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Monogamy by Sue Miller

Out now on Kindle and Hardcover Available in paperback - May 4th Character-driven is the best way I can describe Monogamy. It's a look into a marriage filled with all its imperfections and realness. I'm not sure I would call it a classic romance, but it is real, unfiltered, and honest. It's what I am sure many relationships resemble. I am left feeling melancholy and a bit somber after reading. It's not a light drama and I feel as if a reader should be in a good headspace before reading. Especially if they have been through a close-death trauma. This is my first time reading Sue Miller- I enjoyed her engaging writing style and prose very much. Life and mortality is an emotional thing ~Tanja From the Cover... Graham and Annie have been married for nearly thirty years. Their seemingly effortless devotion has long been the envy of their circle of friends and acquaintances. By all appearances, they are a golden couple. Graham is a bookseller, a big,

An Invincible Summer (Wyndham Beach #1) by Mariah Stewart

Get it on Amazon What a wonderful way to kick off summer 2021. Oh, to be invincible... or to at least think you are. An Invincible Summer by Mariah Stewart makes you feel a bit like that again. It's a second chance / new beginning story taking Maggie Flynn back home after the loss of her husband. She and her children settle into small-town life with the help of her hometown friends. She's also thrown into a bit of drama with seeing an old love again. It's a sweet and endearing read. Perfect for a beach chair or just settling in for an afternoon on the deck. ~Tanja From the Cover... An endearing novel of friendship, forgiveness, and second chances by New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart. It was a lifetime ago that recently widowed Maggie Flynn was in Wyndham Beach. Now, on the occasion of her fortieth high school reunion, she returns to her hometown on the Massachusetts coast, picking up right where she left off with dear friends Lydia an

Must Love Cowboys by Carly Bloom

Releases April 27th Get it on Amazon Oh, book friends! This was just... adorable? sweet? deliciously fun? Yes, I'm going with the latter. The Once Upon A Time In Texas book series is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. And guess what my lucky peeps? You get a twofer with this one. Not only do you get Must Love Cowboys, but it also comes with Big Bad Cowboy as well! The first book in the series. But on a personal note, I'm dyslexic so reading about others that struggle always makes me feel less nervous and embarrassed when I make mistakes. Throw some love and well, everything about this makes me smile. ~Tanja From the Cover... In this charming, sexy romance, a bookish beauty needs a fake boyfriend and finds a handsome cowboy who is just the man for the job. Beau Montgomery is living his best life . . . until he's left in charge of Rancho Cañada Verde. With his dyslexia, he'd choose a saddle over spreadsheets any day. His best hope is to ask the

A Wedding on Lilac Lane by Hope Ramsay

Releases April 27th Get it on Amazon Well, this was fun! So many people trying to figure out what they want, who they want, what they think they need, and ultimately finding real and lasting love. Hope Ramasy does romance like no one else does. She gives good angst and a wholesome atmosphere. It's what I like about her books. I love the Moonlight Bay series and this is a great addition.  ~Tanja From the Cover... After leaving her old life behind and starting over for good, a former country star finds herself at odds with a handsome new man. But is he the enemy . . . or her only ally? Musician Ella McMillan can't believe she just walked away from her life. So long, boyfriend. Goodbye, country music career. Coming home to Magnolia Harbor could be a fresh start with her mom—until Ella discovers that her mother is getting married again. Now Ella's been roped into planning an engagement party with the groom's utterly gorgeous and infuriatingly button

Promises To Keep by Nan Rossiter

  Releasing April 27th Get it on Amazon Book two in the Savannah Skies Series by Nan Rossiter has given us a superb continuation of the life and times of the Lindstrom sisters. Promises To Keep is filled with love, faith, family, and kindness. Adding in the rambunctious antics of a loveable pup and well, you have a sweet read perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. ~Tanja From the Cover... Thirty-four-year-old Maeve Lindstrom loves her job at Willow Pond Senior Care. Her older sister Macey thinks Maeve is the only human being on earth who can make working in a nursing home sound like fun. Maeve enjoys being around the sundowners, as she calls them, helping them navigate their senior years—brightening a time that can be, all too often, a lonely, sad stage of life. Thirty-three-year-old Gage Tennyson—who brings his mischievous yellow Lab, Gus, to whatever restoration job he is working on with Macey’s husband, Ben—loves Maeve with all his heart. He’s a handsome countr

Pause by Kylie Scott

Out now on Audible - Preorder the book (releases July 13th) - Pause has been one of my favorite Audibles so far this year. I am a massive fan of the narrator, Andi Arndt. She makes it so easy to fall into the story of Anna and Leif. Their journey from friends to lovers is told with so much heart and a ton of realism. Nothing is rushed for the sake of reader instant satisfaction. Instead, it's a beautifully langued pursuit that feels incredibly easy, yet mindful. I loved all of it. Kylie Scott is a force in the writing world and I'm thrilled with each release. ~Tanja From the Cover... An unpauseable new romance from New York Times bestselling, Audie Award-winning author Kylie Scott! When Anna wakes up from a coma after a car crash, she discovers life has gone on without her. Her husband has been unfaithful—with her best friend—and she’s been long since replaced at work. While her old life is a distant memory, her new life feels l

One Lucky Day: Head Over Heels / Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis

  OUT NOW! Get it on Amazon Talk about the perfect book for your beach bag! Also, who doesn't love a twofer when it comes to getting books? Head Over Heels AND Lucky In Love. Romance fans will be in heaven. I know I am. Grabbing my sunnies and heading out to the deck as we speak! Thank you Forever Publishing and Jill Shalvis for making this a fabulous book weekend! ~Tanja From the Cover... Let love into your life with these two stories filled with romance and humor as two women find their own Mr. Right in the small seaside town of Lucky Harbor. Head Over Heels: Chloe Traeger isn't ready to settle into a quiet life running her family's newly renovated inn. But soon her love of trouble—and trouble with love—draws the attention of the very stern, very sexy Lucky Harbor sheriff. Can this rebel find a way to keep the peace with the straitlaced sheriff? Or will Chloe's past keep her from a love that lasts? Lucky in Love: Mallory Quinn has had enough of

Every Day Is a Gift: A Memoir by Tammy Duckworth

Out Now! Get your copy on Amazon Nothing excites me more than inspiring women with the willpower to turn a less-than situation into a positive force of motivation and courage. As someone who is a military brat as well as a military spouse, I have heard of Tammy Duckworth for many years and am familiar with her story, but the amount of respect I have for her has tripled after reading, Every Day is a Gift. She is a beautiful American and is a shining example of what being an American means. ~Tanja From the Cover... Learn the incredible story of Illinois senator and Iraq War veteran Tammy Duckworth and see what inspired her to follow the path that made her who she is today. In Every Day Is a Gift, Tammy Duckworth takes readers through the amazing—and amazingly true—stories from her incomparable life. In November of 2004, an Iraqi RPG blew through the cockpit of Tammy Duckworth's U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopter. The explosion, which destroyed her legs and mangle

Breakout by Paul Herron

  Out Now! Get it on Amazon Wow, I felt like I was holding my breath the entirety of the time it took me to finish Breakout! It's a punch in the face from the get-go.  For those who like action/adventure reading, this is one of the best experiences I've had in the Disaster Fiction genre this year. Heart racing, exciting, and terrifyingly good. ~Tanja From the Cover... In this heart-pounding thriller, a correctional officer and an ex-cop are fleeing a hurricane—but their only hope of survival is a maximum-security prison where they face new untold dangers. Hurricane Anna: a superstorm made up of two Category 5 hurricanes coming together to wreak unprecedented havoc along the eastern seaboard. When the superstorm hits, the correctional officers at Ravenhill flee, opening all the cell doors and leaving the inmates to fend for themselves as the floodwaters rise. But Jack Constantine, an ex-cop serving ten years for killing one of his wife's murderers, is

Pistol Whipped ~ A Sexy Millionaire Romance by Stefanie Graham

Out Now! Get it on Amazon Well, Book Friends! This was a delightfully sexy romp into the corporate world. It's been a minute since I took a break and read a bit of steamy sexy goodness. Pistol Whipped is the perfect way to spends a few hours lost in the arms of billionaire escapism. I'm adding Stefanie Graham to my list of must-buy authors. ~Tanja From the Cover... Leave it to Austin DeAngelis, magnate, mogul and bad boy millionaire, to fall for a girl rumored to be composed of cold, hard steel. Hard target Kylie Derringer, like the gun that shared her last name, was small with cool curves, sleek feminine lines, and a seemingly impenetrable exterior. When a case of corporate espionage threatens the health of Austin’s company, all fingers point to his bold-as-brass employee as suspect number one. Tangled in a web of lies and deceit, Kylie finds herself in the middle of a dangerous game between new love and old loyalties. The business of passion isn’t a ga

The Unfit Heiress by Audrey Clare Farley

Out Now!  Get your copy via Amazon At some point in my life, I am going to learn to stop being horrified at the treatment some dole out under the guise that they know what's best for other people. Especially when those people are backed by the government. Audrey Clare Farley gives us a well-researched and critical look into a family, their need for greed, and the audacity to think they had a right to make decisions about someone's body without consent.  The Unfit Heiress by Audrey Clare Farley is a powerful read and it's stuck with me. ~Tanja From the Cover... For readers of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and The Phantom of Fifth Avenue, a page-turning drama of fortunes, eugenics and women's reproductive rights framed by the sordid court battle between Ann Cooper Hewitt and her socialite mother. At the turn of the twentieth century, American women began to reject Victorian propriety in favor of passion and livelihood outside the home. This

A Gambling Man by David Baldacci

Get it today on Amazon It almost feels decadent to immerse yourself in an old-fashioned historical crime drama. The magic created by David Baldacci plays out in black and white in my mind. From the 1950's atmosphere and the drive of the main character, Archer, it's a gritty glam kind of read and I am here for it! Lucky for you A Gambling Man released this week, so you can spend the weekend enthralled! ~Tanja From the Cover... Aloysius Archer, the straight-talking World War II veteran fresh out of prison, returns in this riveting new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci. The 1950s are on the horizon, and Archer is in dire need of a fresh start after a nearly fatal detour in Poca City. So Archer hops on a bus and begins the long journey out west to California, where rumor has it there is money to be made if you’re hard-working, lucky, criminal—or all three. Along the way, Archer stops in Reno, where a stroke of fortune delive

Lover Unveiled by J.R. Ward

Releases April 20th Get it on Amazon Wow, this was extraordinary. There's so much jam-packed into the first 20% of the book, I felt like I was jumping into an all-new experience, but with a familiar atmosphere and neighborhood. From the introduction of Sahvage to the way Mae is portrayed, it feels joyfully uncomfortable and I like it. Honestly, the only thing I can say without spoiling anything is that it’s a stellar five-star read. I truly can not wait to see all that is to come for the future of the BDB series. Amazing. ~Tanja Read an Exclusive Excerpt! Chapter 1 Trade Street and 30th Avenue Downtown Caldwell, New York Forty-eight minutes before Ralphie DeMellio got murdered, he was living the life. “You got this,” his buddy was saying as he rubbed Ralphie’s bare shoulders. “You fucking got this, you’re a monster, you’re a motherfucking monster !” Ralphie and his crew were on the sixth level of a parking garage that was all about the oil stains and lit

How to Catch a Duke by Grace Burrowes

OUT NOW Get it on Amazon A fake engagement and plenty of charm keep the pages turning in this delightful Regency romance which the USA Today bestselling author Julia Quinn hails as "terrific." "I have come to ask you to kill me, my lord." Miss Abigail Abbott desperately needs to disappear—permanently—and the only person she trusts to help her do that is Lord Stephen Wentworth, heir to the Duke of Walden. Stephen is brilliant, charming, and—when he needs to be—absolutely ruthless. So ruthless that he proposes marriage instead of "murder" to keep Abigail safe. Stephen was smitten the instant his sister introduced him to Abigail, a woman with the dignity and determination of a duchess and the courage of a lioness. When she accepts his courtship of convenience, he also discovers she kisses like his most intimate wish come true. For Abigail, their arrangement is a sham to escape her dangerous enemies. For Stephen, it's his one chance

Her Three Lives by Cate Holahan

Releases April 20th Get it on Amazon Oh, this book! I see a movie in the works for author Cate Holahan. So many twists and turns. So many accusations and retractions of loyalty. I had the best time reading Her Three Lives. It's my kind of mystery. Releasing April 20th by Grand Central Publishing. Don't wait, pre-order today. 5 Star Read!! ~Tanja From the Cover... Gaslight goes high-tech in USA Today bestselling author Cate Holahan's new standalone thriller in which a family must determine who the real enemy is after a brutal home invasion breaks their trust in each other. Her public life Jade Thompson has it all. She’s an up-and-coming social media influencer, and she has a beautiful new home and a successful architect for a fiancé. But there’s trouble behind the scenes. To Greg’s children, his divorce from their mother and his new life can only mean a big mid-life crisis. To Jade, his suburban Connecticut upbringing isn’t an easy match with her Car

We Are Watching Eliza Bright by A.E. Osworth

OUT NOW!! Get it on Amazon In this thrilling story of survival and anger, a woman has her whole life turned upside down after speaking out against workplace hostility–and inadvertently becomes the leader of a cultural movement. Eliza Bright was living the dream as an elite video game coder at Fancy Dog Games when her private life suddenly became public. But is Eliza Bright a brilliant, self-taught coder bravely calling out the toxic masculinity and chauvinism that pervades her workplace and industry? Or, is Eliza Bright a woman who needs to be destroyed to protect "the sanctity of gaming culture"? It depends on who you ask... When Eliza reports an incident of workplace harassment that is quickly dismissed, she's forced to take her frustrations to a journalist who blasts her story across the Internet. She's fired and doxxed, and becomes a rallying figure for women across America. But she's also enraged the beast that is male gamers on 4Chan

HUNT OF THE DRAGON by Juliette Cross ~ Cover Reveal

The thrilling and sexy conclusion of the VALE OF STARS series is coming sooner than you think! HUNT OF THE DRAGON will be available on JUNE 7th through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Thank you to @mirellasantana3 for another gorgeous cover to finish the series! BLURB: Photojournalist Krissa Nadeem ventures into the wilderness to record the destruction of the Larkosian army. When she captures on film the Morgon Guard’s top most wanted enemy in hiding, she sets in motion a journey that will change her life forever. Not just because of the secret she uncovers, but also because of the man who will become her protector. And more. Bowen Huntergild, stealthy and deadly assassin, is at the head of the task force searching for the Bloodback witch who killed his sister in a blood sacrifice. When Krissa turns in her finding on film, he teams with her to discover the witch's hideout in the wilds beyond Drakos. While he focuses on the job, his dragon stirs, warning him that destiny has more in

Lifes too short by Abby Jimenez

Get it on Amazon Releasing April 6, 2021  Book three in The Friend Zone Series  Superb dialogue! I am continually amazed reading the funny witty back-and-fourth Abby Jimenez delivers each and every time she writes. Absolute Perfection. It's what keeps me coming back for more. She's easily one of my top five auto-purchase writers. From the way, her characters first meet - to the way she flushes out their personalities on the page making them real and tangible- Again - She's writing perfection.  The Svengali of Rom-com Abby Jimenez has done it again. ~Tanja From the Cover... A brilliant and touching romantic comedy from the USA Today bestselling author of The Friend Zone and The Happy Ever After Playlist. When Vanessa Price quit her job to pursue her dream of traveling the globe, she wasn't expecting to gain millions of YouTube followers who shared her joy of seizing every moment. For her, living each day to its fullest isn't just a motto. Her