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Sins and Needles by Karina Halle (The Artists Trilogy #1)

  5 stars*****   This book really took me surprise... I didn't really know much about it except that I kept seeing it on the recommendation list and had heard it was good. But, all it took was reading the prologue and I knew that I was already invested into this story. Let's be honest... Ellie is not a character you can like and I don't think you're supposed too... at least not at this point in the story. She's a grifter and she has made a career as a professional con artist. She has no friends and those who know her don't and shouldn't trust her. She lives a life of secret identities and she's always on the run. Other than the fact that you understand HOW she came to be the person she is today... it's very hard to excuse what she does. For me, it's all about choices. Ellie had a choice to be someone better but she chose to allow revenge and bitterness to guide her decisions. And, in the end it brought her nothing

Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones

My first thoughts after spending the weekend with Charlie and the gang….. Amazing, hilarious, touching, sexy, heart breaking, surprising and loving. There are so many other words I can use to describe the latest book by Daryanda Jones, but let’s be honest- it would fill the page and then I would still have to write a review. First of all the wit and humor is spot on. The humor takes you by surprise and had me laughing out loud. A few times it just sneaks up on you and you find yourself bursting with laughter . “I’d rather be in Virgina” – T-shirt worn by Reyes. The family – We get to visit them all. Cookie & kid, Uncle Ubi and sister. The cases – Really good! I was guessing right up until the end on one and was so taken aback when I realized I had forgotten about it. Great move Darynda. Reyes – Dear God. BEST. REYES. CHEMISTRY. EVER. And lots of it. Charlie – A.D.D. at its best. Funny and amazing. This was my first in a very long time listening to a CD

Burning Embers by Hannah Fielding

4 stars****   First, I need to point out that I truly enjoy reading the occasional romance that gives me a little something different than your typical modern romance. So, I was definitely intrigued by the idea of a romance set in Africa in the 60's. This is a love story in two ways... Coral's love for Africa and an unlikely forbidden love between Coral and Rafe. Coral travels back to her childhood home in Africa to settle her inheritance after the death of her father. She meets Rafe the mysterious neighbor who has earned a bad reputation of being an evil womanizer. And, I'll be honest, for most of the book I didn't really like him. The author does a pretty good job of keeping us guessing about his true nature. But, all I have to say is you need to read it all the way to the end. Because everything is pulled together in a way that makes your light bulbs go off and I was definitely satisfied with the outcome. I mistakenly got the idea that Rafe was &q

A Bad Boy is Good to Find by Jennifer Lewis

Given this ab-rific cover the story onside was not what I was expecting. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.   Even after reading the cover write up I wasn’t expecting to find a weight battling heroine and a truly sweet hero. These two bumbled around in the best way. I giggled throughout. A great cast of surrounding characters too. Many not at all what you think they are from the beginning. Lewis left plenty of room to re-visit if she so chooses. I can see a series forming. Total summer candy read. Just good fun and a great beach book. T~ 3.5 STARS *Given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review From the cover…… A Bad Boy is Good to Find begins the way most romances end, with kisses, caresses and professions of love. But when New York heiress Lizzie Hathaway finds out the man of her dreams is only after her money—which her father just lost in a publicized scandal—she knocks him unconscious with a champagne bottle, and runs off. Conroy Beale

This Time Around by Ellie Grace - Sneak Peek

    Title: This Time Around   Author: Ellie Grace   Genre: Contemporary Romance   Age Group: New Adult   Expected release date: July 15, 2013    Nora Montgomery left home and heartbreak behind in South Carolina when she moved to New York City after her high school graduation. Now, four years later, she returns home and is forced to confront the past she left behind and the reckless boy who broke her heart. It’s not long before the pieces of her past begin to blur with the present and she realizes that the feelings she had for her first love never really went away. As old dreams resurface and new truths come to light, she begins to question the future she's always planned on. Jake Harris has spent four years regretting the night he let her get away. When she finally reappears in his life, he is determined to win her back and prove how much he’s changed. She might never forgive him for that night, but if he tells her the truth about what really happened

Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie

In case you haven't heard......  Fifty Shades of Grey The Movie   set for release on August 1, 2014.   

BURNED Q & A - Karen Marie Moning

Q. Was the release date for BURNED really moved? A. Yes.  The release date for BURNED has been moved to April 2014. Q. Why? A. I won’t put a book out until I’m satisfied I’ve written it the best way possible.  I’m currently exploring two different ways of continuing the series. Previously I told you there would be three books (ICED, BURNED and FLAYED) in the Dani series followed by two Mac & Barrons books. I may be combining the next four books (BURNED, FLAYED and the untitled M&B books) into two. Q.  Is Dani older in BURNED? A1.  Crimeny, is it really all about sex? Q.  Yes. Now answer my question. A2.  Although Dani is 14 at the beginning of BURNED, she does mature by the end of the book.  Someone asked if she would be 17. I said possibly. Q.  Will we get anyone else’s POV in BURNED?  A.  Yes.  Among others, Mac is back!  Which means JZB is, too (but don’t expect his POV, LOL.) To those of you who insisted Mac and Barrons would never have le