One Step to you by Federico Moccia

Releases March 2nd
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The book that inspired the Netflix original series Summertime finally comes to America. It's a best-selling trilogy internationally. Goodreads called it "The Romeo and Juliet of their time." I've watched the trailer for Summertime (voiced over into English) and am excited to watch, but in my humble opinion, you need to read the book first. It always explains more of the feelings behind actions and conversations.

I am beyond excited to begin the journey into the Rome Novels!

From the Cover...

Babi and Step are the Romeo and Juliet of their time, spending the best days of their lives together in the Eternal City, but belonging to opposite worlds may eventually tear them apart.

It begins with a chance meeting at a traffic light, one that draws a young woman’s attention to the stranger on a motorbike. In that one moment, the fates of Babi Gervasi and Step Mancini are altered. Babi, poised on the brink of a predictable future, will risk everything to be with Step. Step, running from his past, will find the one thing missing from his life. Sharing days on the streets of Rome and nights under a blanket of stars, they belong in each other’s arms.

Even as they fear their time together will be brief, they know their hearts will remember forever.

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