*Confession by Carey Baldwin

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For fans of Allison Brennan and Karen Rose comes Carey Baldwin, a daring new name in suspense, with the story of a serial killer out for blood—and the only woman who can stop his reign of terror.

They say the Santa Fe Saint comes to save your soul—by taking your life.

Newly minted psychiatrist Faith Clancy gets the shock of her life when her first patient confesses to the grisly Saint murders. By law she's compelled to notify the authorities, but is her patient really The Saint? Or will she contribute to more death by turning the wrong man over to the police?
Faith is going to need all her wits and the help of a powerful adversary, Luke Jericho, if she's to unravel the truth. But she doesn't realize she's about to become an unwitting pawn in a serial killer's diabolical game: For once he's finished with Faith, she'll become his next victim.
 Serial killers really creep me out... so, I'm always a little hesitant to dive in to these types of suspense/thrillers. But I was glad I gave this one a shot. Even though the story was very creepy... it was also very thought provoking and engaging. It just sucked me in from the first chapter and held my attention to the very end. The author threw in a surprise twist at the end that I did not expect... so, the book ended on a high note for me for that reason alone. Was not expecting that! There is a budding romance but the romance is more of a side story and not the primary focus of the book. I thought that overall there was a very nice balance of suspense, mystery and romance. The book is slightly graphic but not over the top... just enough for us to get the idea.
Faith has just opened up her very first office as a psychiatrist and lucky her... Dante, her first patient, tells her he is responsible for the grisly Saint murders. Faith has to turn him in even though she has doubts that he is telling the truth. I'm going to stop there with the plot because saying anything more would ruin the suspense. But, Faith was about to unknowingly become a part of the killer's game.
There are several layers to this story:
We learn about Faith, her past and how she is dealing emotionally with the death of her sister.
There is Luke, the half brother of Dante and the intriguing story behind his father's infidelity. Luke is also trying to re-build a relationship with the brother his father sent away years ago.
And then there is Scourge... another of Faith's patients. Faith is unaware that she is playing a small role in helping him secure a spot for himself in Hell. Yeppers, this guy is high on the creeper list! His part in this story is not a total surprise but I think I'll just let the story tell itself in that regard.
And then we have the budding romance between Faith and Luke... but, first they have to survive! :)
I would definitely recommend this one to fans of mystery/thrillers who also like it sprinkled with a little bit of romance. I was pleasantly surprised and very glad I took a chance on it despite the serial killer theme. 

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Carey Baldwin is a mild-mannered physician (still practicing full time ) who happens to write edgy romantic thrillers. What’s a nice girl like Carey doing writing scare-you-silly thrillers? When you’re a former clinical psychologist, writing about psychopaths comes naturally, and when you’re a hopeless romantic…, well, you do the math!

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