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THE FLING M. Robinson

  Release Date: May 27 From Wall Street Journal & USA Today, Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes a new stand-alone romantic comedy. What happens when you make a pact with your boys to stay single and never fall in love?  Well, you get the Playboy Pact.   I was the playmaker. The one with the best moves, the best lines. I was the best at everything…  And I mean, everything.  There was no woman immune to my charm. To my looks. To my bed-hopping ways.    It was supposed to be easy. A quick, fun, mind-blowing night where she screamed out my name in ecstasy.    No feelings. No past. No strings attached.   I broke the rules. I broke the pact.   I fell for her smile.  Her laugh. Our instant connection.  Except, I never expected to fall in love.    Especially with a single mom…   Of twins. Grab Your Copy Here: Amazon | Apple | Nook | Kobo Meet M. Robinson M. Robinson is the Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author crowned as the "Q

The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin

Releases June 1st Get it on Amazon Vast generational friendships are some of my most favorite. Each giving the other something golden yet fresh. I had a dear friend who once told me the best way to stay young is to keep friends from both ends of the ruler. He was absolutely right. I thought of him so much while reading The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin. So a friendship is formed between Lenni who is 17 and Margot who is 83. Combined they make one hundred years. What develops transcends time and space to make something beautiful. It's a rich story that shows you can leave a mark no matter the age. ~Tanja From the Cover... An extraordinary friendship. A lifetime of stories. Their last one begins here. Life is short. No-one knows that better than seventeen-year-old Lenni living on the terminal ward. But as she is about to learn, it's not only what you make of life that matters, but who you share it with. Dodging doctor's order

How to Survive a Scandal by Samara Parish

Releases May 25th Get it on Amazon Well now, book friends! This was a bit of delicious regency romance fun. He is below her station and she is everything he hates. I meeaan... what better combination can you find in this type of romance? How to Survive a Scandal is a wonderful read and it's a series I am going to look forward to continuing in the future! ~Tanja From the Cover... In this whirlwind regency romance, perfect for fans of Netflix's Bridgerton, a near-death experience leads to a marriage of convenience for two unsuspecting strangers, but will their unusual meeting lead them to true love? Lady Amelia was raised to be the perfect duchess, accomplished in embroidery, floral arrangement, and managing a massive household. But when an innocent mistake forces her and the uncouth, untitled Benedict Asterly into a marriage of convenience, all her training appears to be for naught. Even worse, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to this man no finishin

Dream Spinner by Kristen Ashley (Dream Team #3)

Releases May 25th Get it on Amazon I super enjoyed the lead-up to Hattie and Axl's story. I have to say,  it was not at all what I was expecting, and ended far too quickly. (I need more!!) What excited me most was visiting all the men KA has made infamous over the years. I won't give spoilers but it's a big surprise with an edge of foreboding. I have an overall feeling of apprehension for what's to come next in the series. Don't mess with my guys KA! But what really melted my butter was the prelude to Book 4... Someone get me a fan. Good lawd!! ~Tanja From the Cover... In this steamy and emotional contemporary romance from a New York Times bestselling author, two damaged souls must overcome the pain of their pasts to have the love they've always dreamed of. Hattie Yates has finally met the man of her dreams. Yet years of abuse from her demanding father have left her petrified of disappointment. She’s already failed to reach her goal of b

For Lucy by Jewel E. Ann is now live!

For Lucy by Jewel E. Ann is now live! From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jewel E. Ann comes a novel so heartfelt and real it redefines the meaning of love. I'm the wrong guy in the right place the night I steal Tatum Bradshaw from another man. When she mistakes me for her blind date, I decide she deserves a man who shows up on time ... like me. Emmett Riley, Mr. Punctual. Once I confess my true identity and convince her I'm not a creep--just a thief--it's only a matter of time before my sexy smile and quick wit claim her heart, her hand in marriage, and the perfect life. Unfortunately, perfection is an illusion, like the promises of our wedding vows. No one can prepare for the unimaginable--the heartbreaking exception to all the rules in life. When thirty seconds destroys everything, I have to find a new existence and keep my promise to always love our daughter, Lucy, the most. For Lucy, I will keep a secret, and I will watch my wife drift into the

For Lucy by Jewel E. Ann

Releases May 23rd Get it on Amazon Wow. How do I even begin to describe the way I am feeling after reading,  For Lucy? Shattered, emotionally wrecked, and drained. I know it doesn't make any sense to say it's a must-read with these descriptors, but oh my goodness it is. Jewel E Ann, this is your best to date. I'm leaving it here. This is my review. If you need a good cry? This is for you. If you need to know what real love is? This is for you.  ~Tanja From the Cover... From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jewel E. Ann comes a novel so heartfelt and real it redefines the meaning of love. I’m the wrong guy in the right place the night I steal Tatum Bradshaw from another man. When she mistakes me for her blind date, I decide she deserves a man who shows up on time … like me. Emmett Riley, Mr. Punctual. Once I confess my true identity and convince her I’m not a creep—just a thief—it’s only a matter of time before my sexy smile and

The Summer Cottage by Annie Rains

Releases May 25th Get it on Amazon Do you know what Annie Rains does best? It's small-town romance.  The Summer Cottage is book one in a new series, Somerset Lake. I am such a fan of the way Rains weaves a story and makes me feel hope and love. She is always a perfect choice for me when my beach bag needs to be filled.  Trisha, with a past to hide, and Jake, with a family to protect, make a fantastic pairing. Add in a bit of angst, a splash of drama, and the overall love and feel of a small town... well, it doesn't get much better. I loved it! ~Tanja From the Cover... This summer, they’ll learn that home is where the heart is. Somerset Lake is the perfect place for Trisha Langly and her son to start over. As the new manager for the Somerset Cottages, Trisha is instantly charmed by the property’s elderly residents and her firecracker of a new boss, Vi Fletcher. But Trisha is less enchanted by Vi’s protective grandson Jake. No matter how tempting she find

Brat: An '80s Story by Andrew McCarthy

I was a certified fan of the 80's heartthrob, Andrew McCarthy! So when I saw that there was a book coming out written by him and not a "celebrity inspired" book, I was over the moon. Not only are we privy to how McCarthy felt and experienced things during his young acting days, but we also get a gander of a few personal photos. I had no idea he's gone on to directing some of today's most popular shows. This was a real treat! ~Tanja From the Cover... Fans of Patti Smith's Just Kids and Rob Lowe's StoriesI Only Tell My Friends will love this beautifully written, entertaining, and emotionally honest memoir by an actor, director, and author who found his start as an 80s Brat pack member. Most people know Andrew McCarthy from his movie roles in Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire, Weekend at Bernie's, and Less than Zero, and as a charter member of Hollywood's Brat Pack. That iconic group of ingenues and heartthrobs included Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, Em

Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall

Releases May 18th Get it on Amazon The premise of Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake, is such a good one! To know me is to know I love all things Great British Bake Off. So give me a book that combines some good baking and a little romance, well... you had me at Victoria Sponge! My absolute favorite character is Amelie. For me, she's the one who takes the cake!! ~Tanja From the Cover... Fans of Casey McQuiston, Christina Lauren, and Abby Jimenez will love this scrumptious and sweet romantic comedy from the "dizzyingly talented writer" of Boyfriend Material (Entertainment Weekly)! Following the recipe is the key to a successful bake. Rosaline Palmer has always lived by those rules—well, except for when she dropped out of college to raise her daughter, Amelie. Now, with a paycheck as useful as greaseproof paper and a house crumbling faster than biscuits in tea, she’s teetering on the edge of financial disaster. But where there’s a whisk there’s a way . .

The Dancing Girls (Detective Jo Fournier #1) by M.M. Chouinard

Book one of four! Get it on Amazon Originally published in May of 2019, The Dancing Girls is book one in a series by M.M. Chouinard. I have seen this one come through my Goodreads feed as well as a few Instagram posts. So, when I was invited to read it via the publisher I jumped on the chance.  For a police procedural to kick off with the killer front and center, it really brought me into the story. I was immediately excited to see where this was going and how we'd get there. I am happy to report I wasn't disappointed. Smart, gripping, and a page-turner! What more could you want? ~Tanja From the Cover... When Jeanine Hammond is found dead in a hotel in the picture-perfect town of Oakhust, newly-promoted Detective Jo Fournier is thrown into a disturbing case.  Who would murder this shy, loving wife and leave her body posed like a ballerina? Jo wants to know why Jeanine’s husband is so controlling about money, and where Jeanine’s wedding ring is, but befo

Text Me On Tuesday by Whitney Dineen and Melanie Summers

Out Now! Get it on Amazon Simply ADORABLE!! Rom-com addicts are gonna love this. If, like me, you are a fan of a good meet-cute Text Me on Tuesday is going to be your next favorite! I had a smile permanently plastered on my face from page 1 till page 298. Aimee, a hard-working girl with a dream, and Noel, a busy guy who doesn't see what's coming make for a perfect pairing. Add in the beautifully honest flare of friendship with the side characters of Teisha and Byron, well... we got ourselves the perfect book for summer! The writing style and textual conversations are brilliantly entertaining.  I can't thank Whitney Dineen and Melanie Summers enough for reaching out and putting their work on my radar. I am excited to see what they think up next. ~Tanja From the Cover... All is fair in love and texting ... When Aimee Tompkins loaded up her old catering van and pulled into Manhattan, she had her sights set on becoming one of the best (and most lucrati

Wolf Gone Wild Stay a Spell by Juliette Cross (Audio version/PodiumAudio)

Coming to Audio (Podium Audio) May 18th Get it in print/kindle now - Stunning read! This author is just perfect. I had a smile plastered on my face from the get-go! Johanna Fairview and Aiden Snow did a phenomenal job as narrators. I was completely lost in the world created by Juliette Cross the entire time. The Stay a Spell series is filled with creative characters with a sexy bite. Especially when it comes to Mateo Cruz. Fantastic storylines and a plot that had me guessing till the very end.  Wolf Gone Wild has this Venom vibe to it that sucker-punched me right in my comic-loving heart. Especially with the choice of narrator, Aiden Snow. I can't get his voice saying " Prepare for combat " and " I like" out of my head.  I loved it all! ~Tanja From the Cover... What's the worst thing that can happen to a werewolf? Unable to shift for three months, Mateo Cruz knows all too well. His wolf has taken up residence in his head, taunting h

The First Ten Years by Joseph Fink and Meg Bashwiner

Releases May 11th Get it on Amazon I am someone who's never listened to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast series but knows many friends and family that do, I can 100% say you do not have to have listened or even know who these two people are to enjoy the read. At its heart The First Ten Years about Joseph Fink and Meg Bashwiner figuring out who you are, who they are together, and how to navigate the world throughout a span of team years as a couple. It's sweet, real, and an example of how to communicate. I enjoyed it immensely. ~Tanja From the Cover... A sometimes hilarious, occasionally heartbreaking, and always entertaining joint memoir by Joseph Fink, cocreator of Welcome to Night Vale, and his wife, writer and performer Meg Bashwiner, chronicling the first ten years of their relationship from both sides. There are two sides to every love story. In 2009, 22-year-old Joseph Fink, newly arrived to New York City from the West Coast, was juggling odd job

Bookish Goodies from Willow Winters and The Big Book Lovers Box!

Can the Book Lover Grab Bag get any cuter!?!? This pin is going directly onto my book bag πŸ‘œ Along with the pen/stylus. The adorable jar that comes filled with book page hearts is just the absolute cutest! I can’t wait to fill it with more πŸ’•The grab bags always include a MYSTERY paperback as well as book lover goodies. This Mother’s Day, or any day, is the best day to treat-yourself to book-loving must-haves! ✨Save 30% with coupon code, somethingnice30 Please feel free to check out all the fabulous bookish goodies at  @bigbookloverbox or @willowwintersauthor

It Had to Be You by Georgia Clark

  Releases May 4th Get it on Amazon I really do love romance set in New York. There is just something about it that makes me swoon. Maybe it's that even in a busy city with so many people connections are still made. People find their one in a million loves in the concrete and hustle. Told in the vein of "Love Actually" we met so many people that turn into couples. I did need a few post-it notes to keep them all straight, but it was a joy to see where they were all going to end up. It Had To Be You is a fun read that proves love blooms when you least expect it.   ~Tanja    From the Cover... The author of the “emotional, hilarious, and thought-provoking” (People) novel The Bucket List returns with a witty and heartfelt romantic comedy featuring a wedding planner, her unexpected business partner, and their coworkers in a series of linked love stories—perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Casey McQuiston. For the past twenty years, Liv and Eliot Gol