There Should Have Been Eight Nalini Singh

My gosh! I was on the edge of my seat for the entirety of this book! Fast-paced with an edge of creepy unease made for a truly pulse-pounding experience. Nalini Singh is a force in the writing world and she keeps getting better with each release. Amazing read!

Releases Today! November 21st ~ Get it on Amazon

Seven friends.One last weekend.
A mansion half in ruins.
No room for lies.
Someone is going to confess.
Because there should have been eight. . . .

They met when they were teenagers. Now they’re adults, and time has been kind to some and unkind to others—none more so than to Bea, the one they lost nine long years ago.

They’ve gathered to reminisce at Bea’s family’s estate, a once-glorious mansion straight out of a gothic novel. Best friends, old flames, secret enemies, and new lovers are all under one roof. But when the weather turns and they’re snowed in at the edge of eternity, there’s nowhere left to hide from their shared history.

As the walls close in, the pretense of normality gives way to long-buried grief, bitterness, and rage. Underneath it all, there’s the nagging feeling that Bea’s shocking death wasn’t what it was claimed to be. And before the weekend is through, the truth will be unleashed—no matter the cost. . . .

*Thank you to @Berkley for sharing this title with me via Netgalley.
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