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Laurie Olerich is the author of the Primani and Demons After Dark series. Part romance, part paranormal, part adventure...Three things she can’t live without! Laurie spent most of her life in the Northeastern United States and in Western Europe. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her son and Dalmatian muse, Rambo. In an attempt to re-live her wild and crazy younger years, she lives vicariously through her characters by setting their adventures in her favorite city, New York, and the mountain forests of New England as often as possible. Before diving into a writing career, Laurie dedicated 20 years to her country by serving in the United States Air Force. Much of her time was spent around men with guns and cool toys...this explains her obsession with both.

KT Book Reviews Interview with Laurie Olerich

What do you want people to know about you and your process?

I describe my writing style as action oriented, fast paced, and conversational. My characters tell the story from the prologue to the epilogue. Sure, I have to guide them along and fill in the details, but the story comes from them. I love the twists and turns this brings to the plot. The romance is as important to me as the plot and action scenes so I let it flow as the characters want. I believe romance has to flow organically so I don’t try to rush it. Same thing for sex. Each couple has their own personalities so their romance and sex scenes will be as true to that as I can make it. For example, my crazier couples will have sex in public or indulge in hot, wild monkey sex. My more spiritual, sensual couples are more likely to make love in a steamy lagoon or an elegant hotel room.

In a nutshell, I write stories to sweep readers into my world. I prefer to sprinkle clues and Easter eggs across the book and weave the backstories along the way to create that delicious feeling of anticipation that my readers really want.

Where do you get your ideas for your novels?

Most of my ideas come from my own desperate need for a good time! I love all things supernatural and have been known to explore creepy cemeteries, underground catacombs, and abandoned buildings. I’ve even been a Ghost Hunting 101 panel member at ComicCon. I’m fascinated with the human mind so I like to play with telepathy, telekinesis, and other psychic abilities. I’ll research a particular concept---take reincarnation or retrocognition for example, and base the book on that. Take that concept, add a ton of action in really cool places, throw in hot bodies and crazy good sex, and there’s a story!

Will we see any new works from you soon? What will they be?

Absolutely! I’ve got a busy writing schedule for the rest of 2017. I’m releasing a Primani Series novella in late July. This story spotlights one of the Primani children coming into their powers. My core readers have been begging for this and I think they’ll love it. I’m releasing the third book in the Demons After Dark Series in September. Look for “Koivu.” He’s a hot mess. In December, I’ve got an Omega Team Kindle World novella coming out and I’m really hoping to release another book in the Primani Series by the end of 2017. Next year will be just as busy. You know what they say. There’s no rest for the wicked!

Favorite wine and favorite chocolate?

For red, I love Ghost Pines-any variety. They’re all yummy. I’m not a huge white wine fan, but I recently discovered a sauvignon blanc from Angeline that is out of this world good. I always have a bottle chilling--just in case! My go-to all-time favorite chocolate is Ghiradelli sea salt caramel squares. Mmmmm. To die for. I tell myself I’ll only eat one, but that never lasts. I can’t be trusted around the bag.

Favorite movie/television programs?

I hate to admit how much television I watch each week. I really do spend entirely too much time in front of the TV at night. There’s just such an awesome variety of fabulous shows. My faves are mostly on the CW and SyFy channels: Supernatural, Arrow, The Originals, 12 Monkeys, The Expanse. I love the complex storylines and deep characters. The writers never disappoint. Favorite movies? Pride and Prejudice; Indiana Jones (all); and Lord of the Rings (all). Also, from November through mid-June, I will be watching hockey by myself since none of my friends will watch with me. I’m a hockey fanatic for sure.

Does any music/situations/media inspire your writing process? If so, what?

Music probably inspires me more than any other external stimulus. I’ve created entire character personalities based on the edgy, gritty, raw lyrics of bands like Seether, Staind, and Shinedown. Lead singers Shaun Morgan, Aaron Lewis, and Brent Smith have the kind of voices that rasp over my ears and sink deep into my mind while I’m gazing into space looking for inspiration. I love my complicated male characters and these singers speak to me of damage, vulnerability, and anger that fit perfectly in my Primani and Demons After Dark worlds. Sometimes only a single verse ignites an entire chapter. Maybe that’s weird, but it works for me.

What’s the best way fans can reach out to you?

I answer my email daily so that’s super easy if someone has questions about a story or wants to pass on info that takes up a lot of space. Facebook is a great option (of course) for messages and page posts. I respond to those quickly too. By the way, I love, love, love hearing from readers so please drop me a line! EMAIL:

One of my causes: Dalmatian Rescue

Over the years, I’ve rescued and rehabilitated 26 Dalmatians. There are so many abandoned and unwanted animals out there and I’m glad I was able to find new homes for these beautiful dogs. At any given time, we usually have two or three Dals in the house. Although now we’re down to only one since my favorite girl died last year. Princess Domino was 15. She may be gone, but I immortalized her in my Primani books in the years before she died. Yes, she really did play hacky-sack with us! Luckily, we’ve still got Rambo. He’s my writing buddy now. We rescued him from an abandoned crack house. Once we got him cleaned up and healed from terrible injuries, he’s been a wonderful, loving member of the family. I recommend adopting a rescued animal to anyone looking for a new furbaby!

(Demons After Dark Book One)
by Laurie Olerich

Team Lucifer?

Introducing the Demons after Dark series! It’s hot paranormal romance featuring unlikely alpha heroes who will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Known only as Trinity demons, this band of brothers was stripped of their powers and violently exiled from Hell. Forced to live as humans, they’re left with no memories and no weapons while a secret society quietly plots Lucifer’s demise. For these big, bad demons, adjusting to life as a human is, well, harder than Hell!

The series begins with Vanek:

Thanks to her family’s curse, psychic Dylan McDonagh has been promised to a sadistic soul broker demon and she’s desperate to escape a terrifying future. After an impulsive act leads her to Morningstar Sanitarium, she’s inexplicably drawn to the sad and mysterious Vanek. Their tentative connection is broken when they escape and go their separate ways. Forced into hiding, Dylan turns to Expat Security for protection. Stunned to find the disturbingly sexy Vanek working there, she almost walks away. Another demon is the last thing she needs in her life.

Formerly one of Hell’s most renowned Painkillers, Vanek is horrified with being human until he discovers he’s been thrown into the body of a badass mercenary with a definite kinky streak and a box of sex toys. Wondering how he got so lucky, he jumps into his new role as second in command of Trinity’s ops center--Expat Security. When Dylan comes to them for help, he knows he’s got to handle her case personally. As his attraction to her grows, so does the conspiracy that landed him in Brooklyn.

Excerpt From Vanek

Vanek is a demon who’s been thrown out of Hell and into the body of a human. It’s tough to get used to, but he’s figuring it out. In this scene, he’s brought the heroine, Dylan, to a safe house in the mountains and they’ve gotten snowed in. When the blizzard finally lets up, she goes exploring while he stays on the deck, pondering the state of his new life:

The idea of living in Hell as a tormented soul for eternity was a total no-go, even without giving it any real thought. Not going to happen. His job as a Painkiller was torturing the worst of the worst for eternity. Nothing could convince him to change places no matter what was at stake. He’d rather live and die topside than find himself strapped to a rack. And then there was his mother—
A ball of snow slammed into the side of his head; then another before he got his wits about him and ducked. Whirling around, he caught a flash of red disappearing around the corner. Peals of female laughter faded as she ran around the house. Taking off, sliding, falling on his ass, lurching upright again, he chased her. The second he turned the corner on the back of the cabin, she hit him in the chest with another ball of snow. Giggling like mad, she lobbed a couple more, but this time he saw them coming and batted them off to the side.
“Are you just going to stand there and let me hit you?” She stood knee deep in the yard, her face glowing with cold and mischief. She weighed a fresh ball in her palm, eyes daring him to stop her.
“What do you want me to do?” He stood securely on the porch, unarmed but game to tackle her. Judging the distance, he could throw himself forward and take her down.
Giggling some more, she pitched the ball of snow dead center into his chest. Fist pumping with victory, she said, “This is called a snowball fight. Duh. Make a snowball and try to hit me.” Bending over, she quickly packed another snowball and held it for his inspection. “See? I’m warning you though. I was a pitcher in middle school. I have a mean fastball.” To prove her point, she hit him in the nose.
Okay, that’s it! Fuck these balls of snow. He launched himself over the railing, catching her by surprise and knocking her on her ass. Whooping with laughter, she scrambled to get away, arms and legs churning snow, covering them both as he counterattacked. Her hat fell off, his gloves went flying. She kicked him in the stomach. He snatched her by the front of her coat and jammed a handful of snow inside her shirt, pinning her arms so she couldn’t retaliate. Her wild shrieks of protest reminded him of home without the blood and pain. Before she could catch her breath, he hauled her into his arms and kissed her.

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