Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

5 Big Fat Magical Stars***** :)

“After you finish a book, the story still goes on in your mind. You can never change the beginning. But you can always change the end.”

What a powerful statement... it's true though isn't it? We can't do a darn thing to change how our lives began but we always have the power to change how it ends. This was just one of many, many quotes and passages that I highlighted throughout the book. I'm not sure why, but the wisdom in this book spoke to me. It's about loss, grief, moving forward and taking charge of your own destiny! It is cleverly written in such a way that successfully mixes the reality of these emotions with a little bit of wish making and magic.

There are many characters in this book... they all have a story... I even loved the dang alligator who whispered secrets to little Devin sending her on a wild goose chase for something he wanted her to find. All of these lives end up mingling together, coming full circle at the same time at Lost Lake. The story does revolve mostly around Kate, Devin, Wes and Eby... but, there is so much more substance to this book than just their journey.

Eby was such a wonderful character and I loved her back story... this was the one quote from Eby that spoke to me the most:

“Eby knew all too well that there was a fine line when it came to grief. If you ignore it, it goes away, but then it always comes back when you least expect it. If you let it stay, if you make a place for it in your life, it gets too comfortable and it never leaves. It was best to treat grief like a guest. You acknowledge it, you cater to it, then you send it on its way.”

This book made me smile, it also made me cry, it made me think about the power of choices and that sometimes you have to fight a little to get where you want to be. It also made me want to get into my car and drive to Lost Lake... put on a pair of fairy wings and run around free as a bird and touch base with my inner child. Maybe even make a few wishes and hope they come true. I know I'm being all mushy here so I'll stop now... but, just one more quote okay?? This one had me reaching for my Kleenex...

“...they all watched Devin run up to meet the other girls. For a moment Kate felt indescribably sad, because she couldn't go with Devin back to her childhood. She could only stand here as an adult as the distance became greater and greater until, finally, there was an ocean between them.”

Gosh I feel this way too... I miss being a kid...

Loved it... definitely recommend it... can't wait to go back and read it again!

ARC provided by St. Martins Press

Suley, Georgia, is home to Lost Lake Cottages and not much else. Which is why it's the perfect place for newly-widowed Kate and her eccentric eight-year-old daughter Devin to heal. Kate spent one memorable childhood summer at Lost Lake, had her first almost-kiss at Lost Lake, and met a boy named Wes at Lost Lake. It was a place for dreaming. But Kate doesn't believe in dreams anymore, and her Aunt Eby, Lost Lake's owner, wants to sell the place and move on. Lost Lake's magic is gone. As Kate discovers that time has a way of standing still at Lost Lake can she bring the cottages—and her heart—back to life? Because sometimes the things you love have a funny way of turning up again. And sometimes you never even know they were lost . . . until they are found.

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