At Any Cost by Cara Ellison

My review is short and sweet and keeps more to my emotions as the cover write up is pretty lengthy. It’s a solid read you guys. I was drawn in and felt invested in these characters. I fell in love with Fallon right off the bat. She is sweet and smart a wonderful combo. Tom, I really loved his evolution. Massive tears when he went to visit his family. The two of them together - perfection

The story is a good one, thrilling and suspenseful. Dysfunctional soon to be first family – amazing. The city of DC itself was a wonderful back drop with all the action and suspense.

All in all I give At Any Cost 3.5 STARS!


From the cover……

Fallon Hughes is like any young attorney suffering through her first year in a white-shoe Washington, D.C. firm: overworked, exhausted, and lacking a social life.
She’s also the daughter of the President-Elect of the United States.

Tom Bishop is the Secret Service agent assigned to protect her. After losing his wife on 9/11, he is not prepared to find himself attracted to the sexy, smart protectee. The ethics questions alone are explosive and despite the red-hot tension between them, he will not risk his career or Fallon’s reputation on a tryst that he is sure they will both regret.

When Fallon receives a phone call from a frantic young man who tells her he has information regarding a grave national security threat she agrees to meet him, but he never arrives. The next morning, she hears on the news that he jumped off the roof of a building and killed himself.

Fallon suspects Antoine Campbell did not commit suicide and launches an investigation. Despite a growing sense of paranoia, Fallon is determined to prove Campbell was murdered. At first, Tom tries to dissuade Fallon from becoming involved, but as it becomes obvious this is a murder case, Tom and Fallon must expose the conspiracy in her father’s administration before Fallon meets the same fate. And with the tension already sky-high between them, working this close together is surely going to get one of them to cross the line from a strictly professional relationship to intimately personal.

Set against the backdrop of Washington, DC, At Any Cost sets up a smoldering romance as it takes readers into the super-secret world of the Secret Service, the NSA, and ultimately the most private reaches of the White House.

*ARC given via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


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