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Sweet Pea Summer by Alys Murray

Out Now ~ get it on Amazon Trapped in a life she swore she did not want May has left her one-time true love to the wolves. Tom is back and trying to lend a helping hand, but at the cost of the town's ire for him. It's May's insistence that he left her eight years ago and not the other way around. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Sweat Pea Summer is a second-chance-romance filled with animosity, angst, forgiveness, and a sweet, longing that brings it all together in the end. A perfect spring reading re-issue from Forever Publishing. ~Tanja  From the Cover... It’s been eight long years since May Anderson’s high school sweetheart Tom Riley drove down Main Street in his truck, leaving Hillsboro—and May—in his rearview mirror. Now he’s back and, try as they might, the pair can’t avoid each other. As Hillsboro prepares to host the prestigious North West Food and Wine Festival, Tom and May are reluctantly called in to plan the big event. Tom needs May’s he

Death of a Traitor by M. C. Beaton and R.W. Green

Out Now ~ Get it on Amazon This is my first time reading anything by MC Beaton, and even though Death of a Traitor is book number 35 in his Hamish Macbeth series, it was a fabulous introduction into his world. Smart plots, and a crime to solve via a master of the genre. I am wholeheartedly diving into this series. Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for introducing me to this world. ~Tanja  From the Cover... Sergeant Hamish Macbeth—Scotland's most quick witted but unambitious policeman—is back to investigate the disappearance of a local woman who is more than she seems, in this new mystery in M.C. Beaton's beloved, New York Times bestselling series.   Kate Hibbert is all too eager to lend a hand to her neighbors. Although she has been a resident of the sleepy village of Lochdubh for only a year, in that time Kate has alienated one too many of its residents with her interfering—and not entirely well-intentioned—ways. When Kate’s neighbor sees her lugg

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

 Re-Issue Alert!! Same great read ~ New cover! Oh my God, it’s been years since I read Taking Chances by Molly McAdams! I forgot how I used to devour these angst-ridden new adult books with such fever. My post-menopausal body can’t take the angst levels anymore. LOL, but this new re-issued cover is beautiful, and the nostalgia I get from reading over the pages and thinking back to the first time… You just can’t beat it, friends! Brand new cover, but the same thrilling NA story as before. I was happy to find myself back in it. I hope new readers check it out. ~Tanja From the Cover... Her first year away is turning out to be near perfect, but one weekend of giving in to heated passion will change everything. Eighteen year old Harper has grown up under her career-Marine father’s thumb. Ready to live life her own way and experience things she’s only ever heard of from the jarheads in her father’s unit, she’s on her way to college at San Diego State University. She f

The Little Wartime Library by Kate Thompson

Releases 21 Feb ~ Get it on Amazon Based on a true story, Kate Thompson has captured the feel and grit of an underground library. Sparking a reprieve from the war via literature. Thompson has created an atmosphere of longing for a better place while learning to navigate in times of war. Proving that even while in great distress we can all benefit from a little written escapism.  ~Tanja From the Cover... An uplifting and inspiring novel based on the true story of a librarian who created an underground shelter during World War II, perfect for readers of The Paris Library or The Last Bookshop in London. London, 1944: Clara Button is no ordinary librarian. While war ravages the city above her, Clara has risked everything she holds dear to turn the Bethnal Green tube station into the country’s only underground library. Down here, a secret community thrives with thousands of bunk beds, a nursery, a café, and a theater—offering shelter, solace, and escape from the bom

The Last Kingdom by Steve Berry

Releases 21 February ~ Get it on Amazon YOU GUYS!! IT'S TIME! Happy Release Week King Ludwig II of Bavaria was an enigmatic figure who was deposed in 1886, mysteriously drowning three days later. Eccentric to the point of madness, history tells us that in the years before he died Ludwig engaged in a worldwide search for a new kingdom, one separate, apart, and in lieu of Bavaria. A place he could retreat into and rule as he wished. But a question remains: did he succeed? Enter Cotton Malone. After many months, Malone’s protégé, Luke Daniels, has managed to infiltrate a renegade group intent on winning Bavarian independence from Germany. Daniels has also managed to gain the trust of the prince of Bavaria, a frustrated second son intent on eliminating his brother, the duke, and restoring the Wittelsbach monarchy, only now with him as king. Everything hinges on a 19th century deed which proves that Ludwig’s long-rumored search bore fruit--legal title to l

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Black Wolf by Kathleen Kent

Releasing 14 February ~ Get it on Amazon Like most investigations, ya gotta start somewhere. I felt like that for the first few chapters. For me, Black Wolf by Kathleen Kent, took a bit to warm up, but once you get going you'll want to stay on the train till the end. This was my first time reading Kent. I found her writing style to be learned and well-received.   ~Tanja From the Cover... It is 1990 when Melvina Donleavy arrives in Soviet Belarus on her first undercover mission with the CIA, alongside three fellow agents—none of whom know she is playing two roles. To the prying eyes of the KGB, she is merely a secretary; to her CIA minders, she is the only one who can stop the flow of nuclear weapons from the crumbling Soviet Union into the Middle East. For Mel has a secret; she is a “super recognizer,” someone who never forgets a face. But no training could prepare her for the reality of life undercover, and for the streets of Minsk, where women have been d

Roses Are Red by James Patterson

Out now ~ Get it on Amazon Now out in re-print! A new look with a new cover but the story from Alex Cross is the same as the original published in 2000. Roses are Red is book six in the beloved Alex Cross series.  Hopefully, new readers are enjoying the series as much as the OG readers are loving the new and improved artwork in the latest release brought to you by GCP.  Murder, mayhem, and an uncomfortable endearing quality that, for whatever reason, keeps me coming back for more! ~Tanja From the Cover... A brilliant criminal known only as the Mastermind orchestrates a series of bank robberies that are notable for their very precise demands - and their explosive violence when the demands are not met exactly. Detective Alex Cross takes on the case and recognizes that a particular kind of criminal mind is at work. But before he gets near identifying a suspect, the Mastermind pulls off the most outrageous kidnapping scheme in U.S. history - and walks away with the

The Forever Family by Shirly Jump

Out Now! ~ Get it on Amazon From the get-go, this cover has me longing for spring 2023 to arrive. The soft colors of the sky and the perceived unity of the women who grace the cover have set the stage for me. Now scroll on down and take a peek at the blurb and I am sure we'll be on the same page.  The wild child is no more... well if you call getting married to guy you barely know, running away from a vegas hotel room, and hiding away in your hometown changing your ways. LOL! I am here for it all, babes! This was a fun romance with an abundance of heart. Perfect for the month of love (February) Fab read! ~Tanja From the Cover... The youngest of the three close-knit sisters, Emma Monroe is the family wild child. She’s never stayed with anything—job, apartment, boyfriend—for long, and she likes it that way. Except lately, her freedom has seemed less like a gift and more like a burden. Maybe that’s why a yoga retreat in Las Vegas leads to a spur-of-the-moment

Starting Over on Sunshine Corner by Phoebe Mills

Releases February 7th ~ Get it on Amazon Everything about this cover screams spring! The colors, the inviting porch swing, and a bassinette that looks as if the stork just landed? Hmmm... Well, I did say it looks like spring. Rebecca and Jackson are friends. Friendly good friends in fact. Friendly good friends that decided to enjoy each other for one night and then act as if nothing happened. Only the universe has other ideas. Starting Over on Sunshine Corner by Phoebe Mills is friends to lovers perfection! ~Tanja From the Cover... Single mom Rebecca Hayes has been so focused on raising her daughter and building her finance career, she’s not sure she even remembers how to date. The only man she’s been out with is Jackson, her very close—and very attractive—friend. But Becca isn’t getting her hopes up after they crossed the line one memorable night—she knows Jackson too well. So when she discovers she’s pregnant with his baby, Becca isn’t sure she can count on Ja

More Than Meets the Eye by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen~

Releases Feb 7th ~ get it on Amazon The powerful and deducing Kendra Michaels is back at it again. This time with the help of a lone survivor, Tricia Walton. As always it's a fast-paced race to discover the who, what, when, where, and how of it all. Brilliantly told with an artful flair that only the Johansen duo can deliver.  Simply wonderful. ~Tanja From the Cover... After scoring a plea deal in a high-profile murder trial, serial killer James Michael Barrett leads a grim parade of law enforcement officers to the body of his last victim. At the alleged burial site, the officers swing their shovels down and are met with a strange metallic sound they weren’t expecting. In a blink, a terrific explosion rocks the woods, killing Barrett and most of the officers instantly. The detonation is only the beginning of a shocking case for FBI consultant Kendra Michaels—a string of heinous murders in the style of the very-dead Barrett mysteriously continue, and it bec

HIDEAWAY AT SILVER LAKE: A Snowflake Sisters Novel by Jennifer Greene

  Out Now! Get it on Amazon What do you do when you come home from a work trip and souvenirs aren't the only thing you brought back home with you. *cough*covid*cough* You grab your comfiest lounge set, that miraculously matches, a ton of cough drops, a large mug of hot tea, and you cure your ailments with the latest release by Jennifer Greene. Enough is enough and the lovely Poppy McGuire has decided to put herself first for once. She's messaged everyone and will be spending some time relaxing and reconnecting with herself.  I think she makes it an hour before Bubbles and Sam make burst into her life and change everything. Hideaway at Silver Lake is the perfect way to mend on a very cold January day. Filled with a warm richness, it's a romantic literary salve that will make anyone feel better. Thanks to Avon Publishing for sharing this with me. ~Tanja From the cover... They say there’s no place like home for the holidays...but Poppy McGuire is done w

Book Lover Grab Bag from Willow Winters and Big Book Lover Box!

  I am LOVING this massive zip bag I received from the amazing people at BigBookLoverBox! I just literally returns from a trip and this was PERFECT. This bundle also included a fun and spicy little read from author Krystyna Allyn. Get all the info and order yours HERE #willowwinters #bigbookloversbox #bookishmerch #booksta #booklovergrabbag #bookish #books #krystynaAllyn