Desert Sunrise by Sawyer Belle

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Identity is a fickle thing, ever changing to meet the demands of its owner. Collette Barbier escapes her past, hiding in the shuffle of a busy boomtown. When the young and handsome Val sets his sights on discovery, she vows he’ll get more than he bargained for. Trouble is, so does she when he unwittingly entangles her in a dangerous game of politics.
Valentine Kelly knows Collette is gorgeous, but she is also shrill, shrewish and stubborn with a scolding tongue fierce enough to send the boldest man into a cower. And…she killed his best friend in a shootout. There is absolutely nothing to entice him. Until he realizes she is not who she’s pretending to be. She’s much, much more. He'll risk everything he's fought to keep, and he'll do it for the one thing he never thought he wanted.
Her past is haunting. His present's a threat. Their future, uncertain. Their love? Forever.
This rowdy sequel to Silver Nights With You continues the story of the Kelly brothers in true, western fashion!
5 I love this stinkin' series stars!!*****

Another wonderful installment! This is a must read series for fans of Western Romance. I loved it even more than book one. You probably "could" read this as a stand alone but I highly recommend that you start with Silver Nights With You. Knowing the back story of all of the characters and how these two met will heighten your enjoyment of the second book.  If you want to read my review of book one and read an excerpt from Desert Sunrise...  click HERE
So, this book focuses primarily on Valentine, the brother of the main character from book one, and the feisty, French seamstress... Colette. I had a feeling that Colette's story was going to be a good one because it is kind of rare for a French seamstress to know her way around a gun and a whip! The author did not disappoint either as I was definitely taken by surprise by the truth behind her façade.
The relationship between Colette and her sister was so touching and emotional. Colette sacrificed everything, even her own well being and safety, to keep her younger sister guarded and protected.
Val and Colette were like oil and water in the beginning. Colette doesn't believe in giving in to love as she feels it makes you vulnerable and weak. But, as her back story is slowly revealed you understand why she feels this way. Val picked up on her façade very quickly though and very stubbornly needled his way into her secrets and eventually into her heart. I loved how they slowly came together. I always find slow moving romances so much more enjoyable. Makes the moment when they finally come together so much more satisfying.
So, a slow moving romance but immensely entertaining. A little laughter, a few tears, a few gun slingin' villains, and a heartwarming ending that left me wanting more.
I had big smiles when I reached the end of the epilogue...   sounds like we have another blooming romance to look forward too. I'm already anxious for that story.  :) 

I am in love with this series... can't wait for more!

ARC was generously provided by the author. 

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