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Cover Reveal! Lauren Willig's BAND OF SISTERS

Preorder on Amazon Releases March 2, 2021 A group of young women from Smith College risk their lives in France at the height of World War I in this sweeping novel based on a true story—a skillful blend of Call the Midwife and The Alice Network—from New York Times bestselling author Lauren Willig. A scholarship girl from Brooklyn, Kate Moran thought she found a place among Smith’s Mayflower descendants, only to have her illusions dashed the summer after graduation. When charismatic alumna Betsy Rutherford delivers a rousing speech at the Smith College Club in April of 1917, looking for volunteers to help French civilians decimated by the German war machine, Kate is too busy earning her living to even think of taking up the call. But when her former best friend Emmeline Van Alden reaches out and begs her to take the place of a girl who had to drop out, Kate reluctantly agrees to join the new Smith College Relief Unit. Four months later, Kate and seventeen other Smithies, including two tr

Paradise Cove by Jenny Holiday

Buy it on Amazon 🐚 Happy Release Day 🐚 To Jenny Holiday for Paradise Cove!!! 🐚Did you snag your copy yet? I am beyond excited to journey back to Matchmaker Bay!! Thanks so much to @thatsostelle and @readforeverpub for gifting me with this copy. It’s had a prominent space on my nightstand since it arrived on my doorstep. 🐚Dr. Nora Walsh has just been dumped in spectacular fashion, making it the perfect time for a major life change. She figures taking over the medical practice in tiny Matchmaker Bay for a couple of years will help her get over her broken heart, and then she can head back to the big city. But when the first man she sees looks like a superhero god, she wonders if maybe there's something to small-town living after all. 🐚Jake Ramsey also has a broken heart -- one he never expects to heal. He doesn't need people anyway and is content hiding out in his secluded cottage on the beach. But after helping Nora with a medical em

One Hundred Reasons by Kelly Collins

Get your copy on Amazon I have one question. Has Hallmark been in touch with @authorkellycollins ? Cause this book is perfect for them! What a beautiful way to be introduced to this author and her books. Sweet and melodic, perfect for an afternoon of reading! πŸ” Fresh starts, hope, and happily ever afters… πŸ”Nurse Sage Nichols life changed when she lost her favorite patient and inherited a bed and breakfast in a town she didn’t know existed. She traveled to Aspen Cove intent to sell so she could hurry back to her life in Denver. Little did she know, she was about to find everything she ever needed in the tiny mountain town with a big heart. Sage found herself in a place where caring for your neighbor was a way of life. In her case, that happened to be surly Cannon Bishop, the man of her dreams. πŸ”Cannon Bishop was a man who learned long ago that hope was a dangerous thing. Closed off from the world after a family tragedy, Cannon lived a lonely

Accidentally Family by Sasha Summers

Get it on Amazon A sweet, slow-building romance with real-life issues and obstacles in the forefront. I do enjoy a small-town romance and Accidentally Family is an excellent choice for fans of the genre. I wholeheartedly enjoyed it. Welcome to Pecan Valley, where the town may be small but the townspeople will always lend a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. Where good times, good humor, and good people will always lead to happily ever after.  Life for Felicity, and her teen children, is finally back on track. After her divorce, she wasn’t sure if her sweet family would ever be the same. But things are good––right up until her ex’s spirited toddler lands on Felicity’s doorstep. If the universe is going to throw lemons at her, thank God she has her best friend, Graham, to help her make lemonade out of them. How did she never notice how kind and sexy he is? Graham is still recovering from his wife’s death years ago and trying to help his t

Twisted: The Tangled History of Black Hair Culture by Emma Dabiri

Get it on Amazon This book is enlightening, historical, and so much more!  Thank you to @harperperennial for sharing this with me. Learning and understanding is key ♥️ Emma Dabiri can tell you the first time she chemically straightened her hair. She can describe the smell, the atmosphere of the salon, and her mix of emotions when she saw her normally kinky tresses fall down her shoulders. For as long as Emma can remember, her hair has been a source of insecurity, shame, and—from strangers and family alike—discrimination. And she is not alone. Despite increasingly liberal world views, black hair continues to be erased, appropriated, and stigmatized to the point of taboo. Through her personal and historical journey, Dabiri gleans insights into the way racism is coded in society’s perception of black hair—and how it is often used as an avenue for discrimination. Dabiri takes us from pre-colonial Africa, through the Harlem Renaissance, and into

Cowboy Strong & A Cowboy for Keeps!!!

There are times when a girl needs a good ole fashioned cowboy! And who says you can only have one? I’ve wrangled myself TWO cowboys!! A Cowboy for Keeps by the amazingly talented and kind @lauradrakebooks AND Cowboy Strong by the wonderful @carolynbrownbooks This girl couldn’t be any happier 😁!! A Cowboy for Keeps releases July 28th!!  There's not much that could rattle a cowboy like Reese St. James. But when his twin brother dies in a car accident, Reese is stunned to discover he has a six-month old niece, Sawyer. Wanting to make up for lost time, Reese heads down to Unforgiven, New Mexico, to bring her home. He doesn't plan on Sawyer's guardian giving him any trouble, but the intriguing, independent woman is turning out to be more than he bargained for. Lorelei West had given up hope of having a family of her own until her sister's tragic death brought little Sawyer into her life. And now there's no way she's going to let Reese take her aw


Get it on Amazon - Shane a sexy Brit. Samantha Uber Christian.  A writer, a Christian, and a woman trying to come up with something worthy to put on paper.  A muse, a dog walker, and a man who may or may not have given him the wrong impression.  Neighbors and favors is a sweet subtle mystery with a gentle touch of romance with a side of Christian values and beliefs. Not what I usually expect from this author but why not take a chance on something new? I enjoyed this read and hope to see more like this! New apartments should come with a trial period... I've just signed a two-year lease on an apartment I can barely afford. My job hit a brick wall so I need the place to be perfect to help me get my life back on track. But the first night in, and I already know my neighbor isn't going to make it easy on me. Tall, sexy, irresistible (and did I mention the British accent?), Shane Logan likes his loud activit

The Royal Treatment by Melanie Summers

Get it on Amazon Who’s ready for a little Royal fun? Perfect for the hammock or any lounge chair you find yourself in this summer. Funny, quick-witted, and filled with tons of laughs! I’m thrilled to have been invited to read this 😊 I needed the levity. 018 READER'S FAVORITE AWARD BRONZE MEDAL WINNER For fans of Bridget Jones and The Princess Diaries comes a laugh-out-loud, feel-good comedy with a sizzling side of romance… Ultra-private, ridiculously handsome Crown Prince Arthur has always gotten by on his charm. But that won’t be enough now that the Royal Family is about to be ousted from power once and for all. When Prince Arthur has to rely on the one woman in the kingdom who hates him most, he must learn that earning the love of a nation means first risking his heart. Twenty-eight-year-old Tessa Sharpe, a.k.a. The Royal Watchdog, hates everything about Prince Arthur. As far as she’s concerned, he’s an arrogant, lazy leech on the kingdom of A


Get it on Amazon Beauregard Montage knows how to fix any car—but that would be selling him short. He knows how to make an ordinary American car something that flies, something that, under his hands on the wheel, can take its driver places. He came to that knowledge through heritage, love and the lure of dangerous getaways. But he is in a town that has no call for those skills. He’s got a repair shop that is floundering, a wife and two sons, a daughter from an earlier time, and the car he inherited from his father, a Plymouth Duster. Late at night, when he races the car ten miles out from the fairgrounds in the back road illegal races, he feels most like himself. He feels reconnected to the part of him that has no part in this other life he knows he needs to live for the people he loves. It’s always there though, just below the surface, that desire for one more getaway drive, one more adrenaline boosting race against the cops. BLACKTOP WASTELAND (Flati

Return to Magnolia Harbor by Hope Ramsey

Get it on Amazon Did you guys snag a copy of this when it was released? (June 23rd) I am just now finishing and am thrilled to tell you guys how much I loved it. Of course, anything by Hope Ramsey makes me happy 😊 Check out the blurb below! Hope Ramsay delivers the next book in her Moonlight Bay series, an enemies-to-lovers story about a man who returns home to his small town and finds love in the most unlikely of places. She never forgot him...but can she forgive him? Jessica Blackwood is trying to make her architectural design firm a success, and she's off to a great start, thanks to a recommendation that leads to the job of the century-designing a house for a wealthy but reclusive bachelor. The only problem? Jessica's new client happens to be her old high school nemesis. The bigger problem? He's no longer the cocky boy who once tormented her, and suddenly she finds herself intrigued by her new client. Christopher Martin isn