Lotus Effect by Trisha Wolfe

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Lakin Hale, true crime writer and victim of an attack that left her for dead, helps crime solvers and victims close cold cases, yet there is one crime she hasn't been able to solve:

Her own.

As she embarks on a new case, working closely with Special Agent Rhys Nolan, the details of the murder begin to eerily resemble the event that nearly ended her life. A silhouette of a man haunts her dreams, but there were only two people there that night--Lakin and her murderer. Is the phantom hero who pulled her from the water a delusion, or is he the only one who can unlock her dark memories?

Buried in a watery grave of lotuses, the victim calls out to Lakin, unearthing painful memories of what was stolen from her that fateful night. For those that played a part, it's now time to answer for their sins.

It is with an emotionally invested heart and a blown mind that I recommend this book! My God, author Trisha Wolfe has handed in one hell of a captivating read. Her writing style, storytelling, and character perspective are so engrossingly astounding. Why Wolfe isn't on the New York Times bestseller list or any other for that matter is beyond me.

Crime writer, Laken Hale and Special Agent Rhys Nolan work together to solve cold cases. This duo is a crime drama readers dream. Smart, realistic and absolutely engrossing is their chemistry and flow.

Lotus Effect is told in the past and present with so many abrupt twists and turns I was glued from start to finish. Truly

One of my top reads of 2019.

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