Q. Just how hot is THE PROFESSIONAL?
A. It's definitely for adult readers, with explicitly detailed love scenes. These scenes build in intensity, so Part 3 will be hotter than even Part 1. 
Q. I read that you started writing this story years ago. Why wait to publish it now?
Short answer: Fear! :)
Long answer: I started on The Professional in 2005 directly after finishing my first erotic novella, The Warlord Wants Forever. I put together the framework for The Professional's characters and love scenes, but the latter had a wee bit (a good deal) of kink and turned out hot hot hot+++. At the time, I thought, "Maybe too much so?"
Though I'd written steamy bondage scenes in my very first book, The Captain of All Pleasures, a historical romance I penned thirteen years ago, I decided to put The Professional on the backburner. You could say I've been waiting over a decade to release a book like this one. 
As my editor told me, "It's finally time to take the gloves off, Cole."
Q. Why is it being published as a serial?
A. I thought it would be a great way to introduce my stories to new readers, or new-to-my-erotica readers. With a serial, there's less of a commitment for folks.
For just under two bucks, you can sample 150 pages. If it floats your boat, you can order Part 2.

Plus, if you buy all three, it's only $5.97--for 100,000 words--which is a full two dollars less than one of my paperbacks!
Q. Do we have to wait months between serial installments?
A. Nope! All of the parts will be published in the next month. 

Q. If I like the IAD series, will I enjoy THE PROFESSIONAL?
A. You betcha! Like the IAD, this new series has intense love stories, alpha heroes and adventurous women. We basically substituted extraordinary mortals for immortals and dialed up the sex a few hundred notches. 

Q. Is there going to be an audio version?
A. Look for Part 1 on Audible and iTunes later this week!

Q. Will there be a trade/paperback copy?
A. Yes. All three parts of The Professional will be published in trade paperback on May 6th. It's currently available for pre-order at:

All this info and MORE can be found on Kresley Cole website HERE

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