All the Good Little Girls Keep Quiet by K. Kibbee

Releasing September 8th
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Set in the summer of 79' Olive Abernathy has decided to kick rocks by way of a railcar. All the Good Little Girls Keep Quiet is very much set in the eras common way of thinking when it pertains to girls. Who they should be, how they should act, and most importantly, how they are told to react. 
This read in a crazy enigma for me. It's high on emotion, yet the humor woven into the sometimes very harsh content plays into the juxtaposition of laughter and detest.

Strong writing with a solid look into youth during a time of change. 

Olive Abernathy is a silver-tongued tomboy with a mean right hook, a fierce little spirit, and an inability to fit in. Her uncle mistook the Mayor's toupee for a bigfoot pelt. Her Aunt found the baby Jesus in a bowl of cornflakes. Her Mama’s holding a paddle in one hand and the world’s biggest secret in the other. Olive feels her little Louisiana town closing up around her like a pill bug and she yearns for freedom; she yearns for adventure . . . she yearns to shed the Abernathy surname that everyone in town inexplicably detests and to strike out on her own. But when Olive convinces her besotted best friend Henry, "the world's oldest living 12-year-old" to strike out and ride the rails like a starry-eyed hobo, the big city proves to her that while the grass over there might be greener, the dog in the yard's also meaner. Olive’s forced to grow up hard and fast. Olive’s forced to feel the same hard touch that her Mama felt. And Olive’s forced to realize that great cruelty exists in this world. In the summer of ’79, hell bubbled right up through the loamy Louisiana bayou just outside of Lafayette Parish and set Olive Abernathy’s world on fire. Maybe it was the little devil sittin’ side-saddle on her shoulder that turned Olive into a murderin’, hitchhikin’, train-hoppin’ vagabond at the tender age of thirteen. Or maybe…just maybe…there were a few secrets itchin’ to claw their way out of that bayou along with her.


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