Lover at Last by J.R. Ward

Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11)“Our time has come” was the last line in Lover Reborn and “they lived happily ever after” was the final line in Lover at Last. *sigh* I had to skim read a lot of this book so that I stayed with my boys. I know, I know I should have read slower and savored all of it. But I just couldn’t do it. It had been building too long, my need to see Qhuay have a HEA was too strong and I am weak.  It was all I wanted and more. I am not going to say much about our boys. I really think you need to read for yourselves the process to get to their HEA. No spoilers from me on this plot line. I thought it was PERFECTION!

The rest of the book (yes, I went back and reread it)…… I see what you are doing Warden. Ward is building up more of the Black Dagger Brotherhood world. Introducing new people. Bringing others who, until this point, have been very much in the back ground.  I like it.

Now the good stuff, a list of my favorite moments. Hopefully not to spoilery.

The brothers were funny, charming and kick ass.
Layla and Xcor = intense
B.o.B feeding OMG!!!!!
Wrath and Beth conversation
Baseball talk with Lassiter and Butch LOL
The Shadows- Trez and iAm…… interesting
Assail and Sola, I think I am gonna like this coupling

Ward announced the next book The King! Let the countdown to 2014 begin!


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  1. As always, this book will be reread numerous times and enjoyed more and more each time I get my hands on it. And, as always, I can't wait to read more of the adventures of the BDB.