Darkness Calling by Laurie Olerich

Book Five in the Primani Series. This darkly intense story is a standalone in the urban fantasy romance series.
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Books in Series:
Primani (The Lost Soul Trilogy)
Call the Lightning (The Lost Soul Trilogy Book 2)
Stone Angels (The Lost Soul Trilogy Book 3)
Broken Souls (Primani Series Book 4)
Darkness Calling (Primani Series Book 5)

ad infinitum: endlessly, forever, without limit

Finally freed from a century in purgatory, former wild child Aisling just wants to raise her son and live as a normal human again. Her taste of freedom is cut short the moment her past comes to claim her. There’s one reason she was exiled, and his name is Cain.  With him, there was only darkness, and the angels help her, she liked it that way. Now he’s back, and his commands are simple. Stay away from Sean or else.  But when he threatens to take her son, she turns to the one man who can save them both. Sean.
Sean is sick and tired of his baby mama’s hateful attitude. Her mood swings give him whiplash, and he’s seriously thinking of strangling her. But when a brutal old enemy shows up to destroy everyone Sean loves, he discovers Aisling is hiding more than her feelings for him.
Joining forces to protect their son, Sean and Aisling set out on a journey that leads them from the city streets of Manhattan to the elegant hotels of Vienna to the final terrifying showdown in the bowels of Rome.
5+ stars! 

I've been stalking this author for a while and finally decided to dive into one of her books in the Primani series... I was in the mood for something a little dark and edgy and this hit the spot!
Even though this is book five it can be easily read as a stand alone. I liked this one so much that I'm definitely going to go back and read the previous installments.
The Primani are humans who have been gifted immortality by the angels... you know... the big guys upstairs we know as Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. The Primani are trained to guard and protect humanity against demons who are hiding and masking themselves amongst humans for evil purposes.
There are many layers to this story but the primary focus is on the character Aisling. The story flips back and forth from past to present as we learn about Aisling's journey to becoming Primani and the unfortunate circumstances of her previous life and her new eternal one. The present Aisling is without a doubt a cast iron B***ch. But as the story of her past unfolds it becomes clear as to why. She was the unfortunate pawn in the games being played between angels and demons.
Next we have Sean. Sean is also a Primani and he has a love/hate relationship with Aisling. They have a child together but tension between them is high. Aisling is always pushing him away but clearly she has deep feelings for him. They find themselves forced together to hunt a powerful demon who is determined to destroy his family.
Cane, the demon they are hunting, is powerful, seductive and dangerous. He was an intriguing character that was the perfect combination of beautiful but deadly.
This story was dark, edgy and suspenseful. There were some very emotional scenes but then the author would stick in a scene that had me laughing out loud. When Aisling and Sean finally come together... they bring down the walls... literally! Most entertaining sex scene I've read in a while... :)
 I loved how this couple slowly came back together and gave into their feelings and desires for each other. Sean was so good for her and helped her find a path back to hope and happiness.
  My favorite quote in the book:

Just as she closed her eyes, he whispered, "I might not be a demon, but I'll still take your soul." He buried his nose in her hair, and promised, "The difference is I'll treasure it."

**LOVE** :)))
If you love PNR but you like to have an edge of darkness... I would definitely recommend this one. It's very well written, engaging and has some very intriguing characters.

Looking forward to more from this author... 
“Do it,” he whispered, eyes snapping open, mouth curled on one side. “Go on. Pull the trigger.”

His voice sent shivers racing across her skin, her heart pounding in her chest. Her hand shook. The muzzle tapped his skin once, twice, and a third time.

Yes. Do it. Just squeeze the trigger, and be done with it. Give him the justice he deserves. He used her. He betrayed her. He was a demon. Her plan was solid; her entrance professional. She was a killer. She was a professional. She made one mistake.

She looked into his eyes.

His eyes gleamed with that eerie golden light, drawing her in, stripping her bare. He breathed easily even as her heart galloped in her chest and sweat ran from her palms. In one swift motion, he caught her gun hand. With eyes never leaving her face, he got to his feet. Grinding her knuckles together, he pushed the gun downward until her arm was wrenched behind her back. Nudging her thigh with his, he walked her backwards until he crowded her against the wall. The steel of the pistol bit deep into the small of her back, but she’d rip her arm off before crying out. He had taken too much already.

He was so close she felt the heat of his skin, the hum of his power, and the bulge of his erection. He smiled at the exact moment she realized he was hard for her. The voice in her head screamed in terror even as liquid pooled between her legs.

“You should’ve pulled the trigger,” he murmured as his mouth caught hers.

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Primani (The Lost Soul Trilogy):
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Laurie Olerich is the author of the urban fantasy romance series Primani. She loves to create guilty pleasures full of exciting locations, roller coaster action, strong, quirky heroines, and steaming hot heroes who’ll raise the temperature in any room you’re in! Paranormal romance? Check! Urban fantasy? Check! Romantic suspense? Check! Her Primani series combines the best of the three. When not plotting, writing, or fantasizing about her next hero, she’s planning parties, traveling the world, and spending lazy nights with her son, her Dal pals, and friends. Laurie spent most of her life in the Northeastern United States and in Germany. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her son and Dalmatian duo, Domino and Rambo.  Before throwing caution to the wind and diving into a writing career, Laurie dedicated 20 years to a career spent around men with guns and cool toys...this explains her obsession with both!

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