This weeks BookEnd ~Feb 8th-12th 2016~

Glasses of wine at the ready? Chocolate near by?
So, this week I am having a glass of Riesling and an entire heart box of Godiva!
Cause Valentines, that's why.

We had a pretty good week. Tanja dug her way out of the east coast snow and Kat's been playing catch up on her TBR list. We hope your week was a good one and you have some good wine and chocolate at hand too.

 Tanja will be reading The Obsession by Nora Roberts. set to release April 12th. She spent the week reading US by Sabrina Bowen and Elle Kennedy and Between Ghosts by Garrett Leigh.

 Kat is reading Assassin's Kiss (Watcher's Kiss Book 2) by Sharon Kay which is out now.

JR Ward put out a teaser/excerpt of The Beast on Goodreads! I can't wait for this one to hit the shelves. Rhage is one of my favorite brothers.
Kristen Ashley announce her latest book Bounty will be out April 18th and is currently up for pre-order.

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