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Blaze of Secrets by Jessie Donovan (#1 AMT series)

4 stars****   I am always on board to try out a new paranormal series and I think that this one is going to be one to keep an eye on. This series is based on the Feiru and their elemental magic. They want to keep their existence unknown to the human population. Keeping themselves hidden gets harder as the human population gains more technological advances. In an effort to keep themselves hidden they make the decision to put the most risky and powerful of the feiru (all first borns) under lock and key in places called AMT camps. The AMT camps are not the places of protection and refuge that they are supposed to be... instead, the first borns who are sent to these camps live in horrific circumstances and undergo experimentation and cruelty. Kiarra manages to escape with the help of Jaxton and a team of Feiru who work for the DEFEND organization. This is a group determined to end the imprisonment of first borns and expose the AMT camps for what they really are. Jaxton is

Divine Temptation by Nicki Elson

 Title: DIVINE TEMPTATION   Author: NICKI ELSON   Release date: MARCH 26, 2013   Age Group: ADULT   Genre: PARANORMAL Romance   Publisher: Omnific Publishing   Tour organized by: AToMR Tours   KINDLE | NOOK | PAPERBACK Maggie Brock has everything under control.  Even her divorce, though painful at the time, only registers as a minor blip in her carefully constructed universe. Life in Prairie Oaks has once again returned to a smooth, predictable pace…until an angel shows up in her bedroom. The angel is just as bewildered as Maggie about why he’s been sent to her, but their unsuccessful efforts to gain understanding of the mystery fade to the background as their relationship grows. Soon, Maggie’s biggest problem becomes the angel himself, as her feelings for him develop into something less than saintly. While Maggie struggles to keep her desires pure, a nefarious being lurks in the shadows of Pr

Fixed on You by Laurelin Paige

Well, color me surprised. Why have I waited so long to read this? I guess when you hear it’s about millionaire playboys and making deals in exchange for sex a business proposition, ya think, ‘been there, done that waaaaay to many times to count’. I definitely didn’t expect to start this book at 10pm and finish at 3am. To be honest, I rolled my eyes the first chapter, but then I could not stop reading. Hudson’s character was not at all what I expected. His “mental illness” really sucked me in. Alayna’s issues…CRAZY! But you know what? I LOVE IT! It’s book crack. Not gonna go into too much detail, you can read about that in the cover write up. The next book in this series comes out October first and I cannot wait! Total book candy. 4 unexpected STARS! T~ Stalking and restraining orders are a thing of Alayna Wither’s past. With her MBA newly in hand, she has her future figured out—move up at the nightclub she works at and stay away from any guy who might t

A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers (K's Review)

  4 stars**** This review is a little spoilery... it's too hard for me to review it otherwise. So, you've been warned! I'm still very conflicted about the ending of this book... but if you asked me if I would recommend it the answer would be... Absolutely!! But only because I fell in love with Alessandro and I know the second book is devoted to him. He was a great character with an appealing back story. I was mostly disappointed with the ending because I needed more than an email exchange for closure! Much more! And, I personally felt that Lexie made the wrong choice. It ended abruptly with a few unnecessary sex scenes that just seemed to be included as filler and not enough time was spent on the emotional impact of their final decisions. Here is how the book went for me... Kind of a slow beginning... and then, out of the blue and unexpected event happens with her step brother Trent. It's not really a "forbidden" relationship... the

Truce: The Historic Neighbor From Hell

 The publishing date has been changed from December 3 to November 1 You can pre-order HERE on Smashwords

A Perfect Mess by Zoe Dawson

Author: Zoe Dawson Release date: August 19, 2013 Publisher:   Blue Moon Creative, LLC (self) Age Group: New Adult/Adult Genre: Mystery Tour organized by: AToMR Tours Find this book on Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble I know what you did last summer Aubree Walker, the perfect girl most likely to succeed, is sure there’s only one person who knows what she did. Booker Outlaw, one of the three Outlaw brothers—all identical, all gorgeous, all from the wrong side of the tracks, and all pure bad boys. He was always the unpredictable one, the one who would be brash enough to make it big self-publishing horror novels on the internet. He promised never to tell, but everyone knows you can never trust an Outlaw. Then a year later, in the middle of the night, she receives a phone call at Tulane. Her aunt, who took her in after her mother’s death, is in a coma under suspicious circumstances. Now she has to face that one person who knows