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Happy Halloween!

  Happy Halloween, book friends! Do you try to find something new to read during spooky season  or do you re-read some old favorites?

Season of Joy by Annie Rains

Get it on Amazon - One of my favorite kinds of reads when it comes to romance. The slight curmudgeon finds the ever effervescent and light-hearted lady. Throw in a couple of kids and we have a Christmas book perfect for any Hallmark or Lifetime movie holiday lineup. Told in a dual POV Season of Joy is an excellent addition to the Sweetwater Springs Series. I mean, come on! Nothing puts you in the mood for the holidays like smalltown romance with a fabulous cast of side characters we have all grown to love. It's like coming home for the holidays. ~Tanja From the Cover... Fall in love with this heartfelt holiday romance between a down-on-his-luck Christmas tree farmer and a woman with plans to bring the merriment back to their town. Tis the season for love. For single father Granger Fields, Christmas is his busiest and most profitable time of the year. But when a fire devastates the Merry Mountain Tree Farm, he fears the season won't be holly or jolly un

Blacklisted by Jay Crownover

Get it on Amazon - Welcome back to Loveless Texas! And hello Shot! How's it going, buddy? ((giggle-snort)) The best way I can describe Blacklisted is by referencing two T.V. Shows. Bones meets a tamer, less sexist, Sons of Anarchy. It's a mystery, thriller, romance with a kick of rebellion. I immensely enjoyed the juxtaposition of Shot and Presley's personalities. They just work. The storyline has captivating chemistry that's a complex ride till the very end. Loved it. ~Tanja From the cover... Dr. Presley Baskin has always lived a quiet, calm life. Unfortunately, nothing about her life in Loveless, Texas -- especially not the wild, rowdy, and impossibly close-knit Lawton family who've claimed her -- is quiet or calm. Which is how loner Presley finds herself roped into patching up local bad boy Shot Caldwell against her better judgment. Presley wants nothing to do with the dangerous, brooding leader of the local outlaw motorcycle club. But wh

Best Kept Secrets by Sandra Brown

Get it on Amazon - Well hello, new cover and reprint! We love a good mystery thriller. Especially this time of year. Originally publishing in 1989, Grand Central and Hachette Publishing are giving us a fab new cover and keeping the ever timeless magic created by Sandra Brown. Keep in mind, things have changed since the eighties, but what remains is Brown's timeless storytelling.  ~Tanja From the Cover... In this steamy thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown, a savvy attorney in small-town Texas will stop at nothing to catch the man who murdered her mother. Alexandra Gaither is a beautiful lawyer who finally has the power to get what she's always wanted: justice. Armed with new evidence that could lead to an arrest and a conviction, Alex revisits the remote Texas town where her mother died twenty-five years ago. There she confronts the three powerful men who were with her mother the night she died: her former lover, his best fri

Burn You Twice by Mary Burton

Get it on Amazon - Oooooh, I love a good mystery! Especially in the month of October. Spooky season is halfway through and it would not be complete without the incomparable Mary Burton. Released back in September, Burn You Twice brings Joan Mason back to her small Montana town. Time has passed and the person she is now will help solve not only a current case but possibly traumas from her past.  Burn You Twice is a thrilling suspense novel sure to set the reader's imagination on fire! Perfect for keeping you warm as the nights get progressively colder this fall.  ~Tanja From the Cover... Fire can destroy the past. It can also uncover secrets in this novel of searing suspense by New York Times bestselling author Mary Burton. Ten years ago as an undergrad, Joan Mason escaped an arsonist’s fire. Shaken, she fled the small collegiate Montana town, leaving behind friends and not looking back. Now a Philadelphia homicide detective, Joan’s trying to put her trauma

Dogstrology by Luna Malcolm

This is simply adorable! A fantastic coffee/side-table book. So many great pictures of a woman’s best friend. I had a little help from @maggalucious with this photo. She was busy with crumb patrol but gave me a moment of her time anyway. ~~~ Blurb~~~ A delightfully quirky, cute, and funny guide to horoscopes told through adorable dog photographs. With the help of a collection of sweet and hilarious dog pictures, Dogstrology will unlock all the secrets of the stars that you need to know, including: Each of the signs at their best and worst (and the perfect pup to illustrate them) The common traits of each element and modality in the zodiac What do you and your "sister sign" have in common? Find out, with the perfect dog photo to complement it. And of course: the right dog for you, based on your star sign! Thank you so much to the fab people at @grandcentralpub and @hachetteus for sending this my way! #dogstrology #dogsofinstagram #dogbooks #bookcommunity #astrology #d

Any Rogue Will Do by Bethany Bennett

Get it on Amazon YES, honey YES!! Give me a rogue who is helping a lady all the while in love with her. Throw in the element of days of old when subtle charms and innuendo just make you giggle with delight! It has been a minute since I've read a historical romance and I have loved every minute of it. The drama, the cunning, the deception, and the lust!  Where are my smelling salts for I have the vapers! ~Tanja From the Cover... In a "splendid Regency-set debut" for fans of bestselling authors Sarah MacLean, Lenora Bell, and Kerrigan Byrne, the rogue who once ruined Lady Charlotte's reputation is now the only one who can save her (Publishers Weekly, Starred Review). For exactly one season, Lady Charlotte Wentworth played the biddable female the ton expected -- and all it got her was society's mockery and derision. Now she's determined to be in charge of her own future. So when an unwanted suitor tries to manipulate her into an engagement


Coming October 13th PreOrder on Amazon What to do while waiting for season two of Virgin River on Netflix? How about diving into Return to Virgin River!!! Robyn Carr is back at it again with another fabulous addition to the Virgin River Series. Released today, October 13th!!  "It's where strangers become friends, and everyone is welcome." This one really tugged at my heartstrings. Kaylee Sloan is heading to Humboldt county. She needs to grieve and find a way to come to terms with her new normal. One without her mother. "You know what I learned about grief? It's always there and it's always at the center of your life and then one day you realize with some surprise that you had a fairly good day and you wonder if grief left. Or if it got smaller. It didn't -  - your world got bigger." Kaylee, after a very confusing start of unforeseen circumstances, finds herself next door to the pleasant and very attractive Landry, her new land

DEAR CHILD by Romy Hausmann

Get it on Amazon From Flatiron books October 6th A dark psychological thriller told in a narrative that had the hairs rising on the back of my neck multiple times. It's uncomfortable yet addictively compelling. Told in multiple POV's this is truly a page-turner. I found myself unable to put it down and read onto the wee hours. It's also a book that has stuck with me. My mind returning to it over and over days after I've finished. If you are someone who loves a good mind turning thriller, Dear Child is perfect for you. October being the release month is a brilliant move as this would make a delicious treat for book lovers of this genre. ~Tanja Gone Girl meets Room in this page-turning thriller from one of Germany's hottest new talents In a windowless shack in the woods, Lena's life and that of her two children follows the rules set by their captor, the father: Meals, bathroom visits, study time are strictly

All About Us by Tom Ellen

Get it on Amazon A modern-day Christmas Carol. Ben finds himself a bit put out, disgruntled, sitting in a bar chatting with a stranger. His world goes sideways when he get to see his past, present, and future if he'd chosen a different path or different person as it were. It's a bit of a "midlife crisis" kind of book and my favorite character of all was Ben's mother. Written in a very straightforward manner I would have loved a bit more fleshing out, but overall a nice read with some holiday atmosphere. ~Tanja From the Cover... A chance encounter leads to the journey of a lifetime in this powerful and emotional love story, perfect for fans of One Day, Me Before You and In Five Years. If you could turn back the clock, would you choose a different life? Ben’s always loved the month of December, but this year, with his relationship with Daphne on the rocks, it’s missing its usual magic. And then his old friend Alice gets back in touch. Ben’s

A Christmas to Remember by Jenny Hale

Get it on Amazon I love a feel-good story when the holidays are nearing, don't you?  A Christmas to Rember by Jenny Hale seems to fit the bill. It's a reprinting that was originally out in 2014. Now fresh off the presses from Forever Publishing and Grand Central Pub, it's a perfect stocking stuffer read that any bookworm would love to find on Christmas morning. It's sweet, endearing, and hits you right in the warm holiday glow of Christmas. ~Tanja Everyone loves Christmas – don’t they? Carrie Blake loves her job as a nanny but, while her friends are settling down, all of Carrie’s spare time is spent with other people’s families. Though it breaks her heart, her New Year’s resolution is to embark on a new career and fix her love life. As Carrie starts her last job, she’s sure she’ll be going out on a high – the house is amazing , the kids are adorable, and she’s in charge of decorating the tree! The only problem could be her boss… single-dad, Adam