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Mismatch by Nana Malone

ARC given by of CrushStar Multimedia LLC via NetGalley I found Mismatch a cute surprise. It is very much a light and fluffy read. Prefect for what I call waiting room reads. No real brain work involved just mind candy. My only negative was that I had many laugh out loud moments while reading Mismatch that I don’t think were intentional. Pardon me while my juvenile giggles return….. “Her release slammed through her quickly with the force to make her limp.” Okay, for whatever reason all I could think was “is she walking somewhere?” “—he had himself sheathed in seconds. The animal was out and free—“ ......... (wipes tears) “the animal was out and free? And my absolute favorite the made me laugh out loud…. “She was blonde. She’d lost the wig in the hair tugging.”   ....…. I guessed I missed the part beforehand that said she was wearing a wig? Don’t get me wrong I am just having a little fun. For whatever reason thes

At Any Cost by Cara Ellison

My review is short and sweet and keeps more to my emotions as the cover write up is pretty lengthy. It’s a solid read you guys. I was drawn in and felt invested in these characters. I fell in love with Fallon right off the bat. She is sweet and smart a wonderful combo. Tom, I really loved his evolution. Massive tears when he went to visit his family. The two of them together - perfection The story is a good one, thrilling and suspenseful. Dysfunctional soon to be first family – amazing. The city of DC itself was a wonderful back drop with all the action and suspense. All in all I give At Any Cost 3.5 STARS! T~ From the cover…… Fallon Hughes is like any young attorney suffering through her first year in a white-shoe Washington, D.C. firm: overworked, exhausted, and lacking a social life. She’s also the daughter of the President-Elect of the United States. Tom Bishop is the Secret Service agent assigned to protect her. After losing his

Tangled by Emma Chase

5 laughing out loud stars ***** Oh wow...  I have so much to say about this book that I just don't know where to begin... I giggled and smiled through the entire book. Reading this from Drew's POV was very entertaining. It was an education for all of us ladies on what men really think and want.  Some of Drew's inner dialogue had me rolling my eyes, laughing out loud and sometimes thinking hey, that is spot on.  Whether we like it or not...  the truth is the truth right?? Drew has the flu ...  Why does he have the flu??  Well, this is why:  “Women fall in love quicker than men. Easier and more often. But when guys fall? We go down harder. And when things go bad? When it's not us who ends it? We don't get to walk away. We crawl.”   (from the mind of Drew) Awe...  feeling sorry for him??  Well don't...  Drew is a womanizer and Drew did this to himself!  But, it's a whole lot of fun watching this guy go to great lengths to win his woman back.

Damaged by H.M. Ward

Damaged begins with college student Sidney walking into a restaurant looking for a blind date. She circles the restaurant and ends up sitting down with, in her opinion, a rather nice looking charismatic man. ((Screeching car noises)) wrong table, wrong man It is very apparent that Sidney is recovering from abuse by a former boyfriend. The anxiety she feels around men that touch or come close to her can be overwhelming. But for whatever reason the wrong guy from the wrong table doesn’t have that affect on her. The opposite in fact. After a bungled attempt with her real date Sidney find herself in the parking lot and OH NO, look who it is having car troubles! Yep, the wrong guy from the wrong table. Can I help you? (sly smile) Well what’s a girl to do other than offer said guy a ride home. Wrong guy turns out to be kinda the right guy when he invites her inside for coffee and a little dinner after her non-dinner with the bad date….. Now here is where I had a mini issu

Twisted by Rebecca Zanetti

This is a Dark Protectors novella book 5.5 but, have no fear you don’t need to have read the first five in this series to enjoy this sexy little read. Twisted begins with two people sitting opposite each other. The feeling in the room is one of irritation and annoyance. That won’t last for too long though. Maggie, a wolf shifter has lost all her memories up until ten years ago. Anything before that is a blank. She is also a wolf shifter and has lived with vampires during the last ten years to train and learn. There is something disturbingly familiar about this man/shifter that sits in front of her. Terrent, with his beautiful accent that stirs memories has no problems remembering his Maggie. She loved him once. The question is can he make her love him again? This is a sexy, sweet and funny story with great characters and if you haven’t read the series before, like me, you will certainly want to. I can’t wait to slip into this world and see what I have been missing.

Unbreak Me by Lexi Ryan

I feel as if I just went on a mini journey. The writing style of this author had me invested and immediately pulled into the story. You know that prickly feeling you get when you realize, “oh hell this is not gonna be good” not the story but the situation within the story. Yep, that was me. Grab some coffee and chocolate and settle down because it's gonna be hard to put this one down. Unbreak me is told through three POV’s. Maggie, Will and Asher. Not so much a love triangle as a road littered with broken hearts. Maggie’s being the one shattered hardest and repeatedly. The family dynamic is maddeningly dysfunctional in a traditional way. A staunch Catholic Mother, an uber spiritual grandmother. *snicker* favorite grandmother Maggie exchange…. “But Maggie, your aura does seem terribly dark. You should come by my office sometime this week and we can do a cleansing.” “My aura can’t help it, Gran. It feels fat in anything but black.” You realize quickly that