A Face To Die For by Iris Johansen

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There is nothing better than opening the pages of a new Iris Johansen book. Especially if it's the latest Eve Duncan novel. Wow, book number twenty-eight. That's monumental. 

The prologue kicks us off in the heart of the jungle. Painted with a master's brush I can almost feel the humid air and smell the vegetation. Little Riley is doing her best to keep her curiosity in check without causing her mother too much grief.

And now we settle in a watch Eve Duncan do what she does best. GAH! I love these books!! Happy reading Iris Johansen fans 😊


From the Cover...
Archaeologist Riley Smith has been obsessed with Helen of Troy since she was a small girl, trailing her professor father all over the world in search of the tomb of the world’s most beautiful woman. Professor Smith put his life on the line to prove that, instead of a myth, Helen had been a living, breathing queen. 

Riley seeks the help of forensic sculptor Eve Duncan, who has the unusual skills necessary to recreate the face that launched a thousand ships—revealing Helen’s true appearance for the first time in history. But convincing Eve to take on the challenge will be difficult because her efforts could come at great personal risk to her and her family…

Tomb raiders have murdered Riley’s father, and now she is more determined than ever to reach the burial site first, avenge his death, and enlist Eve’s aid. Also on hand to help is dashing fixer and treasure hunter Michael Cade, but could he have his own secret agenda when it comes to finding Helen?

Now both Riley and Eve are in danger and in a race across one of the most remote parts of the world. All they have is their trust in each other and their belief in a dream as they hunt for Helen.

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