Upon Your Return by Marie Lavender

Upon Your Return
3 stars***
This book just has the most beautiful cover! And, it is a great fit for the story itself.
I love the occasional Historical Romance and who wouldn't be enticed to read a book about a handsome sea captain who rescues damsels in distress??! I'll climb aboard that one for sure.
Fara has been raised by her Uncle after her parents died and now she's all grown up and ready to be married off by a suitor of her Uncle's choosing. But, luck doesn't run on Fara's side because her fiancé set her up to be raped and possibly killed by some thugs. Guess he wasn't all that thrilled with the idea of marriage. But, in comes Grant... who saves her life and takes her aboard his ship to see to her safety. After she wakes up wrapped in Grant's arms... the seed has been planted and a blooming romance is inevitable.
This was a very well written story and definitely one that makes me appreciate living in the here and now. How did women put up with all of what society demanding of them back in those days? Just made me want to sream... and what a boring way to live. I think that is why I settled for liking this book but not loving it... this "I must conform to societies rules" stuff was just frustrating for me to read.
As much as I admire the writing talents of this author... I did feel a little frustrated with the constant back and forth expressions of doubt between Grant and Fara... that seemed to continue throughout the entire story. There was a small part of me that wanted Grant to just toss her over his shoulder and carry her out to sea and take her away from all of the burdens of society that were keeping them apart. I kept saying to myself... Be a man Grant... Be a Man!!! I wanted Fara to stand up to her Uncle and fight harder to be with him. Her reactions to all that was happening around her were far too accepting and I wanted a little more punch from her character. She just seemed a bit too naïve and weak for my liking.
We did finally get into some action at the end of the book... and that part brought some needed closure to this blooming romance. And, I was thinking to myself... finally!... It's about friggin' time!
Even though the tone of this story did not necessarily appeal to me... I think it will appeal to many Historical Romance fans. How we connect to characters is sometimes a very subjective thing. So, it is worth giving a go for fans of this genre.

I was given a complimentary copy of this title in exchange for a review. 

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