*Still Missing by Chevy Stevens


Still Missing by Chevy StevensThe main reason why I loved this book is this: The kidnapper is exactly what real kidnappers are... sick, twisted and weird. They are not handsome, bored millionaires that decide to kidnap a beautiful woman and smother her with fancy presents and hundreds of mind shattering orgasms. No, this guy is a FREAK and scary. And, for once we have a heroine who has the sense enough not to fall for the Stockholm syndrome disease. This book does not glorify or romanticize kidnapping in any way... it puts it in the proper category of something we should fear. I was proud of the heroine when she finally did what she had to do to survive. The freak is really a freak indeed and there are a few other freaks by the end of the book that will surprise you. A very interesting conspiracy theory that was a bit of a surprise. I enjoyed the whole telling the story through her visits to the therapist. Through these sessions you realize that the title makes sense... even though she finally escapes she still feels like she's missing. She can never be the same woman she was before it happened but she's still looking for her. Very engaging story... very well written. Not for the faint of heart and includes rape, abuse and some very uncomfortable intimate encounters ... so proceed with caution. 


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