You Are Home by Catana Chetwynd

Releases Oct 4th ~ Get it on Amazon

Ya wanna know what makes me happy? What puts me in a good mood? What I share constantly with friends on my social media? Posts from Catana Chetwynd that's what! Aside from the phenomenally adorable artwork, it's the heart and soul of these comics that make me a fan. Chetwynd has an insurmountable collection of real-life love pieces. She makes us feel seen. Her work is filled with kindness and a normalization of friendship within a relationship. Aspirational and sweet! 


October seems to be the new wedding season You Are Home would make a perfect gift!!

*Thank you to Andrews McMeel Publishing via Netgalley for sharing this with me.

From the Cover...
Author of Little Moments of Love, Snug, and In Love & Pajamas, Catana Chetwynd imparts her relationship wisdom once again with her latest collection of comics. This time, she explores the momentous steps of a relationship––whether it be moving in together, the reality of facing time apart, or even officially committing to one another––all while shining a light on the joy those moments can offer. Catana’s unmistakable illustration and writing styles make even the most mundane tasks, like mowing the lawn or deciding whose turn it is to cook dinner, seem charming. Her relatable content is elevated in a fresh and humorous way that only Catana’s comics can do.

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