~Review~ Vincent (Vampires in America Book #8) by D.B. Reynolds

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Vincent (Vampires in America Book #8) by D.B. Reynolds
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: ImaJinn Books
Release Date: November 1, 2014

Sinaloa, Mexico . . . haunting deserts, hot nights, and vampires, who’ve been there for hundreds of years, watching from the shadows, playing their games, manipulating humans, and surviving at any cost.

Vincent Kuxim, powerful and charismatic, was made vampire by an ambitious leader looking for soldiers to pave his way to the rule of all Mexico. But more than a century later, Vincent’s Sire is looking over his shoulder as Vincent closes in for the kill, ready to claim the title Lord of Mexico for himself.

Lana Arnold is a bounty hunter, smart, beautiful, and determined to chart her own future. So when the most powerful vampire lord in all of North America enlists her help in tracking down a very old and elusive bloodsucker, Lana sees nothing but opportunity. There’s only one catch. The client wants her to take Vincent—a vampire she neither knows nor trusts—along on her hunt. Then again, maybe it’s herself she doesn’t trust, because Vincent Kuxim is sex walking in a pair of tight black jeans.

Thrown together by circumstance, Vincent and Lana soon find themselves battling an evil they didn’t know existed in a fight that makes Vincent all the more determined to destroy his Sire, seize Mexico for himself . . . and keep Lana by his side forever.

KT Book Reviews, Five Questions with D.B. Reynolds

What has been the most exciting thing that has happened in your latest writing endeavor?
If you mean the most exciting thing in the writing process itself, that would be finishing VINCENT on time! His and Lana’s story kept getting more complex as the book went on, and I thought for sure I’d still be writing as the deadline passed. But if you mean the most exciting thing in my Vampires in America world itself, then it’s that the European vamps have finally made their first move and the war has begun. That’s evident in UNFORGIVEN and VINCENT, but with DECEPTION (Book 9, which I’m currently writing) the war between the North American and European vamps is well and truly engaged, and there’s no going back.

We talk a lot here on KT Book Reviews about wine and chocolate, what’s your favs?
When it comes to chocolate, we’re talking about one of my favorite foods in all the world. I love dark chocolate—bitter chocolate sauce on ice cream, on flourless chocolate cake, chocolate bread pudding, fudge brownies … you name it. I don’t like white chocolate at all, although I admit a weakness for Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Almond bars. And Hersey’s kisses, which I buy for the holidays, because they’re wrapped all pretty and therefore constitute a decoration, not a candy. Right? Right?!  As for wine, I like a nice California Cabernet, something smooth and velvety. My family includes several wine connoisseurs, so I let them pick.

Who is/are your favorite book characters?
So many to choose from … Lucas Hunter, Andrew (Drew) Kincaid, Kaleb Krychek and Sahara Kyriakus (Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series); Dmitri (Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series); Raphael, Kate, and, of course, Curran (Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series); Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers (John Sandford); Jonathan (Digger) Grave (John Gilstrap); Cabe (Hawk) Delgado (Kristan Ashley, Dream Man); and Joe Callahan (Kristan Ashley, At Peace.)

What’s your favorite quote?
“Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.” (attributed in various forms to Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith)

What will be your next read?
I just finished DEADLINE, John Sandford’s latest Virgil Flowers book, and I’m now reading ONE IN A MILLION, the 12th and final Lucky Harbor book from Jill Shalvis. Next up after that will probably be UNBINDING, the newest World of the Lupi by Eileen Wilks

First, I must confess that Vampires in America is one of my absolute all time favorite vampire series. The world created by D.B Reynolds is as fresh as it is long running. There is an emotional connection each and every book that not all authors can create with such consistency. And let’s be clear - she does it well, people!
Okay, now on with the nitty gritty. Vincent: roguish, egotistical, charismatic and definitely all kinds of alpha vamp. He has just found himself as a strategic move in an ongoing game of power and political movement within his world.
Lana Arnold has been hired to deliver messages: one to Vincent Kuxim, and the other to a vamp that is considered a myth. With the acquired help of Vincent she sets out to finish the job. Only it turns into a horrifying discovery of immoral and unforgivable actions done by current Lord of Mexico. This discovery doesn’t sit well with Vincent, and an unexpected mission ensues to help remedy and deliver punishment on those who dare to abuse power and utterly forgo vampire law.
Action packed and fast paced, Vincent was incredibly hard to put down. The palpable connection and snarky, witty banter between Vincent and Lana gave me the smirky smile throughout. OH! And we get a Cyn and Raphael fix too! A sexy couple, mysteries, secrets revealed, and surprising revelations. What more could you ask for? I loved it.

D. B. Reynolds is the RT Award-Winning author of the popular Vampires in America series of Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy and an Emmy-nominated television sound editor. She lives with her husband of many years in a flammable canyon near the Malibu coast, and when she’s not writing her own books, she can usually be found reading someone else’s. Visit her blog at www.dbreynolds.com for details on all of her books, for free stories and more.


  1. I always love reading little tidbits about my favourite authors! Thank you for hosting D.B. Reynolds today and helping promote another fabulous story in the Vampires in America series.

    1. Your Welcome! We are big fans of D.B. Reynolds... :) Thanks for stopping by...

  2. Enjoyed the post and the review. I haven't read this author yet so will be adding her books to my wish list.

  3. Vincent is th"Bomb"! Really HOT! I loved this book!