Savin' Me by Alannah Lynne (Heat Wave #1)

Savin' Me (Heat Wave, #1)

4 star romance****
This was a great love story. Short enough to fill up an afternoon but well written in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied with the outcome. Kat and Erik are a great couple who fit so well together that even they can't seem to figure a way out of falling in love... as hard as they may try not too! I love romances that take the time to build up slowly to the intimacy... this book definitely has some well written steamy moments but along with it you have a very engaging back story and some very touching personal moments. Erik is running from a damaged past and fears allowing himself to get close to anyone. Kat in her own way swoops in to save him from himself... Hence the title!
This is a love formula that in some ways I have read before... but, the characters are so likable that I didn't mind. It was like visiting a favorite vacation spot... you know what you're getting but it still makes you smile. This is book one in this series... but can be read as a stand alone. No crazy cliffhangers! I'll be continuing with this series... I like this author's writing style.

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  1. Hi!! Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed Kat and Erik's story, and I hope you enjoy the others in the series just as much!!