The BookEnd ~ 2/22/2019

Happy Friday Book Friends! What do you have cooking up for the weekend?
Here are a few ideas :)


My Current Audible

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Hardest Fall by Juliette Cross

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The tattooed demoness, Bone, doesn’t like anything except the magical weapons she makes. But she has hidden talents few know about. When I was brought to her near death, she used her Seraph song to manipulate flesh and bone to save me. But she wasn’t happy about it. 

Now I must return the favor. Even though she refuses to take sides in the apocalypse, there’s one job she’s not willing to do for the demon prince Rook. If she doesn’t, her head will end up on a spike. Of course, there’s a good chance we’re all going to die anyway, but I will do anything to protect this fierce woman—and not just because she saved me.

So now we’re both off to kill a demon—or three—and possibly save the world.

Just when you thought no one could top the sex and brimstone of Dommiel, Cross gives us Xander. He is the perfect combination of lip-biting seduction and snarky rogue.

"Does this usually work for you?" "What? my irresistible charm?" "Is that what you call it?"

And let's not forget, mahogany tattooed covered bad-ass, Bone. Everyone needs something from her and she makes sure to deliver with a side-promise of remaining neutral. But alas, has this former Seraph decided to take a side?

"It's who we choose to be now that makes us good or evil. Not our past mistakes."

I feel as if both Bone and Xander have unwillingly become a duo in the upcoming battle. Bone taking on more risk than either one of them has dreamed of. She'll have to craft a heart of steel to survive.

"No demon prince nor legion of devils nor all the bloody apocalyptic spawn in creation could ever keep me from her."

Hardest Fall is a sultry mix of danger, intrigue, and desirous wanting. I am thrilled to have been able to read it early and can't wait till the next book in the Dominion Series come out.


Big Book Lover Box

I was absolutely blown away when I was asked if I would be a product rep for Big Book Lover Box! So, occasionally I will be posting pics and sharing links to all the goodness they have to offer.

Big Book Lover Boxes by Willow Winters are a Readers Treat to herself. They includes bookish items, must-haves and must-reads! Shipped seasonally and are now taking orders for the spring boxes. Yesterday, I received the WINTER BOOK LOVER ADD-ON Pack. It comes with a cookie cutter, whisk, tea towel and one of Willow’s favorite reads. Mine came with a paperback of Holiday Wishes by Jill Shalvis and a digital download of Lucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke. The merchandise is exclusive and gives you book-feels every time you use them!



Two best friends rewrite the rules of friendship, love and family…and change everything they thought they knew about motherhood

Paris Kahn Fraser has it all—a successful career as an assistant district attorney, a beautiful home in New York City, and a handsome, passionate husband who chose her over having a family of his own. Neal’s dream of fatherhood might have been the only shadow in their otherwise happy life…until Paris’s best friend comes to town.

Naira Dalmia never thought she’d be a widow before thirty. Left reeling in the aftermath of her husband’s death, all she wants is to start over. She trades Mumbai for New York, and rigid family expectations for the open acceptance of her best friend. After all, there isn’t anything she and Paris wouldn’t do for each other.

But when Paris asks Naira to be their surrogate, they’ll learn if their friendship has what it takes to defy society, their families and even their own biology as these two best friends embark on a journey that will change their lives forever.

Wry, daring and utterly absorbing, The Object of Your Affections is an unforgettable story about two women challenging the norms…and the magic that happens when we choose to forge our own path.

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Facebook: @FalguniKothariAuthor
Instagram: @FalguniWrites

The BookEnd ~ 2/15/2019

Happy Friday, Galentines, and Valentines Week, Book Friends!

We have a private book club over on Facebook!
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We have tons of giveaways and we're set as a private group so...
what happens in the group stays in the group! LOL!

The Risk by Elle Kennedy

Briar U and its proceeding series, Off Campus, have become my go-to recommendations whenever I'm asked for a college romance All of them, each and everyone, are absolutely the best kind of read.
And The Risk is a phenomenal addition!

All the relationships; from father-daughter to roommates, to random side characters, to the perfection that is Jake and Brenna, bring a realness to the book. 

Fun, flirty, comical, and, as always, the most lip-biting sexual tension. 


Get ready for another fun and flirty romance from New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy!

Bad girl Brenna Jensen would never date a hockey player. It’s too much of a risk, and not just because her hockey-coach father would kill her if she ever got involved with one. She’s been there, done that, not looking for a repeat. But a certain college player has gotten under her skin. He’s cocky, insolent and all about the games…and yet resisting him is getting harder and harder…


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Happy Valentine Day!


The Victory Garden by Rhys Bowen

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From the bestselling author of The Tuscan Child comes a beautiful and heart-rending novel of a woman’s love and sacrifice during the First World War.

As the Great War continues to take its toll, headstrong twenty-one-year-old Emily Bryce is determined to contribute to the war effort. She is convinced by a cheeky and handsome Australian pilot that she can do more, and it is not long before she falls in love with him and accepts his proposal of marriage.

When he is sent back to the front, Emily volunteers as a “land girl,” tending to the neglected grounds of a large Devonshire estate. It’s here that Emily discovers the long-forgotten journals of a medicine woman who devoted her life to her herbal garden. The journals inspire Emily, and in the wake of devastating news, they are her saving grace. Emily’s lover has not only died a hero but has left her terrified—and with child. Since no one knows that Emily was never married, she adopts the charade of a war widow.

As Emily learns more about the volatile power of healing with herbs, the found journals will bring her to the brink of disaster, but may open a path to her destiny.

The Victory Garden proves that beauty can grow and envelope the darkness. It also embodies the saying "Hope Springs Eternal". I truly feel that fans of Bowen are in for a real treat. It's an amazing tale of history, love, and the real struggle of being a woman in a time where perception is everything. I can't sing its praises enough. Another 5 star read from Rhys Bowen.


Crashing Into Her by Mia Sosa

Releases Feb 19th
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Relationships are a thing of the past for Eva Montgomery. Her current motto? You can’t spell “manipulative” without man. But Eva has needs, and a one-night-stand at her best friend’s wedding is the perfect way to kick off her new approach to singledom. Then a job opportunity puts her in the same city with the guy she can’t forget . . .

Anthony Castillo is a perpetual bachelor—no strings, just flings—a status he maintains by being honest about his intentions and never looking back. So why is he still thinking about the firecracker of a woman who rocked his world at his cousin’s wedding? It’s a question he refuses to answer, until she comes crashing back into his life, taking his emotional walls down with her.

When her father doubts her ability to make it in LA, Eva vows to go big and prove him wrong. With her athletic background, she’s an ideal candidate for stunt work. But first she’ll need training, and the instructor is none other than her former hookup, Anthony Castillo. Except he’s not as cocky as she remembers and he’s definitely still sexy as sin. The only problem is . . . Anthony doesn’t want her anywhere near his stunt school—or his heart.

One of my favorite tropes!! An unforgettable night with an unforgettable man you thought you'd never see again. YES!!! Give me more!! LOL! Oh, the longing, the butterflies, the nerves, the chemistry. Sigh... it's all the things. Crashing Into Her is a funny-sexy read with real chemistry. It's also my first read by Mia Sosa. Absolutely won't be my last. I adored this read.


The Truth About Cowboys by Lisa Renee Jones Cover Reveal & Giveaway!

About The Truth About Cowboys:
I had my life figured out.
Engaged to a successful man.
About to make partner at my firm.
Bought a high-rise apartment in downtown Denver.

And then, poof, it’s all gone. Now, like in some cheesy romantic comedy, my car has broken down in the pouring rain on my way to “find myself” in The Middle of Nowhere, Texas. Cue hot guy coming to my rescue and changing my tire. This is the part where we flirt and have a meet-cute, right? That’s how it works in romance novels, and I should know—after all, I’m coming to Texas to write my own cowboy romance. But nope. This sexy cowboy lights into me about not being prepared for the country roads and how inappropriate my high-heeled boots are.

Little did I know, Michael Montgomery would tilt my world into a new dimension with his sinful smirk and his bad attitude. Every time I turn around, he’s there to reluctantly save the day. And every time, I think there may be something to that spark we ignite. But there’s a reason the majority of country songs are about broken hearts. The closer I get to this man, the closer I get to learning the truth about cowboys.

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Prize: $50 Sephora Gift Card 

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series. Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland) on the INSIDE OUT series: Lisa has created a beautiful, complicated, and sensual world that is filled with intrigue and suspense. Sara's character is strong, flawed, complex, and sexy - a modern girl we all can identify with. In addition to the success of Lisa's INSIDE OUT series, Lisa has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa's other bestselling series include: DIRTY MONEY and WHITE LIES. She is presently working on her LILAH LOVE series to be published with Amazon Publishing/Montlake Romance. Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women's Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine. Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at and she is active on Twitter and Facebook daily. 

The BookEnd ~ 2/8/19

Welcome February and happy Friday, Book Friends!
What a wonderful month for book releases.
My book journal is so full already and the month has just begun.

We have a private book club over on Facebook!
Feel free to check out The Book Babblers!
We have tons of giveaways and we're set as a private group so...
what happens in the group stays in the group! LOL!