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Touch of Red By Laura Griffin

New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin “delivers the goods”(Publishers Weekly) again with this gripping, “spellbinding” (Fresh Fiction) thriller full of twists and turns—the twelfth in her bestselling Tracers series. When crime scene investigator Brooke Porter arrives at the home of a murdered woman, the only thing more shocking than the carnage is the evidence that someone escaped the scene. But where is this witness now? A thorough search of the area yields more questions than answers, and before Brooke even packs up her evidence kit, she’s made it her goal to find the witness and get them out of harm’s way. Homicide detective Sean Byrne has seen his share of bloody crime scenes, but this one is particularly disturbing, especially because Brooke Porteris smack in the middle of it. Sean has had his eye on the sexy CSI for months, and he’s determined to help her with her current case—even if it means putting his attraction on hold so he and Brooke can track down a murder

The BookEnd ~ Oct 27th 2017 ~

Tanja is on a much-needed break! Below are all the wonderful things featured this week. Sadly Tanja wasn't able to link all the tours and spotlights to this post so you will have to do the searching for these amazing books and authors on your own. No worries though. It's easy! Just scroll on down and blog and you discover they're all there :) Thanks so much for the support and your continued reading of KT Book Reviews. ALOHA! Secrets at Seaside by Addison Cole Laura Drake AnnouncmentDarynda Jones 12th Grave EVERYTHING IS AWFUL by Matt Bellassai Darynda Jones 12th Grave - Review by Tanja To see all our reviews click  HERE or check the sidebar ----> We have a private book club over on Facebook! Feel free to check out K&T's  Book Babblers ! We have tons of giveaways and we're set as a private group so... what happens in the group stays in the group! LOL! Did you know we have a m

EVERYTHING IS AWFUL And Other Observations by Matt Bellassai

EVERYTHING IS AWFUL And Other Observations_ by Matt Bellassai From the break-out star of BuzzFeed and the People’s Choice Award-winning comedian behind the web series “Whine About It” and “To Be Honest” comes a collection of hilariously anguished essays chronicling awful moments from his life so far, the humiliations of being an adult, and other little indignities. Matt Bellassai has no idea what he’s doing. Well, to be fair, he did become semi-Internet famous by getting drunk at work, making him a socially-acceptable—nay—professional alcoholic. He’s got some things figured out. But the rest is all just a terrible, disgusting mess. This is Matt’s book. Just to clarify, though, it is absolutely not a memoir; Matt is far too young to have done anything worth remembering (though he did win an actual People’s Choice Award for his BuzzFeed web series, “Whine About It,” which is pretty good, if you ask his mother). This is also most certainly not a book of advice; he is too woefully il

The Trouble with Twelfth Grave by Darynda Jones

Well folks, she’s done it again. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Darynda Jones pulls not only the rug out from under you, but the entire house as well. Picking up where we last left off, our Charley is her funny, snarky, well-intentioned self. She’s working a case while trying to figure out the drama that is now her life. Her husband (and the son of Satan) isn’t himself these days. And in the Davidson style, she is doing her best to root out the man she loves while trying to keep all her pots boiling. It’s a funny, scary, sexy ride for sure. Alas, no spoilers here, but I will give you some highlights of what’s to come. A blast from the past. Someone thought lost is found. The man himself. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Shopping carts and stripper poles. The gang’s all here. One of the best books in the series. That’s it. The wait is almost over and I can’t wait for everyone to dig in. The Trouble with Twelfth Grave hits the shelves October 31 st

Laura Drake news!

Women's/Romance Laura Drake's HAND ME DOWN DREAMS, in which a woman's days as a rodeo queen are long past and she's getting tired of running her family's little cafe in dusty Unforgiven, New Mexico and waiting for her childhood sweetheart to give up the rodeo circuit and settle down; when he decides yet again that he needs "just one more year," she rides out of Unforgiven on a new motorcycle and heads off to make her own dreams come true, to Alex Logan at Grand Central, in a three-book deal, for publication in 2018, by Nalini Akolekar at Spencerhill Associates (World).

Secrets at Seaside by Addison Cole

Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers, #5 Publication Date: May 31, 2016 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Standalone, Sweet Romance In SECRETS at SEASIDE… Tony Black is the hottest surfer on the planet. He travels the world throughout the year and spends his summers on Cape Cod with his friends, at the Seaside cottages in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. He’s got his choice of women, but Amy Maples is the one he wants. Fourteen years ago she was his for an entire summer, until a devastating accident changed everything, and what they had seemed like it had never existed–at least for her. Amy Maples is as consistent as the day is long. She’s spent summers on Cape Cod forever, she always does the right thing, and she’s spent years trying to reclaim the heart of Tony Black, the only man she’s ever loved. She’s back for a summer of fun with her friends at Seaside, only this year she’s been offered the opportunity of a lifetime thousands of miles away, and she’s decided to tr

The BookEnd ~ Oct 20th 2017 ~

At what point do you begin buying Christmas gifts for your book friends? I mean, you can't go wrong with a good gift card, but would you rather scour the shelves for a vintage book or gather a pile from a pals TBR list? The White Lily by Juliette Cross DIGNITY by Jay Crownover Excerpt & Review Most of All You by Mia Sheridan TWISTED TRUTHS by Rebecca Zanetti TEASER The White Lily by Juliette Cross  - Review by Tanja DIGNITY by Jay Crownover - Review by Tanja To see all our reviews click  HERE or check the sidebar ----> We have a private book club over on Facebook! Feel free to check out K&T's  Book Babblers ! We have tons of giveaways and we're set as a private group so... what happens in the group stays in the group! LOL! Did you know we have a monthly  Author Spotlight ? They include interviews, special giveaways, and tons of fun getting to know some of our favorite author

TWISTED TRUTHS by Rebecca Zanetti ~Excerpt & Giveaway~

One year ago, Denver Jones blew up his life and left everything behind. To stay alive, he had no other choice. But now, when video footage of the woman he could never forget goes viral, begging for his help, he has no choice but to go to her. Her niece has been kidnapped and Denver and his blood brothers are the only people she can trust.  But Denver isn't the only one watching that video. The deadly forces from his past see it too-and they'll use anything--and anyone--they can to lure Denver out of hiding to exact their revenge.   Keep reading for an excerpt and Giveaway...

Most of All You by Mia Sheridan

MOST OF ALL YOU by Mia Sheridan On sale: October 17, 2017 | Forever | Trade Paperback: $14.99 | eBook: $4.99

Jay Crownover's DIGNITY with an Excerpt and Review!

    New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jay Crownover returns with the second title in her romantic suspense series, The Breaking Point, DIGNITY. Check out the excerpt below and grab your copy today!

The White Lily (Vampire Blood #3) by Juliette Cross

One of the most erotic reads from the Vampire Blood series thus far! Snow won’t be the only thing melting in The White Lily. The saga continues with the school teacher (and sometime spy for the rebellion) Brennalyn. The fair lady and mother of orphans will do her duty to see justice for those she claims as her own. There is just one devastatingly irritating, yet irresistible flaw in her plan. The Duke of Winter Hill, Friedrich Volya. The Duke is no fool. He sees the lovely raven haired beauty plotting along. Little does she know, though, he wants to help her– in more ways than she can possibly imagine.   I kept a perpetual smile while reading. The White Lily is dangerously flirty fun filled with the most exquisite sexual tension. The outlying plotline took a backseat in book three to allow the coupling of Brennalyn and Friedrich to take center stage. The only “spoiler-ish” thing I am willing to say is that I am reminded of the infamous chapter 32 in the Kresley Cole IAD se

The BookEnd ~ Oct 13th 2017 ~

Happy Friday, Book Friends! Question; How do you keep up with your books? I have so many series and authors that I am into. I need a list to keep up with release dates and series book numbers. I, myself, keep a notebook with pages dedicated to each series with a master list I can pull out and add to or cross off as the years' books are announced and published. Am I the only crazy that does this? I hope not.  Sightlines by Santino Hassell Dubious (The Loan Shark Duet, Book 1) Indulgence Release Week Blast PROPHESY by A.E. Via ALWAYS, A Legacy Novel by Bethany-Kris To see all our reviews click  HERE or check the sidebar ----> We have a private book club over on Facebook! Feel free to check out K&T's  Book Babblers ! We have tons of giveaways and we're set as a private group so... what happens in the group stays in the group! LOL! Did you know we have a monthly  Author Spotlight ? They in

ALWAYS, A Legacy Novel by Bethany-Kris

ALWAYS, A Legacy Novel by Bethany-Kris Cross + Catherine, #1 Publication Date: October 2, 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Coming of Age, Mafia A Legacy Novel A wild boy.   A sly girl. Cross Donati defines trouble. He does what he wants because he’s never known anything different. He’s unapologetic, and he owns it. Catherine Marcello is every bit a good girl … on the outside. Her entire world is a legacy, and she lives it. She’s curious, and she’s exploring it. She chases bad things.   He never learned to be good. They’re late nights, stolen cars, first times, fist fights, leather jackets, beaches, bloody smiles, and life.   They’re vicious and precious, dangerous and harmless, innocence and sin. They are love. Love is killing for someone.   Love is living for someone. Sometimes, you can’t keep saving your heart when it means sacrificing it, too.   Sometimes, you have to learn to save yourself.   Sometimes, love has to fall, crash, and burn.