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The BookEnd ~ July 29, 2016

Hello everyone!  This is Kat.  I hope you're week has gone well.  Mine has been pretty awesome.  Yesterday my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  I love rum and decided to treat myself to a coconut infused rum cocktail.  It was yummy!  I highly recommend it if you love coconut.  :)   Perfect treat to beat the heat of the hot summer here in Texas. We finished our meal with a slice of Peach Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream on the side.  Peaches are really good here in Texas right now and it was scrumptious!  Perhaps this will give you some motivation for the weekend to go out and treat yourself to something yummy and refreshing!  Have a great weekend everybody :) Tanja is currently on vacation but I'm sure she is going to squeeze in some reading time.  We'll find out what she gets up to when she returns.  Kat is currently reading One by Jewel E. Ann and Wicked Sexy by J.T. Geissinger.  Two awesome books by two awe

Kicked by Celia Aaron

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Destroy by Nikki Sloane

CD Reiss has opened up the Drazen Kindle World and Nikki Sloane has released Destroy, a kindle world novella!

One by Jewel E. Ann

Genre: Romantic Comedy Release Date: July 28th, 2016  

~Cover Reveal~ Tempting Jo by Nancee Cain

Totally, Sweetly Irrevocably by Kira Archer

Totally, Sweetly Irrevocably

A Promise of Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles #1)by Amanda Bouchet

  Nothing thrills me more than discovering a new book, author, or series that sparks a desire to plant myself on the couch and not get up ‘til I have read all there is to read. Nothing saddens me more than realizing this is book one and I’m going to have to wait for more! GAH! Okay guys, what was my blurb immediately after reading A Promise of Fire ? “Ilona Andrews just found some competition! This was fantastic!”  It’s been a week since, and after time and reflection I still one hundred percent feel the same way. As I said before, it’s been a minute since I’ve felt this way and I like it! It’s an immediate drop into the clairvoyant Cat’s world. A gritty hot circus with magical intrigue and danger lurking about. Cat is on the run, trying to stay in disguise and hidden away from a ruthlessly evil and maniacal family. She keeps her head down and avoids anything that will reveal who she really is. Problems erupt when a Warlord has become drawn to her.   Snatching Cat and ta

Celebrate Summer and Read a Book!

The BookEnd ~ July 22, 2016~

Have a great weekend everybody :) Tanja - Vacation mode.  Still working my way through Kristen Ashley's Midnight Soul and loving it! Kat ~ On Vacation ~ Head on over to our Book Club K & T's Book Babblers and join in on the fun! THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF STONES by MJ Rose Thin Lines Excerpt post by Bethany Kris Seaside Lovers By Melissa Foster Dragon in the Blood (Vale of Stars #2) by Juliette Cross - Review by Tanja One by Jewel E. Ann - Review by Tanja Always tons of giveaways going on on our FB Book Club page Thin Lines by Bethany Kris Paperback and $20 Amazon GC Seaside Lovers (two) e-copies By Melissa Foster August 20, Nashville, TN More information and tickets can be found  HERE Info and tickets info  HERE Saturday, August 6, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM (MDT) Mile High Author Event info  HERE

How's your summer going?

What are you reading?

One by Jewel E. Ann

F*@k gravity, it’s time to fall in love with Jewel E. Ann and the magic she created with Lake and Cage. One of my top reads of 2016 BY FAR! Sweet, sexy, powerful, and inspiring. If I could add more adjectives without sounding like a true moron, I would. One is labeled a standalone, however, to truly appreciate this story of love, recovery, and forward motion you MUST have read the Jack & Jill series beforehand. Fans of the previous books are in for a massive treat. I haven’t left their world in days. My mind keeps slipping back to Lake and Cage and the sheer brilliance of their tale. It’s an ode to the human spirit, what overcoming obstacles can be if you believe in yourself, and the ability to change and inspire your own thoughts of yourself and ability. Is it a love story? Yes, but it’s so much more. I highlighted ‘til my kindle bled blue and I re-read till the words soaked into my reader’s soul. “ We would be Cage and Lake.   We would be unpredictable.   We would