Harry: Life, Loss, and Love by Katie Nicholl ~Review~

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s highly anticipated royal wedding set for May 2018, there comes a new biography that offers rare insight into Harry’s personal life and how he fell in love with his future bride. In HARRY: LIFE, LOSS, AND LOVE (Hachette Books; on-sale March 20, 2018), Britain’s leading Royal expert Katie Nicholl digs deep into Harry’s private life and offers an unprecedented look at one of the world’s most guarded celebrities.

Katie Nicholl is the go-to source on all things Royal. With her unparalleled access to royal confidantes, Nicholl will bring you closer to Prince Harry than ever before. The book features fascinating insights into Harry's relationships, from his first love Chelsy Davy, to the real reason he broke up with Cressida, to his now much talked about romance with fiancĂ©e Meghan Markle. Nicholl also sheds light on Harry’s childhood, the devastating loss of his mother, Princess Diana, and his transformation from a hard-partying tabloid staple to the people’s prince.

Katie Nicholl is the New York Times bestselling author of royal biographies William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls and The Making of a Royal Romance. She regularly appears on primetime television in both the US and the UK to discuss the latest palace news.

~Tanja's thoughts on Harry~

This was a fun way to spend an afternoon. And a great way to get ready for the upcoming royal wedding!

A beautiful cover with the bonus of colorful pictures throughout, Harry makes a wonderful addition to any coffee table. It's a light and enjoyable look into the life of Prince Harry from schoolboy to present day man.

With a thoughtful hand: Life, Loss, and Love is a perfect way to describe the journey written by Katie Nicholl.

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