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The last post of 2020!

🌟It’s time for the Top Nine🌟 Below are the top interactive posts of 2020! I would like to thank all the authors, publishers, PR reps, bookish friends, and followers for sticking around. You helped me reach 2 MILLION VIEWS on the blog this year! It was a stellar bright spot!  🌟Happy New Year🌟

Merry Christmas!


Have a wonderful evening!

  ~With Love~ KT Book Reviews

Stormbringer by Isabel Cooper

Sentinels spend their lives fighting the monsters that prey upon humanity. Deep in the wilderness, a lone Sentinel discovers a handsome warrior in ancient clothing, held in an endless sleep—Amris, hero of the world’s last great battle. His discovery can only mean one thing: the Traitor God is gathering his armies again, and everyone they love is in terrible danger. Amris has been trapped in dreamless sleep for centuries. Now he’s awake…and so, it seems, is humanity’s greatest threat. Determined to save the world from being swallowed by the Traitor God’s oncoming storm, Amris and his rescuer, the fiercely beautiful Darya, must learn to trust each other—and the powerful bond that’s formed between them—as they fight their way through a land swarming with danger to get word back to their allies before it’s too late… Fans of The Witcher and Ilona Andrews will love this epic tale of adventure and romance. During the day, ISABEL COOPER maintains her guise as a mild-mannered project manager in

Alice Clayton- One More Round

  Get it on Amazon From the dedication... "--to everyone who made it through 2020 with their laugh track intact,--" YES! Absolutely. It's been a rough one, but what a surprise and delight to end it with a little Wallbanger lovin' from Simon and Caroline. I can't even attempt to remove the smile from my face. Thank you, Alice Clayton! I laughed, cried, and hugged my kindle. I'm so happy you found your keyboard again, Alice. Five phenomenal stars! Tanja From the cover... Reunite with Simon and Caroline from the New York Times bestselling WALLBANGER in this fun and flirty novella! Simon and Caroline have it all. A gorgeous restored Victorian house in Sausalito, flourishing careers, an eternal spark for each other, and a cat with more attitude than is legal in the state of California. So what’s plaguing the couple of the century? They’ve got everything anyone could wish for, except...a family. After a few close calls, Simon and Caroline are

Walking the Edge by Sue Ward Drake

On the knife edge of danger in the streets of New Orleans, these rugged men call the Big Easy home, and they’ll do whatever it takes to protect their own. Ex-army ranger Mitch Guidry never should have let his brothers talk him into joining them in the Big Easy. Particularly when they have him going head-to-head with the very last thing he needs: a feisty redhead who has more opinions than even his hard-headed brothers. Loyal and overprotective to a fault, Catherine Hurley will do everything she can to stop Mitch from finding her fugitive brother... and yet, he can't get enough of her. Cath should be furious with the overbearing ex-ranger who shows up on her doorstep looking for her brother. Sure, Mitch Guidry is hotter than a Louisiana summer and pushes every one of her buttons, but he's also an immediate threat to her family, and family is everything to Cath. Unfortunately, the only way to save her brother is to stick to Mitch like glue. But sharing close quarters with him whi

Rhyker's Key (Orion's Order, #2) by M.C. Solaris

  Get it on Amazon Rhyker & Kenna - Oh, how I love a good cat and mouse romance. (smirky grin) I've been excited about this since finishing the predecessor, Calypso's Heart. It's been circling in my mind over the last six months. Finally, we're now able to pounce on this read! I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of this coupling. Rhyker and Keena play off each other in such a dynamic way. M.C. Solaris does an amazing job of solidifying her characters into polarizing couples. It's an artful balance and she does it extremely well. Orions Order, the series, and its author are making a mark in the PNR world. I see great things coming and I can't wait for more! 5 STARS ~Tanja From the Cover... Rhyker, tattooed bad boy and lethal jaguar shifter, falls for the sweet and caring healer, Keena. Except, she’s determined to keep him in the friend zone... good thing he’s a predator that enjoys the hunt. Together, can they heal their past and forge



The Transatlantic Book Club by Felicity Hayes-McCoy

Out Now Get it on Amazon - Give me a book that makes me feel, smell, and long for the Irish countryside any day of the week! Cassie Fitzgerald has figured out what would be my dream job. A book club and bookmobile did you say?! YES, PLEASE!! The Transatlantic Book Club is an endearing read filled with fantastic characters and a loving undertone that keeps the reader invested till the very end. Thank you to Harper Perennial Publishing for sharing this title with me!  It's absolutely lovely. ~Tanja From the Cover... The beloved author of The Mistletoe Matchmaker returns with an enchanting new novel, perfect for fans of Jenny Colgan, Nina George, and Nancy Thayer, about residents of Ireland's Finfarran Peninsula who set up a Skype book club with the little US town of Resolve, where generations of Finfarran's emigrants have settled. Distance makes no difference to love... Eager to cheer up her recently widowed gran, Cassie Fitzgerald, visiting from Cana

Don't Look Back by Christie Craig

  Releases December 15th Get it on Amazon - My favorite kind of read folks! A cop and an undercover FBI agent working to solve a waaaaay to personal case. Both have trauma issues and a need to seek justice. Action, suspense, and combustible chemistry makes  Don't look back one of my favorite reads of 2020! Thanks to Forever and Grand Central Publishing for sharing this with me. Don't Look Back releases December 15th! Pre-order today. ~Tanja From the Cover... New York Times bestselling author Christie Craig's thrilling romantic suspense about a by-the-book FBI agent who must trust a risk-taking detective for help tracking down her sister's killers. FBI agent Bree Ryan's latest mission is personal. She's posing as a waitress at the Black Diamond strip club, the same club where her estranged half sister worked until she turned up dead. When Bree's undercover assignment is compromised, she turns to the only man she knows who can help he

Willow Winter and the Big Book Lovers Box

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I discovered the @willowwintersauthor box on my porch! It’s a fabulous gift that I’ve already nestled under the tree! The book is Simply Irresistible It’s a collection of three romance novels that are just that, simply irresistible… I can’t wait to pour some eggnog and settle in for a long night of reading! I also found a little something sparkly too!! You can discover a gift every month as well with a @bigbookloverbox subscription! So many options and fun bookish gifts to choose from. Thanks so much for the merriest surprise!!  ~Tanja

Her Mother's Grave by Lisa Regan

OUT NOW! Get it on Amazon - My first read by Lisa Regan and what an incredible introduction. Although Her Mother's Grave is book three in the Detective Josie Quinn series, it is very much a standalone read as well. I can say I'll be returning to the series to catch up on the books I've missed so far. Intelligent writing and storytelling with a flair for police procedurals. It's everything I love in an author.  Thanks so much to Grand Central Publishing for sharing this title with me. Fabulous read! ~Tanja From the Cover... When two young boys discover human bones buried beneath a tree in a trailer park, Detective Josie Quinn races to join her team at the scene. She used to play in those woods as a child, happier outside and away from her abusive mother, Belinda Rose. Josie’s past crashes into her present when a rare dental condition confirms the bones belong to a teenage foster-child who was murdered thirty years ago. A girl named Belinda Rose

The Lies You Told Kindle Edition by Harriet Tyce

A completely addictive reading experience! The Lies You Told by Harriet Tyce is a top-notch psychological thriller that will have you sleeping with the light on. For those that like a little nightmare before Christmas this is perfection. Thanks so much to the team at Grand Central Publishing for sending this my way.  ~Tanja From the Cover... From the acclaimed author of Blood Orange, a dark new psychological thriller about the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect family -- and the perfect murder. In the playground it's the law of the jungle But at the school gate, there are no rules at all... When Sadie Roper moves back to London, she's determined to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. First, she needs to get her daughter settled into a new school-one of the most exclusive in the city. Next, she's going to get back the high-flying criminal barrister career she sacrificed for marriage ten years earlier. But nothing goes quite as planned. The school is not very

Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley

Releases December 15th Get it on Amazon - Welcome back to The Dream Team! Here we go, guys. Dream Chaser is a gift wrapped up in a sexy bow from the fabulous Kristen Ashley. Boone Sadler knows what he wants and he's gonna go out of his way to help the object of his desire out.  Ryn is burning the candle at both ends and when Boone decides to stick his nose in her business she freaks. Of course, she would, the nerve! What happens next is a story of finding out what means the most to you in life. Sometimes that means letting others figure their own stuff out and rid yourself of toxic relationships. It can be hard when family is involved.  On the fringes of Ryn's personal issues, there is a hot bunch and a host of MC's lending a helping hand. Throw in some sexy ladies from Smithie's Club, a few Rock Chicks, and we have the Ultimate KA read! It's love, learning, and some sexy times that dominate the feel of Dream Chaser. Releasing December 15th,

Layla by Colleen Hoover

(Sunday, Nov 22 begins reading Layla by Colleen Hoover) Leeds Gabriel. Why is it always the name of an angel that does me in? (Sunday night/Monday morning  update) I made the mistake of starting to read before bed. It's now one-thirty in the morning and I've had to force myself to put Layla down. I won't lie, from the very first pages I really like Layla and Leeds, but with the timeline switch happening I am very worried and completely invested with what's to come. Isn't that the BEST!! I mean... give me a read that makes me feel nervous, excited, and puts my brain on repeat any day of the week!! This is gonna be a good ride. I can feel it! The stage is set. (Monday, Nov 23rd) Whelp, I've finished. WOW! Colleen... why didn't you decide to write this genre sooner? What else have you been hiding and plotting for us? I wish this had released during the spooky season of October, but a little "Nightmare Before Christmas" never hurt nobody! Fantastic!  ~

The Particulars of Peter by Kelly Conaboy

Release December 8th Get it on Amazon - On behalf of my mom and me, Maggie pup, I want to share how delighted we were to receive not only a letter from Kevin, Dog of Maddie Caldwell, but The Particulars of Peter by Kelly Conaboy as well! My mom read most of this book to me while sitting on the couch. When I was tucked in snuggly next to her she kept laughing and stroking my head telling me I was the bestest girl. Mom says it's a puuurfect stocking woofer for the holidays if you have a puppers like me!  ~Maggie (Bestest girl to mama Tanja) *Thanks to Grand Central Publishing for sharing this awesome read with us! From the Cover... From one of the Internet's most original voices, a hilarious journey through the odd corners of obsessive dog ownership and the author's own infatuation with her perfect dog Peter. The author met Peter in the spring of 2017. He -- calm, puppy-eyed, with the heart of a poet and the soul of, also, a poet -- came to her first

Answers in the Form of Questions by Claire McNear

I have found the perfect gift for your Jeopardy loving friends this holiday season. It’s a phenomenal look behind the scenes. Fans of Alex Trebek would be thrilled to find this in their stockings. ~Tanja From the Cover... What is the smartest, most celebrated game show of all time? In this insider's guide, discover the rich history of Jeopardy! -- the beloved game show that has shaped our culture and entertained audiences for years. Jeopardy! is a lot of things: record-setting game show, beloved family tradition, and proving ground for many of North America's best and brightest. Nearly four decades into its current edition, Jeopardy! now finds itself facing unprecedented change. This is the chronicle of how the show became a cross-generational touchstone and where it's going next. ANSWERS IN THE FORM OF QUESTIONS dives deep behind the scenes, with longtime host Alex Trebek talking about his life and legacy and the show's producers and writers explaining how they put tog

THE POET by Lisa Renee Jones Pre-Order

Pre-Order and WIN an Apple iPad! Amazon Link Entering is easy! Simply attach a copy of your receipt for a digital or print edition of THE POET, and fill out the form to enter our random drawing for an Apple iPad! Don't have a receipt? No worries! No purchase necessary, see the official rules on how to enter without a receipt. Enter today!

Second Chance on Cypress Lane by Reese Ryan

Second chance romance lovers are gonna flip for this one! Everything about Second Chance on Cypress Lane by @reeseryanwrites  is book perfection! I could not stop reading. If this isn’t turned into a made for tv movie I will be completely surprised! Fab read! ~Tanja From the Cover...  In this heartwarming second-chance romance, a woman returns home and discovers that, when it comes to finding love, there's no place like home. Rising-star reporter Dakota Jones is usually the one breaking the news---until an inadvertent scandal wrecks her career. The only place she can go to regroup is Holly Grove Island. But her small South Carolina hometown comes with a major catch: Dexter Roberts, the first man to break Dakota's heart, isher new boss. Working alongside Dexter, who is more attractive than he has a right to be, shows Dakota what might have been . . . but she isn't giving him another chance to break her heart. Dexter has always regretted the way things ended between him and D


Get it on AMAZON Christmas actually is all around… Join eleven best-selling and award-winning authors under the mistletoe as they share bite-sized holiday romances celebrating the joy and romcom sweetness of the Christmas season! The Christmas Wedding Date by Shirley Jump When Holly McDaniels gets roped into attending her hometown Christmas ball, she convinces her handsome neighbor, workaholic Nick Corvino, to play the part of husband, giving the bah humbug bachelor a taste of Christmas magic that just might lead to a very real holiday happy-ever-after. Gingerbread and Jingle Bells by Caro Carson A big-city businesswoman answers her grandma’s plea for holiday-rush help at the family bakery, only to find herself apologizing to the small town’s handsome veterinarian each time she thwarts her grandma’s matchmaking schemes—until she discovers the mastermind behind all the romantic plans wasn’t her grandma, after all. A Merry Aussie Christmas by Stefanie London Their