Unscrupulous by Avery Aster


Man... I do hate it when this happens... I just could not get into this book. Taddy is a bit too vulgar, self centered and worldly for my liking. I did not care at all for the back story on Warner. Not a fan of the cougar thing...  do not want that in my erotica! He was a teen and she was in her early 30's... eeekkkk! To be honest the story lost me at that point. I am very picky about the age thing. I feel that there is potential for Warner... never got far enough into the book to decide for sure.
If you are a fan of vulgar humor and over the top worldly personalities... you might like this book better than I did so feel free to give it a shot if that's what floats your boat. Unfortunately, it just didn't work for me.
I will not give this book an official rating since I didn't finish.

ARC provided by the author via netgalley. 

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