The Lovers & Liars Series by Liz Meldon!

This is a fun series...  here is a peek at the first two installments! 
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The glory days of Ancient Greece are long gone, and the gods of the Old World are scattered across the globe. As their popularity dwindles, as their worshipers forget, their power fades. Luckily for Aphrodite, she’s a household name. After all, how could anyone ever forget the Greek goddess of Love?
Unfortunately, no one seems to know or care about her divinity. In a world of skeptics and technology-crazed mortals, loneliness and boredom have taken hold. Her life consists of romance advice columns, martini bars, and flings with empty-headed men—until she meets Loki.
She’s intrigued: it’s been decades—centuries even—since she laid eyes on another god, particularly one outside her pantheon. In their short—albeit incredibly sexy—time together, she realizes just how much she needs the companionship of one of her own. Loki, however, seems more interested in catching a murderous maenad than swapping stories about the old days.
Can she convince Loki to stay and make her life a little less lonely, or will he persuade her to join him on his quest for more worshipers? His questionable tactics make her uneasy, but how can she turn down the opportunity to live as she once did: freely, powerfully, and lustfully as Aphrodite of Olympus.
4 stars**** 

A very creative modern tale of what happens when gods are no longer worshipped and they now have to find a way to live amongst the humans in modern times. Loki has resorted to being a sort of supernatural detective and Aphrodite is a love columnist! When they accidentally cross paths it's lust at first sight of godly proportions. No... these two are not Vanilla... and, they make the most of their godly talents between the sheets, or pretty much anywhere Loki wants! The Gods are slowly fading out of existence and even though Loki and Aphrodite are an unlikely match they make the most of a desperate situation. They are both struggling with the loss of power over the centuries and a sense of longing and loss.
This is a short length story but well written, steamy, entertaining and left me wanting more... I'll definitely be looking out for part two coming in 2015 as Loki and Aphrodite decide to join together as a supernatural team while on the hunt for a vampire...

This can be read as a stand alone and is a fun read for someone looking for something short and quick to fill up an afternoon.  

I received a copy of this title for review from the Lovers of Paranormal Group via Goodreads! 

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Available on AMAZON!
Aphrodite, goddess of love and lust, is not impressed. After giving up her penthouse suite in trendy Manhattan to go monster hunting around the world, she finds herself in a sad hotel room in Vancouver with a decidedly distracted Loki. She hadn't expected this job to be so serious, and her Norse partner isn't exactly bowing to her whims these days. What was the point in coming with him if they weren’t beneath the sheets all hours of the day? It seems like such a waste of sexual compatibility. Humph.
Meanwhile, Loki, Norse trickster, is equally unimpressed. He hadn't thought taking on a beautiful partner would make his work so difficult. Her unfocused energy grates on his nerves, and his lust for her is only surpassed by his desire for more godly power. He will complete this job, whether she likes it or not, and he’ll walk away one step closer to regaining his old abilities. Now, if only he can get his partner to focus on the task at hand, not seduction. Ridiculous woman.
Aphrodite and Loki, an unlikely team if there ever was one, find themselves in the City of Vancouver hunting vampires. The job is pretty straightforward: rescue the damsel, kill the monster. Unfortunately, even the easiest of jobs hardly ever go according to plan.
5 stars*****

The second book in this fun and clever series did not disappoint!  Lots of giggles... I really liked book one, but I liked this second installment even better than the first. Aphrodite cracks me up... Love Goddess aka Vampire killer!
Aphrodite and Loki make a really fun couple as Gods trying to cope with living in modern society. Aphrodite is now a love columnist and Loki is working as a supernatural Private Investigator. Since Gods are no longer worshipped in modern times, they do not have the same powers as they once had. Loki's big plan is to solve crimes for those in need in exchange for loyalty so he can gain back some of his lost powers. Aphrodite, still pretty well known as the goddess of love, isn't as powerful as she used to be but still has more power than Loki. He hates that he needs her but what choice does he have?? They have a very lustful relationship that is also quite entertaining!
This is very well written, definitely entertaining and has me looking forward to the next installment... can' wait to see what kind of trouble these two find next...

ARC was generously provided by the author

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