Dragon Her Back by Susannah Scott

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As the head of security of Vegas's Crown Jewel casino―and its hidden dragonshifter sanctuary―ice dragon Darius Dachien commands respect. Unfortunately, that respect isn't always reciprocated. In fact, when it comes to the stunning Mei Chen, hostility might be a better word. Which makes things even harder for Darius, since Mei is his dragon mate. Without her, his dragon form is fading fast...and once lost, will be gone forever.
Mei can't deny the fierce chemistry that simmers between them. If Darius were ever to discover who―or rather, what―she really is, she wouldn't just lose him, but her place with the dragonshifters. The moment Mei's past comes crashing into her present, she realizes her time for secrets has ended. Now she must reveal her true self...and risk both her life and her heart with the one man who could destroy her.
4 stars****

This is the book where we finally get the goods on Mei and Darius and why she has always tried so hard to reject the mate bond between them. Her back story took me by surprise... there is so much more to her than we thought and it seems she is not the dragon everyone believed her to be all along. Secrets are revealed and it tests their trust for each other but at the same time finally brings them together.
We are introduced to the Water Dragons in this story... a group once thought to be extinct. Their sudden arrival into the picture is most unwelcome because they are known to be conniving and tricky and cannot be trusted. The King has his hands full dealing with this new threat.
I am looking forward to now seeing Mei's character evolve in future installments. She had some major barriers that needed breaking down and now that they are down, she will finally be able to become the dragon she was always meant to be.
This is the third installment of this series and it can be read as a stand alone but it is better to start at the beginning of the series. There has been a lot of tension between these two since the beginning and I'm so glad we finally got Mei's back story. Yes, it all makes sense now!
I love this world of dragon shifters who are able to successfully hide themselves in Las Vegas... anything goes there right?? The perfect place to hide...

Many thanks to the author for the complimentary ARC!

He stared hard, communicating his displeasure with a lift of his dark brows. “What can I do for you?” His question was gruff, and she sensed his dragon, barely leashed under his human skin.
Mei sat across from him in a black chair without invitation. A gray tie coiled in a perfect circle on his desk, the edges perfectly aligned. She stared at the weave and symmetry of the fabric rather than the overwhelming feeling of being ensconced with him.
“I’ve never been in here.”
He frowned and open-palmed his hands toward the ceiling. “You want a tour?” His voice was sarcastic, and he dropped his palms to his flat stomach, drawing her eyes. She knew what he looked like under the business suit. The images of him naked, strong, in their bed in Paris cascaded in rapid succession, making it hard to breathe. The scent of him, the heat of him surrounded her and she looked at the tie as if it was a lifeline to sanity.
Silence stretched, becoming loud and distorted with numbing white noise, making him too close and too far at the same time. She raised her eyes to his, seeing him staring, waiting for her to speak.
The fax. She had to get answers on Bo Quan. “You’re angry with me.”
“I’m frustrated with you. There’s a difference. It’ll be six years in—”
“I know.” Immediately, the images she’d pushed aside crowded back in her mind and a tight ball of longing, edged out her current fear. He was supposed to have been a fling for her, an escape anthem, a declaration of independence. Then she’d woken to find his binding dragon mark on her hand and all her hopes for a new life had disappeared.


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