Guardians of the Realms series By Setta Jay ~Series review~

Talk about a complete and utter binge reading experience! Okay, so here’s the deal guys. About a year ago I purchased and read a book called Ecstasy Unbound. I liked the entire premise of Gods, demigods, shifters, and immortals. It was a great intro to what would be an ongoing series. I read and reviewed, giving a few spoilers into what I liked and didn’t like about book one with the intentions of revisiting the series later on. (You can check out that review below.)

I am now beating my head against the wall wondering why it took me so long to get back to this world created by Setta Jay. It’s what I like to call “book crack”: smart, funny, wildly erotic with an ongoing developing back-story that just keeps getting better with each book. A family has been created as well as a community of Guardians that has perfected what the alpha male should be.

My issues with book one has been obliterated with the ensuing installments; but isn’t that what always happens with a good writer? You try things out, see if it works, see how people respond, and do your best to stay true to your own personal muse. All the while creating something beautiful that will resonate with your readers. 

Gushing aside, I can’t recommend this series enough to the erotica lovers out there. Below are my mini reviews for each book, one through five.

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Upon starting Ecstasy Unbound, I was immediately drawn into this world of Gods and demigods. These Guardians of the Realms were a welcome return to PNR for me. I settled in and really sunk into this story. I want to start off in saying that overall, I really liked this and will continue reading. I am hooked on the plot and the ongoing storyline, and I can’t wait to see where this goes. The characters are great. It’s a good combo of sexy, sweet, fierce alphas and smart, courageous, beautiful women.

However, there were two specific things that happen that I will be taking half a star away for. You can read the blurb/write up to get the gist of the story, it says it all. What’s below is definitely spoilery, so read at your own risk.

**There is a rape scene in Ecstasy Unbound. It is written from start to finish, and as a person who finds erotica rape a turn off, it made me want to shelf this one. I think much could have been accomplished with a fade to black scene here. It’s just my personal opinion, but for those sensitive to this topic - that’s your warning.**

Alrighty there it is. Don’t throw stones at me I still liked it overall and yes I will be reading the next book in this series Ecstasy Claimed.

Ecstasy Claimed - Purchase on AMAZON
Gregoire and Alyssa. He is a dirty talking Guardian who has been lucky enough to find his mate early on. He has kept her sheltered and safe, hidden away until she becomes of age. She has just discovered that she has a mate - only he has been busy guarding the Realms and doing whoever he pleases as she has been kept in the dark. An impulsive visit to the island of pleasure should help her get what she wants. Oh, it most definitely will guys! Funny and sexy with a side of comeuppance! Loved it!

Denying Ecstasy - Purchase on AMAZON
Rain and Dorian. He is tormented with betrayals and mistakes of the past and is our emotionally broken and unavailable Guardian. She didn’t ask for this, didn’t want this and feels hurt, angry and embarrassed by a mate she doesn’t even know. It’s a good old love-to-hate-you kinda vibe! Oh-so much hot alpha going on.

Tempting Ecstasy- Purchase on AMAZON
Con and Dacia. Right from the get-go Con ain't having the bullshit drama his brethren have had. He’s not fighting anything but his lust for the lovely Dacia. He scents, seeks, and sets off to satisfy. I truly loved Con. He's sweet as he is strong, and patient and kind with a sexy, rugged quality ….. I think I hear Maroon 5! LOL

“Baby, I'm preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive
Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals”

Piercing Ecstasy- Purchase on AMAZON

I think I still hear Maroon 5……

“Maybe you think that you can hide
I can smell your scent from miles
Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals “

Honestly, Piercing Ecstasy has been my favorite of the series thus far. There's mystery and intrigue from the get go; and when these two get a good look at one another… game on! It's super sensual with both of their needs to dominate. It was a superbly gratifying read.  I really think Setta Jay has hit her groove with this one. The storyline is on point. We are now visiting other couples and peeking into their lives. It has a real JR Ward/Jeanine Frost vibe going on now. It’s about the Guardians as a collective as well as individuals. This is a smart move; and with the way the overall storyline is weaving, it’s not tiring out anytime soon.

Additional books are slated for the series. 
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5 Total Ecstasy Stars for the Guardians of the Realms!

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