Burned by Karen Marie Moning

My non-review review
(More like my thoughts with some review thrown in :))
Possible spoilers - THIS is your warning!

Mac is back:
Hey girl hey! I missed you!! It’s so good to be back in the funny, quirky, Sinsar Dubh adled mind of MacKayla Lane. It’s been a long wait and I am happy to report that this reader absolutely loved it. Jericho Barrons in all his beastly finery kicks it off with one hell of a sexy flashback! Together these two and their silent conversations remind me, once again, why they are one for my favorite literary couples.

Ryondan and Dani:
Alright, I am just gonna come right out with it. In my opinion you DO NOT have to have read ICED to get this book. Due to an event early on in Burned, age is no longer an issue. This is fiction, PN fiction at that. If you haven’t read ICED, then by all means give it a go. Just don’t form an opinion on other peoples, form your own. If you read it and didn’t like it, no worries - there are big shifts in Burned. I think this is in part to get those alienated fans back? Who knows?

The 9 getting their own books:
OH. MAH. GOOGLY. GOODNESS!! They all need their own book. Lor needs his, like, yesterday! And Kasteo? Well, color me intrigued as hell.

Cliffies that will make you smile:
The finial pages in Burned are a big treat! Mac has a fantastic discovery that leads her to a voyeurs dream come true. It does end in a cliffy, but one that had me grinning from ear to ear.

Dad issues, growing up and growing oldler:
To end my non-review review, I feel the need to say this to the universe. It’s very evident (to me anyway) that the author has had some life changing moments/events while writing Burned. The stories Mac shares about her father are ones of a daughter looking back and cherishing her time with him. As a woman in an age bracket where parental time becomes limited, I really took to heart the sweetness of it. In the afterword of Burned KMM shares some touching words about her dad.

All said and done, was it worth the wait? IMHO Yes it was. I missed these guys and the way KMM writes. I wasn’t lost and the read felt like coming home to a group of friends I really missed. I hope the next book comes sooner rather than later but, I won’t pout or be angry. I will wait patiently and know life happens, people change, and authors need to feed the muse.

As for now? I think I am going to start Burned all over again :)


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