Divine Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms #8) by Setta Jay

What happens when a god finds his soul mate resting in a coma? He wakes her the fuck up! LOL! Oh my lovely, sexy, funny, obnoxious Hades. I simply adore you. As soon as he realizes who Sacha is to him, it’s over. Kick out the hoes and change the sheets, ‘cause none will measure up to his beautifully broken Sacha.

Sacha, previously a slave to demented Gods, has never fully been able to let the trauma go. It’s a part of her fabric, her psyche. Waking up and finding out she now has a mate is both exhilarating and terrifying. What I love about Sacha is her thought process. No cat and mouse, no running away. She is a woman who understands fate and will meet her duties and lot in life head on. She knows this God will do whatever it takes to make her happy. She just has to figure out how to handle it.

Don’t ya just love it when the “bad boy” has to reign in his bravado and really figure out what his woman needs? And no, it’s not a chandelier (*Giggle snort*) He’s a God for crying out loud! I really enjoyed the humor in Divine Ecstasy. It felt more prevalent in this installment. I hope this is an added element that stays.

I have said it before and I will say it again: Jay is an author who is getting better every time she puts pen to paper. The sex gets better, the storyline is tight, and the plot most definitely thickens. I don’t see this series ending anytime soon; just more and more fans to follow it.

5 Stars


The slave of demented Gods, Sacha knew only a life of anguish and suffering until she was reborn as a Guardian of the Realms. Gifted with immense strength and rare abilities, she has spent thousands of years battling to protect the four Realms with her Guardian family. Time has allowed her to construct the perfect mask of calm and control so none can see the past shame and immense pain buried in the darkest recesses of her mind. Now, an encounter with a new and powerful enemy has left Sacha the victim of a poison induced coma that all are unable to heal. The last thing anyone imagines waking her is a God with the strength and potential to unravel her entire world.

As the most powerful of the Gods, Hades was awakened from the Creators’ enforced sleep to help the Guardians in their quest to find his heinous brother, Apollo. After a brutal battle with an unknown Goddess leaves him in need of healing he finds himself powerfully drawn into the room of a sleeping seductress. Her soul calls to him relentlessly, but if he surrenders himself to that connection and gives her the strength to heal, life as he knows it will end.

With their worlds unraveling and new threats at every turn will Sacha’s past destroy them? Or will she bring a God to his knees and lead them both into Divine Ecstasy.

Warning: Sexually explicit content, dirty language and Gods behaving badly.

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