for fans of Evvie Drake Starts Over, about grief and found family, between the new star shortstop stuck in a batting slump and the reporter assigned to (reluctantly) cover his first season—set in the same universe as We Could Be So Good. The 1960 baseball season is shaping up to be the worst year of Eddie O’Leary’s life. He can’t manage to hit the ball, his new teammates hate him, he’s living out of a suitcase, and he’s homesick. When the team’s owner orders him to give a bunch of interviews to some snobby reporter, he’s ready to call it quits. He can barely manage to behave himself for the length of a game, let alone an entire season. But he’s already on thin ice, so

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