Day One by Nate Kenyon


4 stars****
The blurb definitely sums up the premise of this book. Terminator meets Cloverfield! I usually prefer these type stories on the screen and not in written form but was in the mood for something non-romance!
This was action filled, tension filled and exciting. Had me fully engaged from beginning to end. If you like these type of stories on the screen then I think you will love this book. Gives you the same type of edge of your seat... anxious to see what happens next feeling. Other reviewers compared this to a summer blockbuster experience. I would agree with that...
It's not a new concept... you know... machines and technology turning against us, but still one that is a compelling and entertaining concept... especially as technology becomes more and more a part of our daily lives. We are a world so dependent on technology that one has to ponder how it could turn against us and it always makes for fun and engaging story writing.
The story is basically John on a desperate mission to find his wife and child as the world is falling apart around him. I felt the author did a great job describing the chaos of a now panicked population of New York.
This is not my typical genre but I have been known to stray from time to time. And, this was a nice change of pace! So, yes I would recommend!

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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