The Rogue's Proposal by Jennifer Haymore (House of Trent #2)

Release day November 19, 2013!!

5 stars*****
I'm not usually a fan of historical romances but for some reason I really like this particular series. This author has such a nice writing style and has created a very engaging story with characters that you can't help but get attached too.
Book one... The Duchess Hunt... was probably one of my favorite books in this genre so book two was an easy addition to my reading list. And, I have to say that I loved book two even more than the first one. I have a soft spot for tortured heroes... especially those who have tender hearts hidden underneath layers of pain. Luke is a bad boy rogue, but that didn't stop Emma from approaching him for help to find the murderer of her husband. And, it didn't take long for the bad boy to be completely taken by surprise by this beautiful and brave woman.
Emma was just the medicine that Luke needed. She helped him unravel those layers of pain and realize that he was deserving of respect and love despite what he had been conditioned to believe. Through their time together on the hunt for the murderer of her husband and the kidnapper of his mother, the duchess, they grow to love one another and a passionate and "kinky" love affair ensues. I will admit that the kinky aspect of their love affair took me by surprise. It wasn't something I expected to see in a Historical Romance novel... and it made me giggle. And, it was definitely a surprise for Luke at her active participation and enjoyment in his intimate and kinky love making. I loved both of these characters and how well they fit together.
There is plenty of hot and steamy time in this book but it is also very emotionally engaging and has a very interesting story in the on-going search for the missing Duchess. I love this colorful and quirky House of Trent family and how they seem to always go against society and their silly rules.
I read this book with a smile and finished it feeling all warm and cozy at their beautiful Happily Ever After. And, we get a sneak peek at the next book in the series which looks to be mostly about Luke's brother Sam. Looking forward to it!
Jennifer Haymore is moving high on my list of new favorite authors... she fulfills my need for that little bit of guilty pleasure mixed with a good story. This series offers a very healthy balance of both...

ARC provided by Forever Publishing via netgalley
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