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 Review Policy
(Updated Jan 20, 2019)

I, Tanja, am happy to consider reading and reviewing titles by individual authors. In order to ensure that KT Book Reviews is the right blog for your book and because my time is valuable and of short supply, I ask that you please include all of the following information when submitting your review request.  It is okay to provide links to a personal web page etc...  in lieu of email attachments if that is easier:

Book Cover
Author Bio
Full Synopsis
Book Excerpt 
Author's social links

If you are an INDIE author and this is your first book, I would appreciate it very much if you would provide at minimum... a full chapter of your book.  (links are fine)  This will help me in evaluating your writing style.  A short excerpt is acceptable for established authors.   Please feel free to send links to previous books that you have written.  This is helpful in evaluating who you are as a writer.

Please answer the following questions in your request:

Does this book end on a cliffhanger?   

Is this a stand-alone book or part of a series? 

What is the couple dynamic (if there is one) in this book?  M/F, M/M, F/F etc...  

Does your book include DARK, DISTURBING or EXPLICIT content? 
Rape, torture, sexual abuse etc. (the inclusion of this type of content does not mean that I will not read the book... I would just like to know in advance if it is there so that I am prepared)

I primarily read ROMANCE and WOMEN'S FICTION., but sometimes read outside these genres and will consider any title that falls into the ADULT range if it is something that piques my interest.  Anything with a paranormal or supernatural theme is a plus!

***Due to the high volume of requests received please understand that I will contact you ONLY if I am able to accept your book. *** 

I do not accept payment for reviews nor will I give favorable reviews in exchange for books/gifts.  I reserve the right to post reviews based on my opinion alone.  I read and post reviews at my convenience and respectfully ask that review requests be made well before the publishing date.  I cannot guarantee that a review will be posted on the release day of a book but will do my best to post reviews as close to that date as possible.

Mobi format is the preferred format for ARC's.  If you send a complimentary copy with the original request...  this does not guarantee a review!  If you only have limited copies to distribute please do not send an ARC until the request is approved.

I will respect your privacy as an author and will not share or re-distribute any ARC to anyone. 

Please submit your review request to us by e-mail at
Thank you for taking the time to review the policies and please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.   


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