Spoon to be Dead by Dana Mentink

Delightfully fun reading with mystery abound! Dana Mentink is fast becoming a one-click author for me. Sadly, Spoon to be Dead is the last of the Shake Shop series. Filled with quirky side characters and a town that is a force in itself, I'm gonna miss it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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A murder for the holidays is about to shake things up!

Trinidad Jones is starting the festive season with sugary confections and a heaping scoop of worry as her shake shop enters its first Oregon winter. With snow abound and tourists trickling through, she'll do anything to keep her milkshake dreams afloat, even if it means catering a holiday steamboat party for some new arrivals in town.

But when her good-for-nothing ex crashes through her shop's door claiming he's being charged with murder, things go sideways. With clues piling up like whipped cream on a sundae and motives abound, Trinidad and her fellow ex-wives must solve this murder before she's finally thrown for a scoop.

The third book in the Shake Shop Mysteries following Trinidad Jones who makes sweet confections and solves sticky situations in her small town!

*Thank you to @poisonedpenpress for sharing this title with me.
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