Hard Dough Homicide Olivia Matthews

Book two in the Spice Isle Bakery Mysteries series is my first time reading Olivia Mathews and I am happy to report it won't be my last. I'll be grabbing the previous book, Against the Currant, as soon as possible. From the family dynamic to the building plot I had the best time. I'm a big fan of Lyndsay's voice and view. I'm very much drawn to her and the relationships she has with a certain detective.  I can't wait for more.

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From the Cover...
Spice Isle Bakery owner Lyndsay Murray is always looking for new ways to grow her family’s business. But she already regrets agreeing to host the retirement dinner for local high school principal Emily Smith. The tyrant used to be her mother's boss and they did not get along. Six guests arrive for the celebration, but only five survive. Emily starts convulsing—right after eating the curry chicken—and dies soon after. It’s not long before the police are knocking on Spice Isle’s door, bringing the Murray family back into the heart of another murder investigation—driving away customers in the process. Lyndsay can't help but wonder if this is the end of the bakery, even though it's just begun. She must put aside her reservations about investigating another crime, because the Murrays refuse to go down without a fight.

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