Along Came A Spider by Kate Serine (Transplanted Tales #3)

Along Came a Spider (Transplanted Tales, #3)

4 Happily Ever After Stars****
Cinderella is divorced... Snow White runs a brothel... and, Little Red Riding Hood??? Well, she can kick some serious bootay! This is the first book out of this series that I have read and I found it amusing to say the least. Tales, characters from some of our favorite fairy tales, have been transplanted to the "here and now" and have had to adjust to living among ordinaries (humans). They don't age and are for the most part are immortal as long as they are allowed to heal from their injuries. But, they can die if their injuries are severe enough. The Tales have their own hidden society and as more of them are transplanted to the here and now it gets harder to keep their identities hidden. They are being watched very closely by The Agency... ordinaries who are determined to find out as much as they can about the Tales.
This story is primarily about Little Miss Muffet who is... you guessed it... afraid of spiders. She goes by the name Trish in the here and now and she hates her curls. Yep, she's stuck with them and she will be forever... cute. And, she has the ability to see into souls at death. So, her skill is quite useful in solving murders in the Tale community. It's kind of ironic that she hates spiders but somehow falls in love with one. Well, he isn't a real spider... that's just his nickname. And, I don't think Trish has anything to fear from this guy.
Trish and Nicky (Spider) are on the hunt for Dracula. He is stalking Trish in her dreams and he wants her. Nicky is set to bring him down especially since he has a personal need to get revenge for a death of someone he cared about.
I did find it kind of hard to accept at times that some of my favorite fairy tale characters are now changed forever by the influence of human nature but, it is a clever idea for a series. I am very curious about the first two books and hopefully I'll have a chance to catch up... I'm particularly interested in Red's story in book one.
I didn't have a particularly difficult time reading this as a stand alone book but I did get the feeling sometimes that I was missing something. So, it probably is a good idea to read the first two books in the series first.
Overall, this book gave me some chuckles, had a great mystery and the love story between Trish and Nicky was satisfying and .... is there a Happily Ever After???? Well, you will have to read the book to find out.

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