Darkest Flame by Donna Grant (Part 4)

Final Installment to be released on:
April 29, 2014
The thrilling conclusion to the stunningly sexy e-series Darkest Flame by New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant!  In Darkest Flame: Part 4, Denae and Kellan must fight for their lives. Denae is stunned by Kellan’s lethal strength and is powerfully attracted to his magnificent form as they battle the Dark Fae. As the stakes get higher, she knows she cannot live without the dragon she loves… Watching Denae fight, Kellan cannot believe he has such a strong, sexy woman by his side. But when a blast of magic almost kills her, Kellan realizes that losing her would be like losing a part of himself, and that the only way to keep her safe for eternity is for her to be his mate…"

5 stars*****

This is part 4 and not a stand alone!  :)
This was a great ending! Loved this match between Kellan and Denae... :) Keelan is such a sexy character. And Denae falls into my favorite heroine category as an all around tough, smart and independent woman. There is closure with this book in regards to Kellan and Denae but still an on-going story in regards to the overall plot. The Dark Fae are up to something and things are changing for the Dragon Kings. I am very, very curious about Tristan and how he came to be a Dragon King. I also love, love, love Rhi... the awesome female fae and can't wait to re-visit her character. Her back story is very intriguing... I need more!
As I've said before I highly recommend that you start this series with book one... Dark Heat... so that way you can be fully invested into the back stories of all of these characters. AND... this series of novellas looks to be published into ONE book on April 29th... the same day that this final novella will be released. So, no need to buy each of them separately unless you just prefer reading them that way.
I'm officially hooked on this series now and I'm looking forward to future installments!

ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press via netgalley

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