S.E.C.R.E.T. by L. Marie Adeline

  S.E.C.R.E.T. (Secret, #1) 

4 stars****

If you are looking for straight up erotica...you will probably not like this book. This book is not so much about the sex as it is Cassie's journey of awakening her sexual desires. Her knowledge of sex and her ability to enjoy it had been crushed by a bad marriage with a man who made her feel insecure. I felt the sex scenes, even though very simple in nature occured in a such a way that helped her build confidence which was the point of the story. As an older woman I had an easy time connecting to Cassie's character having shared some of the same type of insecurities. But, I'm not sure if this particular series would interest the younger population. That all depends on your personal experiences. I can see how some might think this book a little boring.
Cassie was facing her fears head on and allowing herself to be open to things that were unknown to her. I enjoyed watching her become stronger and more independent with each task she was given by S.E.C.R.E.T.

I was also a fan of this book simply for highlighting the following messages:

**Women can be sexually attractive and beautiful at any age. It is all about confidence!

**Sisterhood is important... :)

**You are in charge of your own desires and making them happen. If you always say no then you are closing doors instead of opening them.

Now that doesn't mean you should say yes to everything! You still need to be safe and smart. And, shaking your ta-tas in New Orleans isn't something you should say yes too... Do you hear me Cassie??... just sayin'... there really is no need for us to be that confident!

It's a nice idea that there could be an organization out there like S.E.C.R.E.T. to help us fulfill our secret fantasies. But, that is why we have fiction... it just ain't ever gonna' happen! At least not in this type of safe, cushy environment.

As a whole the story is somewhat predictable but the heroine is a woman that I was personally able to relate too. I was disappointed with the ending but there will be a sequel so that explains the cliffhanger. Overall, I did like this story and will pick up book two! 

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