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Lover at Last by J.R. Ward

“Our time has come” was the last line in Lover Reborn and “they lived happily ever after” was the final line in Lover at Last . *sigh* I had to skim read a lot of this book so that I stayed with my boys. I know, I know I should have read slower and savored all of it. But I just couldn’t do it. It had been building too long, my need to see Qhuay have a HEA was too strong and I am weak.   It was all I wanted and more. I am not going to say much about our boys. I really think you need to read for yourselves the process to get to their HEA. No spoilers from me on this plot line. I thought it was PERFECTION! The rest of the book (yes, I went back and reread it)…… I see what you are doing Warden. Ward is building up more of the Black Dagger Brotherhood world. Introducing new people. Bringing others who, until this point, have been very much in the back ground.   I like it. Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery. QHUAY-QHUAY-

The King! and Q & A by J.R. Ward

Pre-order today by clicking the link below The King: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Newest Q & A posted on 4/5/14 HERE Teasers posted on 2/17/14 HERE  Q & A Posted on 10/5/2013 HERE OMG! You guys!?! This is the last thing I expected with all the new characters introduced in the brotherhood series lately I am blown away with this reveal. Dark Lover has been said to be one of her weaker books (not my opinion) so a revisit will be very welcome indeed! Here is a copy of the Q & A Ward did in Cincinnati over the weekend.  ((From Ward's Facebook)) Video of announcement HERE SPOILERS UPDATED *4/5/13 * Wrath and Beth trying for a baby! * Saxton is part of a major future plot line. * We will see more of Trez and Selena. * Ward is working on Mary and Rhage's baby book as well. * Quhinn and Blay will be mated, their story is not over. * Lash will be back! * She's working in Rhage and Mary's book. It's 146 pages as of right n

Undead and Unwed by Mary Janice Davidson

                                                          This is a giggly four star book for me...  and I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did.  If you are looking for a fun quick read... a few giggles and a story that you can't take too seriously then this is a good one to pick up.  This is book one of the Undead series and I think I might just be hooked in to this one.  I'd been eyeballing this series for a while because I love books with a sense of humor but also hate the whole love and devotion to designer clothes and shoes thing...  shallow is not usually a trait I like in a heroine.  But, it totally worked for me in this particular story.  The heroine has a fetish for designer shoes.  Will you roll your eyes a bit??...  probably.  But, aside from the occasional eye roll I did find the story very entertaining.  I'll definitely be reading more of this series and I will keep you posted on what I think.  ~K

Sookie Countdown #3... Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

                                                         This is the passage from Book 3 of the Sookie Stackhouse series that pretty much sums up Sookie's impending love triangle:  ... my eyes flickered open to register three anxious male faces hovering above me:  Eric's, Alcide's, and Bill's.  Somehow, the sight made me want to laugh.  So many men at home were scared of me, or didn't want to think about me, and here were the three men in the world who wanted to have sex with me, or who at least had thought about it seriously; all crowding around the bed.  I giggled, actually giggled, for the first time in maybe ten years.  "The Three Musketeers," I said. "Is she hallucinating?"  Eric asked "I think she's laughing at us," Alcide said.   Oh man...  re-reading these books has re-awakened my love for this series.  In book three we begin with a very distracted Bill...  he's sort of "married" to his work and starts

Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost

                                                            This is a solid 3 stars for me...  This is a hard review for me to write because I am such a huge, huge fan of Frost. But, there is just something missing from this series for me. I'm usually so connected to her characters but I am just not feeling the relationship between Leila and Vlad. I'm having difficulty buying into the fact that Vlad is a character you can love... romantically. The attempt at making Vlad desirable as a lover just didn't work for me. I spent most of the book not liking him BUT that is my point. We're not supposed to like Vlad, we're supposed to fear him. Trying to make him lovable is just too hard. I don't find it believable at all that Leila would be able to just blindly accept Vlad for the possessive, vengeful a$$ that he is in such a short amount of time and I equally don't believe that Vlad would fall so quickly.  [ the marriage was way too soon and too quick.

Fever by Maya Banks Teaser/Spoiler

Here is the just updated Fever teaser/spoiler post by Maya Banks on FaceBook!  This one is looking goooooood! T~  For a chance to win an autographed copy of book one in the Breathless Series RUSH . Send us an e-mail with your mailing address to winner will be announced April 22, 2013. US residents only.  

Sookie countdown #2 ... Living Dead in Dallas

                                                           Book two in the Sookie Stackhouse series was when I really began to get hooked on this series.  We got to spend more time with our sneaky little viking...  Eric.  It's also the book that further agitated me in regards to Bill.  For someone who is clearly so possessive of Sookie he is quick to hand her over to other men.  Got self-esteem issues much Bill???  In Book one he tells her to go to Sam if anything ever happens to them and then as I'm finishing book two he tells her to go to ERIC...  so perhaps I might be a little misguided in C. Harris's intentions.  Could she end up with our favorite vampire viking??  HHmmmmm...  guess we'll find out on May 7th.  Book two was full of action...  Sookie finds a dead body...  which leads to another mystery to solve in Bon Temps.  She is attacked by a Maenad and nearly dies.  She gets loaned to another vampire community in Dallas by Eric to help solve the mystery of a m

Night Prince #2... Jeaniene Frost

                                                        Don't forget to pick up a copy of Twice Tempted...  release day is tomorrow March 26!  To order your copy click here:  Twice Tempted: A Night Prince Novel Twice Tempted: A Night Prince Novel

What Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston

                                                                 A disappointing two stars for this one...  Darn...  I really wanted to like this book.  Perhaps I went into it with the wrong expectations.  I was expecting humor and maybe a hot and budding little romance between two people who clearly weren't expecting to wake up married to each other.  The story got off to a good start...  Lady Thorold wakes up to a mysterious handsome Scotsman...  with no memory of how she got there and she has a ring on her finger.  But, what got off to a good start ended up turning into a very long, drawn out and boring story line.  She takes off suddenly from the room in a state of anxiety and then we spend the next 50% of the book reading page after page of them searching for each other again.  By the time they found each other I had already lost interest in the romance.  The story line for me was weak and unbelievable.   I could not relate to the characters at all and the romance was very

Lover at Last SPOILERS!

  Lover at Last comes out Tuesday March 26th and to celebrate the finish of our 10 book reread here are all the teasers J.R. Ward has posted this year. Read on at your own risk ((((smiley faces))) 

Lover Reborn (BDB#10) by J.R. Ward

“Other than ahvenging his dead, he might as well be in the blessed Fade with his family. Frankly, the latter would be preferable -- and who knew, maybe he’d get lucky tonight. Maybe in the heat of a fight he’d suffer a catastrophic mortal injury and be relieved of his burden. A man could only hope.” Well if that doesn’t just tell you the tenor of this book nothing will. Thorment is lost. Lost in his pain. Lost in his misery. Lost in his emotions. Just lost. I gotta say I was nervous the first time I read this knowing the heartache that was the focus of Lover Reborn . No’One/Autumn was so import to this story in so many ways. Along with JM and Xhex ( It feels like a continuation from the last book.) I shed a lot of tears which is a testament to Ward and her writing ability. The emotions are heavy and she plays with the hard and soft so well. For as much as I cried I laughed too.   After my reread I really do feel this is one of her best. So many story lines in this one…

Sookie Countdown #1... Dead Until Dark

                                                           Okay...  let the countdown begin!  The final Sookie Stackhouse book comes out May 7th, 2013.  So, we're re-reading and reviewing all of the books in this series to get ready for the big finale.  If you've been following this series there is no secret to the fact that there is some controversy over who we want Sookie to end up with at the end of this series.  And, I won't lie...  a big part of me wants her to end up with Eric.  But, now that I've finished re-reading book one...  and I hate to admit this...  it seems that C. Harris in my opinion has set this up all along for her to end up with Sam.  The reason I say this is because she has a conversation with Bill in which he asked her to go to Sam if things didn't work out between them.  And, Sam does love her.  Now, that is just my prediction...  whether or not it will happen is of course up to the author herself.  Will this please the fans...  probably no

Lover Unleashed (BDB#9) by JR Ward

Payne, blooded sister of the Black Dagger Brother Vishous, son of the Bloodletter. Okay so don’t hate me but this is my least favorite of the bunch. Here’s why, I just don’t feel very connected to Manny or Payne. I have such an emotional connection with all the brothers and yes, we are running out of brothers and I know Ward has to add in “fresh blood” so to speak. I’ll say this, I was much more interested in Jane and V’s story. Also after re-reading I am thinking that we are all so primed from the last two books for Qhuinn and Blay that unless it’s more about them we aren’t interested? Don’t get me wrong there is A LOT in Lover Unleashed to get excited about (see below) but compared to previous books……meh. Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery. Boston accent shahhp dressah Jose and Thomas DelVecchio Jr I love you’s without words Breaking treadmills XCOR, THROE & the motel……good lawd! Spoon and warm water V’