Avenging Angel by Kristen Ashley

I have so many thoughts and feelings seeing Snif all grown up. The Men from the Rock Chic series really showed him (Cap) what a man's supposed to be. With a mother like Shirleen, I would expect nothing less. Avenging Angel is a perfect "catch-up" with our beloved Rock Chick family. I want more! More of the kids and where they are now. More of these beautiful characters that have aged with perfection. More Tex! Avenging Angel is a fun and sexy romp that has epic possibilities for more to come. I can't wait.

Releases April 2nd - Amazon

Rachel Armstrong has a burning need to right the world’s wrongs. Thus, she becomes the Avenging Angel.
And maybe she’s a bit too cocky about it.

While riding a hunch about the identity of a kidnapper, she runs into Julien “Cap” Jackson, who was trained by the team at Nightingale Investigations in Denver. Now he’s a full-fledged member at their newly opened Phoenix branch.

It takes Cap a beat to realize Raye’s the woman for him. It takes Raye a little longer (but just a little) to figure out how she feels about Cap.

As Raye introduces Cap to her crazy posse of found family and his new home in the Valley of the Sun, Cap struggles with his protective streak. Because Raye has no intention to stop doing what she can to save the world.

But there’s a mysterious entity out there who has discovered what Raye is up to, and they’ve become very interested.

Not to mention, women are going missing in Phoenix, and it seems like the police aren’t taking it seriously.

Raye believes someone should.

So she recruits her best friend Luna, and between making coffees, mixing cocktails, planning parties and enduring family interventions (along with reunions), the Avenging Angels unite to ride to the rescue.

*Thank you so much to KA for sharing this title with me.
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